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amarsh04recovered from the eudev glitch; nearly bought a new video card as I thought it had failed01:01
agrisHow do I remove the proprietary GPU firmware from my raspberry pi and disable the GPU?03:38
agrisI figure this will increase stability, decrease heat, and decrease power consumption03:38
agrisalso how do i get the vcgencmd command?03:38
agrisI also want to disable all the wifi and bluetooth radios03:40
tuxd3vagris, what is your raspberry pi version?04:00
tuxd3vI don't really know if its possible to disable completly the graphics card04:01
DonkeyHoteiiirc the gpu is needed to boot the device04:01
tuxd3vat least I believe 16MB is needed for it..04:01
tuxd3vthe minimum..04:01
tuxd3vbut you can use another bootloader with another drivers, to boot some, at least til rpi304:02
tuxd3vusing kernel=bootloader_image04:02
tuxd3vin anyway, this is loaded by the graphics card, at least til rpi204:02
tuxd3vI also have the desire of a free, no obscure blobs in raspberrypi because it makes much more sense..04:03
DonkeyHoteipick other hardware, then04:04
tuxd3vtil rpi3, you can use tyhe kernel directive to load another bootloader, and control, after the boot process..04:04
tuxd3vin rpi4, its not yet possible to compile mainline kernels for it, at least that I know off..04:05
tuxd3vin rpi4, bootcode.bin( raspberrypi own bootloader ), in in a flash, not in sdcard like before, so that at least we are obligued to run..04:06
tuxd3vIn other words, rpi is not so open as a lot of people think it his..04:06
tuxd3vcompletly open, are for example the allwinner hardware, not all, but a great part of it, but at same time, is not so easy to get several functionalities04:09
tuxd3vit takes time,04:09
tuxd3vbut since bootloader, kernels, drivers are part of a mainline effort to go opensource,04:10
tuxd3vthey also have their BSP kernels like raspberrypi have, but are not of so much interest for us..04:11
tuxd3vthe same way that raspberrypi BSP ones are not so interesting as mainline kernels..04:11
tuxd3vagris, for rpi1, I have a image, using uboot as bootloader, and using mainline kernel:04:12
tuxd3vbut its a armel version,04:13
tuxd3vkernel and uboot armhf, userspace armel04:13
agristuxd3v, I have the raspberry pi 3b04:16
agrisDonkeyHotei, is it really?04:17
agrisbecause I don't need gpu or audio04:17
agrisjust a the USB port and ethernet04:17
agristhat's all04:17
agrisI've underclocked the raspberry pi to 200Mhz04:17
agrisI thought there was a release or something out there from broadcom where they made it possible to boot the 3b using only free software, but without graphics04:18
agrisReally all I am using the pi for is running OpenRC-supervisory and NUT-Daemon04:18
agrisand a USB serial cable04:18
agris><tuxd3v> In other words, rpi is not so open as a lot of people think it his..04:20
agrisYes I know this. the raspberry pi foundation forum ops are very hostile and mean to people bypassing Broadcom's licensing DRM schemes for hardware accelerated decoding04:20
agrisIt's fine if it's not possible04:23
agrisI can get another device at some time04:23
tuxd3vagris, you can runa rpi3 with at least uboot05:40
tuxd3vI don't know if it would be possible to have all drivers in rpi3, on mainline kernel, it could be05:41
tuxd3vfor rpi4, at least its still not possible at least that I know off..05:42
tuxd3vagris, you can use the devuan image for rpi3, and limit the amount of ram for the graphics:06:03
mike_yHello!  I installed Devuan 64bit in order to install VirtualBox for Whonix but I can't find it06:42
tuxd3vmike_y, hello,06:43
tuxd3vwhat hapens when you type:06:43
tuxd3v'apt-cache search virtualbox'06:44
mike_yNothing returned, no error!06:45
mike_y[Origin: Debian - ascii-backports - contrib]06:46
mike_yI have ascii-backports main enabled but maybe not contrib?06:46
tuxd3venable main 'contrib', 'non-free' and if you want, also 'non-free'06:48
tuxd3vapt-get update after06:48
tuxd3vthen search again, it should be there :)06:48
mike_yGot VirtualBox, Now I noticed WhoNix has a KVM option for FOSS!  Going with KVM, THX!07:15
tuxd3vno problem you welcome :)07:18
mike_yWhoNix works just find with KVM!10:48
mike_yJust had to comment out a small XML section on the sound card output codec, then follow the Whonix KVM guide as normal, Start Gateway VM and then start Workstation VM10:50
mike_yThanks again!10:51
mike_yHello Again!  I can't seem to get my open source WiFi to work which I've been using with Debian for years.  /lib/firmware/htc_9271.fw Penguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU / Linux (TPE-N150USB)21:33
mike_yI've tried Debian 7,8,9,10

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