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tuxd3vit works in ext4 which supports trimm operations00:00
tuxd3vI don't know if it will work on zfs to be honest00:00
tuxd3vno way, I can't get a list of libva* packages00:05
tuxd3vand the problem is that I need a ton of them to compile this project:00:06
tuxd3vat least  libva 2.6.1; libdrm 2.4.10000:07
tuxd3vlibva-dev in ceres could be correct by I can't fetch it I don't know why00:07
fsmithredhow did you try to get it?00:08
tuxd3vI tried with apt-get00:08
tuxd3vapt-get install libva-dev00:08
tuxd3vit has a lot of dependencies...00:08
tuxd3vnot a lot but some 10 or so00:09
fsmithredjust wants 5 here00:09
tuxd3vbut then each one has its dependencies and some maybe 30 packages total00:09
fsmithredI probably already installed the other five00:09
tuxd3vis crazy to do by hand00:09
tuxd3vyes but in ceres version00:10
tuxd3vit will have its dependencies on that packages00:10
tuxd3vand they are high in version numbers00:10
fsmithredare you not running ceres?00:10
tuxd3vin amd64 ascii:00:11
tuxd3vbut since I need at least version 1.100:12
tuxd3vthe versions in ascii wether the packages are high in numbers report as bellow version 100:12
fsmithredif you want to run the ceres version in ascii, you would need to backport it00:13
fsmithredprobably easier to do it in ceres instead00:13
fsmithredmaybe in a ceres chroot00:14
tuxd3vin ascii:00:14
tuxd3vRequested 'libva >= 1.1.0' but version of libva is 0.39.400:14
tuxd3vin ceres would be nice00:14
tuxd3vdevuan as a package search list like debian has, I believe :)00:15
tuxd3vI don't know what is the url to manual package search00:15
fsmithredwhere are you getting that version number?00:16
fsmithredI see 1.7.3-2 in ascii00:16
fsmithredfor libva-dev00:16
tuxd3vyeah, I saw that too :)00:16
tuxd3vI don't know, but when you try to conpile the project first you run autogen.sh00:16
tuxd3vand it brakes in that line00:16
tuxd3vcomplaining about libva00:17
fsmithredyou're not making debian packages?00:17
tuxd3vno first I am trying to compile it, to use in CEDRUS encoding/decoding for arm devicews :)00:18
tuxd3vdevicews -> devices00:18
tuxd3vthen a package could be made of it00:18
fsmithredok. I have no idea what that is.00:18
tuxd3vits a strange thing00:18
tuxd3vits to have hardware aceleration for video00:19
tuxd3vthe userspace part00:19
fsmithredbut I have been in dependency hell while compiling packages00:19
tuxd3vthe kernel space is the CEDRUS driver00:19
tuxd3vyeah in asciim it should be amazing :)00:20
tom_worktuxd3v, I'm trying to build it by hand instead of using ceres or a backport00:21
tom_worktuxd3v, using this guide
tom_workand adjusting for version00:21
tom_workif you try this know that version 8 no longer requires spl00:21
tom_workfsmithred, I think it's mostly just the packaging from contrib was very poorly done and systemd-ified00:22
tom_workthere's not really a dependency hell for zfs800:22
tom_workbut i guess we'll see00:22
tom_workzfs8 only requires basic things like build-essential, dkms, and kernel headers00:23
tuxd3vtom_work, for what I see here:00:25
tuxd3vis requires some dependencies00:25
tuxd3vand it could be hel to find the minimum versions that it requires..00:25
tuxd3vhel -> hell00:25
tom_workactually it just finished compiling and packaging a dev00:29
tom_worktime to isntall and see if i works00:29
tom_workit looks like the upstream source has the ability to generate a deb file itself00:31
tom_workwith help of the 'alien' package00:31
tom_workit's in the build system00:31
tom_workmake -j1 deb00:31
tom_workthis is more updated
systemdleteBeowulf beta release notes:  - Note that firefox-esr no longer requires pulseaudio. You can easily01:59
systemdlete   remove pulseaudio and just use alsa.02:00
systemdlete(thank you!)02:00
fsmithredthank debian for that02:06
Unit193Last I knew mozilla didn't support the alsa backend.02:09
fsmithredmozilla doesn't02:16
fsmithredfirefox-esr team does02:16
Unit193Thought they were kind of the same.02:18
fsmithredI believe debian fixes it02:21
fsmithredit's like that in ascii, too02:22
Jjp137yes last time I checked it was built with --enable-alsa02:43
tuxd3vhello all02:58
tuxd3vare this source4s.list correct for ceres?02:59
tuxd3vcan anyone helpme to go on ceres ?03:11
tuxd3vwhat I need to do, appart from setting sources.list?03:11
gnarfacenot clicking on that, but it's just this:03:12
gnarfacedeb ceres main03:12
gnarfacedeb-src ceres main03:12
ukine-lapor getting ceres media03:12
tuxd3vit cannot be 'main contrib non-free' ?03:13
tuxd3vI receive :03:15
tuxd3vE: Release file for is not valid yet (invalid for another 18290d 11h 6min 50s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.03:15
gnarfacefirst of all, yes, it can be 'main contrib non-free' instead, are you sure your local time is right?03:15
furrywolfthat's my first thought as well...  your ntp client died, your timezone is set wrong, etc.03:16
furrywolfor someone broke the archive, that's possible too.  :)03:17
furrywolfdate in that file looks correct.03:17
tuxd3vno, i was back in 70' s :D03:18
tuxd3vmaybe a reboot03:18
tuxd3vits a sbc board03:18
gnarfacentpdate is a neat tool if you don't want to run ntpd, but if it is a sbc board you should probably run ntpd03:18
ukine-lapi had an olimex for a while03:18
ukine-lapditto what gnarface said03:18
tuxd3vyeah, or put ntpdate in rc.local03:18
tuxd3vwith the local ntpserver03:19
tuxd3vthanks :)03:19
tuxd3vceres-updates and ceres-security doesn't make sense right?03:20
tuxd3vthanks :)03:33
tuxd3vit died :)03:45
tuxd3vbut no problem, nice that I have a beowulf image right here :)03:46
manchotjust learned that systemd now have a systemd-home, what the fuck is this about?04:26
tuxd3vmanchot, is something very very weird04:27
manchotcall me dump or linux-illiterate, but I never experienced the "problems" system fucking D tried to solve04:27
tuxd3vsystemd primitives were that shell scripts need to die, a lot of links in /etc/rc.?, so ugly, its what they said at the time..04:28
tuxd3vbut the truth is that they created a monster that doesn't adress mode than half of the problems they said it would04:29
manchottoo much control. linux is about choices04:29
tuxd3vand created a lot of incompatibilities, ywith the system04:29
tuxd3vit has its sort of language, which is a scripting language lool, but its not even touring complete04:29
tuxd3vits a mess04:29
manchotand some of its followers believe because it is 'new' 'trendy', so it is good04:29
tuxd3vyou still have to run scripts to execute work04:30
tuxd3vso no by service you need at least 2 files04:30
tuxd3vone for the system unit and the other for the script it will call04:30
onefangThis is a Devuan support channel, take this conversation to #debianfork.04:31
tuxd3vand now you have zillions of symbolic links that you haven't before with SysVinit04:31
tuxd3vonefang, you right, my apologies04:31
golinuxonefang: Thanks for noticing.04:33
tissybuongiorno! Non so se è il canale giusto, ma ho appena aggiornato da ascii a beowulf, e volevo segnalare che nella schermata di grub fra le opzioni selezionabili spunta "Debian" e non "Devuan".13:14
* specing calls spock to beam down a pair of universal translators13:15
specingoh damn, it was scotty!13:15
gnarfaceaccording to good morning! I don't know if it is the right channel, but I just updated from ascii to beowulf, and I wanted to report that in the grub screen between the selectable options check "Debian" and not "Devuan".13:16
tissyoh i'm very sorry for using my language.13:17
gnarfacethere might be a #devuan-es13:18
gnarfacei forget13:18
tissyi'm italian13:18
gnarfaceor it or whatever that is13:18
tissynp :)13:18
fsmithredI think the Italians all hang out here13:18
fsmithredtissy, do you have the signed grub package?13:19
fsmithredthe default configuration lets you use secure boot13:20
fsmithredyou can change all that if you want13:20
tissyoh i forgot to tell that i'm booting from a vmù13:20
Joriltissy: I've just added GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=Devuan to /etc/default/grub :)13:27
fsmithred^^^ That's the easiest way to do it13:27
tissytrying it :) anyway i'm going to report, maybe someone can correct this13:32
fsmithreddon't bother to file a bug report13:33
masonJoril: Oh, I'd wondered about that myself. Thank you.13:33
masonfsmithred: Do we have a plan to address that generally, or is it cosmetic enough that folks don't think it matters much?13:33
fsmithredwe let it do that for two reasons: grub-signed for secure boot and also to ID the system for some third-party software13:34
fsmithredsure, get all those third parties to recognize us13:34
fsmithredif you don't have the signed grub package, you can change /etc/os-release to say ID=devuan13:35
fsmithredthen update-grub will call it Devuan in the menu13:36
ErRandirwhat is the debian equivalent of devuan ascii please?13:40
masongolinux: Just saw the beta announcement. That's pretty exciting.20:53
masonSnagging images now to test the installer.20:53
golinuxmason: Have fun!21:10
TwistedFateis there a way for me to set chroma subsampling on gnu+linux for amdgpu/mesa?22:06

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