freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2020-03-20

saciozthank you...00:00
gnarfacewifi or ethernet?00:00
saciozUp to this morning I was doing OK but a new update came up and ...kaput so to speak00:01
gnarfacedid the kernel upgrade at that time?00:03
saciozno...that one was last night00:04
gnarfaceso you know the kernel upgrade wasn't the culprit?00:04
gnarfaceit could have been a gui networking widget, are you using one of those?00:04
saciozI don't think so yes am using a gui  xfce00:04
gnarfacenetwork-manager or wicd?00:05
saciozwicd I think00:05
saciozgnarface  everything looks perfect no losses whatsoever00:05
saciozexcept for the connection00:06
gnarfaceany errors in dmesg that look relevant?00:06
gnarfacecould be a glitch in wicd00:06
saciozhad a look , theres a hint about ufw needing reconf00:07
saciozany advice is mostly welcome00:07
gnarfacepaste that exact error line please00:07
saciozI cannot as is..must swap hds00:08
gnarfacei see00:08
gnarfacedon't do that yet00:08
saciozbut will do if need be00:08
saciozavahi seems absent as well.00:08
gnarfacewere you using it before?00:09
gnarfaceit is possible that an update simply removed some packages you need00:09
saciozYes...I have two devuans00:09
gnarface(possibly due to a temporary conflict)00:09
saciozin tow separate hds00:09
sacioztwo I meant00:09
gnarfaceif you were using avahi before, maybe try reinstalling it.  try to make the package list of relevant networking packages the same on the non-working install as the working one00:10
saciozI see...will have a crack at it...many thanks00:10
saciozOff I am00:11
gnarfacesorry i can't be more help.  if you get that exact error message and paste it into google though, it often will find you solutions00:11
saciozthank you will try that one too...00:11
saciozand another one ...00:12
saciozbeowulf seems heavier sorta thing00:12
saciozascii is much quicker00:12
saciozpar for the course, is it ?00:12
gnarfacehard to say, but probably actually just that you've installed more active userspace stuff in beowulf00:13
gnarfaceit could also be simply broken temporarily.  that is also par for the course00:13
saciozI see ...right...00:13
gnarfaceif it is just wicd that is broken though, you could try disabling it and doing a manual network config just to test to make sure the drivers and hardware are still fine00:13
saciozHuh huh...00:14
gnarfaceand that can get you up and running temporarily while someone fixes wicd (assuming that is the only issue)00:14
* sacioz nods00:14
saciozwell that will do00:15
gnarfaceyou're not mixing debian or ubuntu packages in there, right?00:15
gnarfacesometimes there can be tiny version discrepancies that break stuff00:15
sacioznever did or will ,,,Mr.Golinux advises against it in bold letters s/where00:15
gnarfaceyea, just making sure00:16
saciozfunny thing...will go now...thanks see youse later00:16
gnarfacegood luck00:16
UberiusGreetings, folks. Does anyone by hazard know if the request as in regaining control over #devuan-es placed in has already been taken into account?03:06
golinuxUberius: I have passed that along but no action.03:10
Uberiusgolinux, thank you.03:10
golinuxIt has been that way for quite some time unfortunately.03:11
golinuxPerhaps you could plead your case to freenode directly,03:14
g4570nApparently it is a requirement that someone related to the project claims it, we are not listened to by the staff people :-/03:14
golinuxLet's try this . . .03:15
g4570nwe already tried03:15
golinuxjaromil:  parazyd: coagen: ^^^  Can you PLEASE help to reactivate #devuan-es.03:16
golinuxIf that fails, please carry on reminding them till you get a response.03:17
Uberiusgolinux, thank you very much, dude.03:19
golinuxUrmmm . . . not a dude.  ;)03:19
golinuxHappy to help03:19
Uberiusgolinux, sorry then.03:20
g4570ngolinux: thanks :)03:20
golinuxNP.  On the internet no one knows you're a dog03:20
golinuxWoof . . .03:21
golinuxViva l'Espagna!  (I probably didn't get that right, sorry)03:23
g4570n¡Viva España!03:23
golinuxMy French crept in there03:24
UberiusVive la France elle aussi!03:24
golinux(It's been 50 years . . . I'm a bit rusty03:25
golinuxPlease let me know if you get things straightened out.03:26
g4570nUberius: is our polyglot friend xD03:26
Uberiusgolinux, we will. Thanks for your kind help.03:26
targzgolinux: Thanks for the help, we believe that having the devuan-es channel will add more Spanish language people :)03:51
golinuxtargz: I completely agree.  Unfortunately, I am not savvy enough about irc admin to even talk to freenode about setting that up.03:55
targzgolinux: Don't worry, we hope to get it soon03:57
golinuxDon't worry.  Be happy!04:01
targzgolinux: yes! :D04:05
targzgolinux: ¡Vamos Argentina!, it would be this way XD04:06
XenguyDon't worry, be retarded04:25
Xenguyoh darn, another word I'm not supposed to use anymore04:25
Xenguyoops, wrong channel04:25
tuxd3v_Hello guys06:51
tuxd3v_seems that I need some help, setting the irc client06:52
tuxd3v_I am experimenting with TDE06:52
tuxd3v_so its KConversation06:52
tuxd3v_but I cannot get Indentified, don't know why06:52
onefangprivmsg NickServ :identify <nickname> <password>06:59
onefangI had that problem earlier, the : is important.06:59
tuxd3v_that is what I should put in commands entrie?07:02
onefangYep, though with your nickname and password, without the <> bits.07:03
tuxd3v_shouldn't it have a "/" before that07:03
onefangTry it manually first, see if it works.07:03
tuxd3v_many thanks will try :)07:03
tuxd3v_loging out to test :)07:05
onefangWelcome back.07:07
onefangWelcome back.07:07
tuxd3vI am going to File->Server List07:09
tuxd3vthen edit network07:09
tuxd3vand I have there a commands entry07:10
onefangI can't help with KConversation specific stuff, I don't use it, sorry.  I hope someone else can.07:10
tuxd3valso a Identity which is already with my user ans password07:10
tuxd3vok, many thanks07:11
tuxd3vyour command works nice in the console07:11
tuxd3vnow I just need to create a correct config in Kconversation, for that :)07:11
onefangYay for progress.  B-)07:12
parazydgolinux: Got the channel. What do you want to do with it?07:22
golinuxparazyd: Did you read the scrollback?07:26
parazydJust the highlight. One moment.07:27
golinuxHopefully you can get #devuan-es up and running again.  targz, Uberius or g4570n might need to be able to mod it07:28
parazydI'll talk to Uberius07:28
golinuxThank you for responding.  They are a good group and active on #devuan-mx but will get more participation with -es07:29
golinux#devuan-es has been non-functional for a long time but freenode needs an "official" Devuan contact to authorize it07:30
golinuxNice to see you.07:31
onefangShould this conversation be in #devuan-dev?07:31
golinuxThis is where they contacted me07:32
golinuxso where the scrollback exists for reference07:32
onefangAh, OK.07:32
tuxd3vparazyd: nice to see you :)07:44
parazydtuxd3v: I'm around, just in other channels07:46
parazydBut I jump out when highlighted :p07:46
parazydSo that's usually a good way to find me07:46
tuxd3vnice :)07:48
pencilandpaperHi, I have taken a snapshot and for some reason its not allowing me to reinstall it to my laptop.15:48
pencilandpaperIts tossing me grub errors..saying that it cannot install grub because of it being legacy mode and not secure boot..15:48
pencilandpaperYet when I change to secure boot, it won't even allow me to boot from the usb stick.15:48
pencilandpaperSo I'm not getting it.15:49
pencilandpaperWould anyone happen to have a solution?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.15:49
fsmithredsnapshot with refractasnapshot?15:51
pencilandpaperBrb though, sorry.15:51
fsmithredme too15:51
pencilandpaperBack, thanks..16:19
fsmithredtell me about the installed system that made the snapshot - is grub-pc installed?16:19
pencilandpaperHi fsmithred , as a matter of fact..let me make a quick cup of coffee too and I will brb man.16:19
pencilandpaperOk back fsmithred ..thanks..16:25
pencilandpaperAnd yes, grub-pc-bin is installed fsmithred .16:26
fsmithredwhat about grub-pc?16:26
fsmithredyou're booting legacy bios on this system?16:26
fsmithredis grub-efi-amd64 installed? Not the -bin. And if so, is it signed or unsigned version?16:27
pencilandpaperYes, legacy bios..16:28
pencilandpaperYes, grub-efi-amd64 is installed..16:29
fsmithredyou installed from the desktop-live initially?16:29
fsmithredok, couple of things you could do16:29
fsmithredif you're in a hurry to install this system using the existing snapshot...16:29
fsmithredboot the snapshot, install grub-pc, don't let it install the bootloader at that time16:30
fsmithredthen run refractainstaller and it will install the right bootloader16:30
fsmithredlonger term...16:30
pencilandpaperalthough in repo's I don't even see grub-pc because this is a Unstable snapshot.16:30
fsmithredinstall grub-pc on your host system16:30
fsmithredshould be there in the repo16:31
pencilandpaperIts not, just grub-pc-bin..16:31
fsmithred2.04-5 is in ceres16:31
pencilandpaperI'm not seeing it..16:31
fsmithredapt update?16:31
pencilandpaperI do see grub-pc-bin in that version though.16:32
fsmithredwhat repo are you using?16:32
pencilandpaperNice, now I see it after apt update..16:32
fsmithredlol, ok16:33
pencilandpaperI'm booted in to the snaptshot right now from a usb stick..16:33
pencilandpaperSo should I install grub-pc right now, and then run the installer?16:33
fsmithredif you want to make a snapshot that will work on both bios and uefi, you need to do a couple things16:33
fsmithredyeah, you can do that.16:34
pencilandpaperAnd it should install the correct grub version for me?16:34
pencilandpaperI see..nice..16:34
fsmithredjust don't let it install bootloader when you install the package16:34
pencilandpaperOk cool, thanks.16:34
pencilandpaperI am going to format my ssd real quick..and then go for it.  I will let you know how it goes man..I appreciate it. :)16:35
fsmithredif you read the help file for the installer, it explains the grub issue16:35
pencilandpaperI very well could be completely screwed with this..but we will see..16:35
fsmithredit should work. I've done it too many times to count.16:36
pencilandpaperI do have a few tiny partitions fsmithred is a windows recovery system partition, ntfs..and the other is a windows system partition, ntfs..16:36
pencilandpaperIs it ok to leave them or should I wipe them as well..just to have one single large partition?16:36
fsmithredjust make sure you know which one is which so you select the right one for devuan16:36
fsmithreddepends on if you want to keep windows or not16:37
pencilandpaperI don't need Windows at all.  I really kept them around initially for warranty reasons..but the warranty is over now.16:37
fsmithredand you know all your hardware works in linux?16:37
pencilandpaperYeah, I buy hardware that I am confident in working with Linux.16:38
fsmithredthen I guess the nuclear option is safe16:38
pencilandpaperI know that when I ran updates after this snapshot that I ended up with a system that didn't work..16:39
pencilandpaperIt wouldn't let me type to even login..or even to go to tty..I couldn't type at all.16:39
pencilandpaperSo I am hoping to get this snapshot installed and to update right through that error..and end up with a working system again if you get my drift?16:40
fsmithredI get that sometimes in qemu, but not on hardware16:40
pencilandpaperRight right..16:40
pencilandpaperIt has happened to me before with hardware, but I never had a backup to start over again with to see if I could update right through that part of updates..16:41
pencilandpaperIn theory it should work.16:41
pencilandpaperIf it doesn't I just got rid of quite a lot of useful data and two other small installs to try this out. lol16:41
fsmithredif you want to run ceres, it might be better to start with ceres or start with a minimal beowulf install and then upgrade. Add desktop later.16:41
pencilandpaperI hear you, but I put in work with this install.  I just want to get it working again.16:42
pencilandpaperNo way, dude left. lol17:14
fsmithredpencilandpaper, what's up?17:28
pencilandpaperIt didn't work man.17:33
fsmithredwhat happened?17:34
pencilandpaperIt went to a error upon trying to reboot..something like: wee --set root glfdr17:35
pencilandpaperSomething like that.17:35
pencilandpaperI just tried boot-repair and it won't even allow it unless booted up in legacy mode.17:35
pencilandpaperI'm sorry, it won't allow it while being in legacy mode.17:36
fsmithredare you sure you installed grub to the correct drive?17:37
pencilandpaperIt should have been to sda1.17:37
fsmithredyou can boot from the usb?17:37
pencilandpaperIs there a way to reinstall grub alone to sda1 from this live session?17:37
pencilandpaperYes, I am on it now.17:38
fsmithredyeah, I need to check the correct syntax, or else you need to mount and chroot the system17:38
pencilandpaperI have attempted that before and it didn't work either for some reason.17:38
fsmithredyou remember an error message?17:39
pencilandpaperWow indeed..17:39
fsmithredyour usb is /dev/sda?17:39
pencilandpaperYes, it was: wee set --root glfdr17:39
pencilandpaperNo, the usb is /dev/sdb17:39
pencilandpaperI just checked in gparted.17:39
pencilandpaper/dev/sda1 is my internal storage.17:40
fsmithredyou had linux running on this before?17:41
pencilandpaperBut I started out with Devuan Stable..and I also had a Puppy Linux install..17:42
pencilandpaperI did not initially install grub..but skipped that step..and used grub4dos in Puppy to dualboot and it worked.17:42
pencilandpaperEven after updating in to Unstable..17:42
pencilandpaperBut once it broke and I tried to reinstall, it would never boot up again..even when doing the same thing with grub4dos.17:43
pencilandpaperIts really unreal and I can't understand it.17:43
fsmithredwhat kind of computer is it?17:43
pencilandpaperI have also chrooted in and reinstalled grub and that didn't work either.17:43
pencilandpaperIts a Dell Latitude E6430.17:44
pencilandpaperLet me try something, I will brb.  I am going to try changing bios settings and see if that works.17:44
hemimaniacfsmithred: I had a wee problem with the beowulf net install, it sorted itself out but the install grub stage hung quite awhile at searching for other as it complained about something on /dev/sdc which I thought was funny as that was the live medium17:58
fsmithredyeah, I'm not sure how to stop that17:59
fsmithredit doesn't seem to be consistent17:59
hemimaniacI don't think it is devuan specific as I have noticed it in some other distros with other installers18:01
fsmithredyou get a message about /dev/whatever not found in udev database?18:01
hemimaniacnever thot to look before rebooting sorry18:02
fsmithredI've seen it when installing grub in a chroot18:03
pencilandpaperYeah, its not going to work in legacy mode..which unfortunately is what this install is in since I orginally installed Devuan Stable in legacy mode.19:25
pencilandpaperSincerely deep stuff..and also unbelievable..I thought that I was golden. :(19:26
fsmithredif you convert to uefi, you can still boot another linux that's installed19:35
fsmithredgrub will find any other installed systems and add them to the menu19:35
masonI've gotten to where dealing with non-UEFI is tedious now, which would have surprised me if I'd heard myself say it several years ago.19:45
sixwheeledbeastHardware has gone that way tho.20:05
sixwheeledbeastpath of least resistance20:05

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