freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-02-29

jrmuI'm trying to install devuan on openbsd's vmm, using this ISO:
jrmuHowever, the installer can't seem to detect the (virtual) CD-ROM drive05:50
Burleighgood afternoon06:23
BurleighI can't wait to try vmm06:23
Burleighso devuan is basically debian but committed to not using systemd?06:27
zatumilyes devuan is commited to software freedom, thanks09:01
jrmucan anyone here help with the fact that devuan can't find the CD ROM?09:04
zatumilif you ar eusing a virtual machine you should be able to use network install09:06
jrmuzatumil: which ISO would I use for that? I am currently using this ISO09:09
jrmuAh I think I need that one09:10
buZzhow is vmm emulating a cd drive?09:10
jrmulet me give that netinst a try. I am not quite sure about vmm09:11
jrmuthe #openbsd channel said the reason it didn't work is because debian lacks virtio drivers09:11
buZzit does have them09:12
jrmuzatumil: I tried to use the network install but it still demands a CD rom09:27
jrmubuZz: let me take a look09:27
zatumilhow do you start the vm? I dont know vmm. qemu has command line parameters to start the kernel and initrd directly or execute pxe boot with tftp server09:58
zatumilcdrom is ancient10:06
jrmuunfortunately I can't seem to figure it out on vmm10:10
jrmuI'm going to use debian for now =(10:10
zatumilthey have the same kernel10:11
jrmuthe strange thing is it boots fine with debian, no CD ROM check is being done there10:11
zatumilthank you for testing devuan with vmm10:13
jrmuno problem, I would like to revisit this again when I get time10:13
jrmuwe have some users who would like to run devuan, so I need to figure out a workaround eventually10:14
zatumilthere are some virtual images based on ascii 2.0 in 2018
jrmuthose unfortunately do not appear to be compatible with vmm, at least I couldn't boot from them11:55
zatumilyou can build a image with
jrmuHere are the docs if that helps:
jrmuI feel like the solution is to get vmm trick devuan into believing a cd rom exists11:56
zatumilI think i tried to build a image with distro-kit and had the same problem, it didnt find cdrom11:59
zatumilthe process to create cd images is too complicated in my opinion distributins should support netinst only12:20
jrmunetinstall doesn't work either for me though12:26
gnarfacejrmu: load it in expert mode, then when it asks if you want to load additional installer components say yes and look in the list for something related to virtio13:11
jrmugnarface: ahh, hmm13:11
flinghow do I install openmediavault?15:17
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