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banisterfiendfsmithred do you know any other distros that use sysvinit ?00:07
fsmithredantix has sysvinit and no systemd, mxlinux uses sysvinit but has systemd installed and not running. Other's I can't think of, and I need to go answer the door. bbl00:08
clemens3LFS has a sysvinit version00:10
fsmithredbanisterfiend, search 'linux distros without systemd' and you find lists. (one hit claims there are 45 on their list)00:34
fsmithredshit. Now I'm doing it.    s/Other's/Others/01:21
agrisyou mentioned it was possible to use protected management frames on an atheros chipset that doesn't support with at the cost of a performance penalty doing it in software13:37
agristhat's perfectly acceptable for me13:37
agrisHow do I do PMF in software?13:38
agrisI only use high quality software anyways so my cpu usually hangs around 0.25-0.75 percent usage except for occasional spikes. this helps me keep power efficiency up13:39
agrisI can more than handle some additional load for security13:40
_abc_I have a problem which is on ascii but likely a devuan problem. The libsox*-mp3 lib is present, sox is updated to latest, but sox claims no mp3 input library support.15:08
_abc_Suggest something to convert mp3 to wav, or how to fix sox on ascii.15:08
_abc_I need to convert mp3->wav.15:08
gnarfaceffmpeg should work15:12
gnarfaceso would anything that can decode it, if you're not in a hurry since you can just record a wav of it playing15:13
_abc_I usped mpg123 -w output.wav15:57
_abc_But the sox manpage claims sox can do it and the relevant libsox-mp3 is in the distro and installed15:57
_abc_ldd shows sox is not linked against it. Debian ball drop?15:58
_abc_Note that sox is pulse (Poettering) virus contaminated, that may have something to do with the failure to live up to the manpage, or not.15:58
masonI thought sox long predated pulseaudio.16:05
MinceRi thought so too, but i guess it got infected16:05
mason 1991 200416:05
fsmithredlibsox-fmt-pulse is a dep16:06
_abc_yes fsmithred16:08
_abc_but I don't see it in ldd output16:08
_abc_Are there programs which do "late binding" such that this would not be visible to ldd?16:08
mason_abc_: Yes, that's fairly common even.16:09
fsmithredthere are some other things missing, too - alsa, ao oss16:09
_abc_Would anyone know if sox does late binding?16:09
_abc_fsmithred: there are several libsox libs in the normal distribution, I installed all I think, did not help16:09
onefangLate binding tends to be "check if it exists before binding", to be tolerant of optional things missing.16:10
_abc_Also tried to run ldd on the libs, libsox itself, no joy16:10
_abc_onefang: yes16:10
fsmithredfwiw, sox won't do mp3 to wav here, either16:10
fsmithredI think I got the same error as you16:10
onefangI wonder if this is like the purge of JPEG 2000 support from Debian stretch?  Sure not many use it, but I do a lot.  Royal pain in the arse.  Now nothing but imagemagick supports it.16:12
_abc_libsox2 is the most suspect one. ldd /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ -> not what I wanted to see16:12
_abc_It may perform the late binding, itself16:12
_abc_onefang: can be due to mp3 (expired) patent paranoia16:12
fsmithred_abc_, I get the same on devuan jessie.16:20
_abc_ ok, so someone dropped the ball long time ago in debian. And it is not fixed to this day.16:20
_abc_Now I wonder if anything at all in ascii depends on libsox-fmt-mp316:20
_abc_strange, libsox-fmt-mp3 is installed but I can't find it on the system16:22
_abc_running updatedb16:22
fsmithredoh, I didn't have libsox-fmt-mp3 installed. I added it and now it works.16:26
fsmithredlibsox-fmt-mp3: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/sox/libsox_fmt_mp3.so16:32
_abc_on ascii?16:33
_abc_I am on ascii. Trying now.16:34
_abc_I get the same error, not working. Command sox in.mp3 out.wav16:35
_abc_/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/sox/ exists16:35
fsmithredtry keeping in and out the same - just change the extension16:35
_abc_"sox FAIL formats: can't open input file `in.mp3': WAV file encoding `MP3' is not supported"16:35
_abc_That's what I did now, same outcome.16:36
fsmithredI'll test on ascii16:36
fsmithredone minute16:36
fsmithredworks here16:38
fsmithredI install sox and libsox-fmt-mp316:39
fsmithredI'm on amd64 here. Don't know if that makes a difference.16:42
fsmithred_abc_, does sox have a graphical interface?16:44
_abc_Not that I know of.16:45
_abc_A more interesting find would be to grep the binary of sox for libsox-* in case the late binding device is in it.16:46
fsmithredI was just curious why it's linked against libgtk3-nocsd16:51
fsmithredwhich disable client-side decorations16:52
Highdhello, could anybody point me to where, when or who made the decision to include systemd-timesyncd on Buster as a default?18:55
golinuxHighd: If you have that, it didn't come from Devuan:
golinuxThis is the first time I've heard of that package in the all the years I've been here.19:28
Highdgolinux: sorry, this is buster, not ascii... I just assumed someone here would know about this new "default" on Buster and help me trace back where the decision was made within the debian project19:52
Highdeverything point to them shoehorning timesyncd as a default instead of ntp19:52
masonHighd: Wow, even their wiki page about ntpd is strictly incorrect:
masonEverything in that second paragraph is incorrect, aside from a link which amazingly is not a 404.20:37
Highdyep, I saw that earlier too20:37
Highddhcp, ntp and dns... that is the trifecta for the ones on the know20:38
Highdand we have a bingo20:38
Highdfucking depressing20:39
masonHighd: On the plus side, you can have proper ntpd in both Debian and Devuan.20:39
Lydia_KI thought the ntpd replacements was chronyd? or did they abandon that already and make another new one?20:40
Wonkashoehorning in something that has systemd in its name? nooooobody would ever do THAT!20:40
masonLydia_K: chrony is still viable, and it has nothing to do with systemd-timesyncd20:41
masonMy personal preference remains ntpd.20:41
Lydia_KOh ok, my mistake. I thought chony was a systemd thing as well, I was incorrect.20:48
* ErRandir is running ntpd on ascii here20:50
golinuxWhy is this being discussed on this channel? Try #debianfork if you want to moan about systemd.21:42
Highdgolinux: to energize people21:45
HighdI feel pretty motivated now... need help with sysvinit-core21:46
golinuxThis is a devuan support channel21:46
golinuxThat would be good to discuss here.21:46
golinuxI've never had to so a thing to get sysvinit.  It's the default here.21:47
* golinux goes to put groceries away21:47
Highdbut could we not give a helping hand to ian @ debian?21:48
masonHighd: Please take that elsewhere.21:49
Highdmason: is that a thing???21:50
HighdI dont follow the politics really closely... I thought that was a list with ppl that agreed to cooperate21:51
Highdread it last night21:51
golinuxWe welcome you to #debianfork for that discussion.21:54
Highdi see you! thanks21:56

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