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Criggieany ideas on how far away devuan for pi4 is ?01:05
tuxd3vI believe that are there still components to migrate from rpi kernel to mainline kernel..01:13
gnarfaceCriggie: someone successfully managed to make an unofficial one already01:13
gnarfaceCriggie: (by shoehorning a devuan rootfs onto a raspbian img, i think)01:14
gnarface(or maybe it was Ubuntu.  i forget)01:14
Criggiemeh - much as I love screwing round with things, reliability is higher-than-normal for this build01:15
tuxd3vthe uniq option for now seems to be using the rpi kernels and its firmware blobs..01:17
tuxd3vI am now toying with a rockpi4A01:18
tuxd3vand I don't know why, but I am getting a lot of trouble to set u-boot correctly01:18
tuxd3vits like crazy.. out of 50 boot attempts, it only try to boot 101:19
tuxd3valso it tries to run 'fsck.ext4' without I mencioning it elsewere01:19
tuxd3vso he does things secretly behind the stage..01:20
tuxd3vI am now on the 3rd image for it..01:20
tuxd3veven not having '' it still tries to do it..01:21
gnarfaceext4 might be the actually worst possible filesystem for a raspberry pi01:22
tuxd3vI am using it for other sbcs for rootfs, for /boot I just go with ext2.. nojournaling01:23
tuxd3vbut f2fs seems a good option01:23
gnarfacei'd almost suggest trying anything else at all, but after extensive testing i can recommend primarily xfs and reiserfs (even on crappy flash cards ext4 will thrash) but i hope that f2fs turns out to be what they claim it to be (haven't had the guts to try that one myself yet though)01:23
gnarfaceyes, i agree on ext2 for /boot.  just make it read-only and it doesn't need a journal.  then boot is much faster.01:24
gnarfaceif you're still using ext4 then you can use that driver's ext2 compatibility mode, which can save you having to have extra filesystem drivers01:24
gnarfacebut i've had really bad luck with ext4 and usb or sd flash storage01:25
tuxd3vgnarface, you mean using only ext4 one, and them disabling journaling?01:25
gnarfacelike enough different separate bad incidents, all explainable, to note a statistically absurd failure rate compared to every single other option01:25
gnarfacetuxd3v: ext4 *with or without journaling* - disabling journaling just makes it unravel faster01:26
gnarfacetuxd3v: the read-only ext2 /boot trick is safe though because nothing is ever writing to that partition01:26
tuxd3vgnarface, right :)01:27
tuxd3vf2fs is in my option list for rootfs01:27
tuxd3vzram too01:28
tuxd3vfor swap01:28
tuxd3vwith lz4 algo01:28
kritiasayyy peoples, just dropped in to say "hackaton" on the page should be "hackathon". peace01:49
masonUnless we want people to hack a ton.02:38
hemimaniacor two02:41
golinuxThat page has been completely rewritten on and in effect has been deleted.02:43
golinuxThe link to the beta was published in the beta announcement.02:44
golinuxNote.  I had nothing to do with the original install page.  :)02:44
elc79I tried to install ircd-hybrid but i'm stuck at "Starting Hybrid 8 IRC Server"10:37
gnarfaceelc79: read the docs. i think you have to wirte a config first...10:49
gnarfacenot sure about that10:49
Unit193There should be an example config, of course.11:05
Human_G33khello some of you try to use wireguard on devuan11:54
hightower3Hey I am trying out a ppc64le install and see two issues: (1) the machine has Aspeed graphics which is supported by driver 'ast', found in package xserver-xorg-video-ast. However, this package seems to install the .so in a directory which is not searched by X when it starts, so driver is reported missing. Then issue (2) after I symlinked it, it couldn't load it due to "undefined symbol: ioBase".13:52
hightower3(the install worked I mean, this is an issue with X after installation)13:52
fsmithredhightower3, thanks. That should probably get a debian bug report.15:33
fsmithredI'm sure we don't fork that package.15:34
kiwi_58How can I change the keybord? After install I can not type su-passwort, because the keybord is that wrongly chosen. So I am locked, what can or shall I do?15:43
fsmithreddpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration15:44
fsmithreddpkg-reconfigure locales15:44
fsmithredmaybe you already did second one15:44
kiwi_58Ok, but I can not reach root, shall I reboot and try "chroot" into APT?16:07
fsmithredkiwi_58, yeah, I guess that would work easier than trying to copy/paste into a terminal. (I've done that)16:33
fsmithredchroot and edit /etc/default/keyboard16:35
fsmithredor just boot a live-CD, mount the partition and edit the file.16:37
kiwi_58 Thanks, that what I did, what happened after reboot, is another issue: The boot screen gave kinda broken asci-Arts after grub menu, this is well for the knoppix toggled the graphic ship firmware sowhat. Any pointer now to troubleshooting flipping graphic on spooky devices?17:19
kiwi_58Shall I try boot parameters?17:20
kiwi_58So what happens in such cases of spooky hardware, I would (learn to) file a bug report of undetected graphics and would the be glad for a pointer to follow.19:11
gnarfacekiwi_58: (but you should make sure to check first to make sure it's not already reported there)23:42
saciozhello ...I need a bit of help regarding beowulf , please.23:57
gnarfacejust ask, sacioz.  you don't need permission.23:59
saciozAll looks good  , but I get no net connection from the 'puter out...this one sits on another hd23:59

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