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mike_yHello Again!  I can't seem to get my open source WiFi to work which I've been using with Debian for years.  /lib/firmware/htc_9271.fw Penguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU / Linux (TPE-N150USB)21:3300:39
mike_ymike_yI've tried Debian 7,8,9,10 last Monday)00:39
gnarfacemike_y: kernels are the same.  firmware packages are the same.  there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work in devuan if it didn't in debian... the only thing i can think of is maybe you included your debian network config and it is using the new ethernet device names?  devuan uses the old-style names by default ("eth0")00:56
gnarfacemike_y: oh, also note that devuan "stable" is still pointing at debian "oldstable" ... you were warned about that, right?00:57
mike_yMy gut tells me there is a file jumping in front within /lib/firmware/ Thanks for reply! I'm a spread thin IT/Web person :)00:59
gnarfacehmmm, yea make sure all your modules are actually loading too.  i guess i assumed that was the case but be sure01:07
gnarfacethere are devuan/debian differences that can lead to differences in which modules autoload correctly01:09
gnarfacei don't think they're common but i know i've seen it...01:10
Burleighgood evening01:22
BurleighI'm doing my first devuan install this evening01:22
Burleighis there any tool to convert a Debian Jesse install to a Devuan Jesse install?01:22
Burleighand also, you're using SysV Init and not OpenRC, right?01:22
specingyou can use OpenRC, I use it and it fully works01:27
specingBut it's not default01:27
golinuxThe answer to your question is yes.01:33
mike_yI just use the ISO Desktop Live.. works great, don't convert from Debian, is that common?01:44
mike_yI had to login as root and set the user passwd01:45
flingHow do I install jellyfin?07:40
gnarfacenot jellyfish?07:43
hemimaniacfling: you have to grab the source from the site and compile it or you can get the debs from dpkg org07:49
fling[FAIL] jellyfin is not running ... failed!08:05
* fling tried
flinghemimaniac: looks like it might want systemd08:05
gnarfacedoes it have a configure flag like --without-systemd mabye?08:06
flingI used `apt install jellyfin`08:06
flingI added 'deb [arch=amd64] stretch main'08:07
golinuxDo NOT use debian repos directly.  You could break your devuan!08:08
golinuxNM.  It's late08:08
flingI can reinstall easily with `lxc launch` I also have snapshots so can just rollback.08:08
hemimaniacfling: you have to grab the source from the site and compile it or you can get the debs from dpkg org   <<< thats why i said that08:12
hemimaniaci didn't say anything about a repo08:12
TwistedFateErr:9 ceres/main amd64 Contents (deb)16:32
TwistedFate  Write error - write (28: No space left on device) LZ4F: /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/deb.devuan.org_merged_dists_ceres_main_Contents-amd64.lz4 Write error (5925: Unspecified error code)16:32
TwistedFateFetched 3491 kB in 7s (467 kB/s)16:32
TwistedFateReading package lists... Done16:32
TwistedFateE: Failed to fetch  Write error - write (28: No space left on device) LZ4F: /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/deb.devuan.org_merged_dists_ceres_main_Contents-amd64.lz4 Write error (5925: Unspecified error code)16:32
TwistedFateE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.16:32
TwistedFateHow can I make space in root lol?16:33
TwistedFateidk what's taking all of  that space16:33
gnu_srs1du -sh /*16:34
onefang"apt autoremove" might help, by clearing out the cache of previously installed package archives.16:38
onefangYes, that.  Autoremove removes installed packages that others depend on, where those others had been removed.16:53
onefangIt's 2AM here, I need sleep.  lol16:53
TwistedFateautoremove only took care of 13mb worth of packages :/16:55
TwistedFatei hate running into these kind of problems16:55
onefangTry the apt autoclean, and also check the size of things in /var/log.  Sometimes things manage to avoid getting their log files rotated, or just grow them a lot.17:16
buZzdu -s /* | sort -n17:17
buZzthen cd into the biggest one, do the same command again17:17
buZzTwistedFate: ^17:18
andrazhi all20:44
andrazanyone with any debian-builder know how here?20:44
andrazany link with some description would be very appreciated20:47
andrazas i only found info about debbuild and dh_make20:47
andraznone with debian-builder20:48
andrazalthough the link aggregator was google20:48
andrazoh nevermind found something to chew on21:03
user282069howabout appimage on devuan? building from git fails for me21:24
user282069of course it should be fine... what's gone wrong for me though? hmrm.21:31

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