freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-03-21

xrogaanI think I'm going to /dev/null all the mails coming from tom.07:31
xrogaanGiant "signature", takes more space than whatever he writes.07:31
tuxd3vxrogaan, talk to him, about the size of them :)07:39
masonxrogaan: Explaining netiquette sometimes works. Mostly people ignore it.15:12
masonxrogaan: If you want to make the world a better place, and the Devuan mailing lists specifically, explain proper inline quoting to everyone.15:12
djphxrogaan: heh ...15:14
djphxrogaan: had a short discussion with him about that risc-v arch ... I suck at words apparently :|15:15
masonMessage-ID: <20200320220042.2a8426ed@viridi> is particularly impressive.15:19
masonBut this would probably be better in #debianfork. Apologies.15:19
Waspstupid question: how do I find out if I'm on ascii 2.0 or 2.1? /etc/devuan_version just tells me "ascii"19:22
WaspTo have some timestamps on the web pages would be helpful as well. ;)19:24
debdogif you keep your ASCII up to date, you're having 2.119:32
Waspokay, that's also my guess however the question is to check? ;)19:34
Wasp.. and to be fair .. I'm not sure how up to date I am since there are barely dates on the website19:35
Waspnot even in the changelog19:35
debdogIIRC the versioning ist mostly related to the installer, it certainly is not to the package repo19:36
debdogif "aptitude update" does not not list any upgradeable packages you're up to date19:37
* Wasp meant no dates in the "release notes" (not changelog)19:42
debdogI agree there. every document should have a date19:44
blizzowI just downloaded the minimal beowulf live image. I did a wget of the debootstrap package and mounted a drive at /mnt/strap. When I do a debootstrap ceres /mnt/strap it gets to the chroot step and fails saying dpkg-deb, mount, ldconfig aren't available.20:12
fsmithredblizzow, try
fsmithredto get the full repo instead of just the forked packages20:15
fsmithredexcept type it correctly instead of like I did20:16
blizzowfsmithred, thanks, I'll give that a shot.20:22
blizzowWhat's the difference between the /merged and /devuan paths?20:23
fsmithred /devuan just has packages that we forked from debian20:24
fsmithredand /merged merges that with the rest of the debian repo20:24
fsmithredand filters out anything that requires systemd20:25
fsmithredkinda like using debian with a condom20:25
lethehi there22:46
letheafter clean install devuan beowulf beta release, battery icon not showing on panel (mate 1.20.4) also several applications that need root permission not open:etherape, synaptic, gdebi. if loging as root, everything working fine22:50
golinuxlethe: Have you read the release notes?22:59
lethegolinux: no I do not, thanks, letme see23:02
man_in_shackew gnome :(23:10

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