freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-04-08

blebyeah yeah setting the locale and rebooting fixed the quote issue00:16
* cush herpls19:59
cushanybody interested in opengl-es (on devuan?)20:00
tuxd3vcush, what do you mean? :)20:38
cushi'm trying to wrap my head around gles hardware scaling backend for libsdl1.220:56
cushand i'm not a very bright bulb anymore20:56
tuxd3vyou mean embedded hardware?21:06
cush'embedded' no, just arm computers that don't have opengl2 or 3 stacks21:06
tuxd3vwell you can use a sbc for that, but the reallity is that opengles is still very precoce in arm world, I mean opensource21:08
tuxd3vyou have at least 2 projects Lima and panfrost21:08
tuxd3vLima for Mali4xx series21:09
tuxd3vpandrost for Mali {6,7,8}XX series21:09
tuxd3vpandrost -Z panfrost21:09
cushmy drivers work fine21:10
tuxd3vwhat drivers are you using?21:10
cushsome tests from today
tuxd3vcush, that powervr driver is opensource?21:17
cushnot sure21:18

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