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avbox111I wanted to add kernel 5.4.31 (stable long term), but had problems with realtec nic driver (don't work any longer). Sent a kernel bug: Has someone else seen such issues?Translated with (free version)00:37
blebin xfce, if i start xclock i cannot alt-tab to it02:08
MinceRit might have set its window so that it won't accept focus or something02:11
blebxfontsel does the same02:15
MinceRthat's more of an issue then02:23
mcrI'm getting this complaint: libpolkit-gobject-1-0:all 0.105-18+devuan2.11 (Multi-Arch: foreign) is not co-installable with libpolkit-gobject-1-0 which has multiple installed instances03:27
mcrI can't see in dpkg --list that there are multiple libpolkit-gobject packages installed.03:27
mcrthis machine did start its life along time ago as an i386, and then was upgraded via multi-arch to amd64.  I sometimes find a package that didn't actually get upgraded.03:28
mcrdoes it ring any bells to anyone?03:28
phillipsjkis cron known to work on Devuan 2.0?19:15
phillipsjkmy entires in /etc/crontab don't seem to trigger.19:15
phillipsjktangentially related, the shutdown scripts don't wait for my /rtc/rc.local_shutdown script to complete. (I tried to make the networking shutdown script dependent on it, but maybe I did it wrong)19:18
phillipsjkAs a quick work-around I shut set the shutdown command to run 5 minutes after my own shutdown script. (cron seems to ignore both)19:19
chr[]is crond running? systemctrl stat^W^W ps aux | grep cron19:26
phillipsjkI don't think I can check that for anoth 12 hours :P19:39
phillipsjkThe thing draws 600W at full load under-clocked, so I set it to run only at night.19:40
phillipsjkI suppose I could try wakeOnLAN, but suspect I have to explicitly configure the LAN driver to allow that. (It did not work when I tested locally).19:45
tuxd3vphillipsjk, what device is that?19:48
tuxd3vI believe you need some local smtp mail delivery tool also19:48
tuxd3vfor cron, since any output of it, that goes to stdout, is directed to the local mail acount of that user..19:49
phillipsjktuxd3v, I don't think I do have mail configured. That will be something to check.19:51
phillipsjkIt is a quad CPU machine I bought instread of a video card when video card prices spiked from crypotcurrency mining. Glad I got it over a dedicated hashing machine, but it is still awkward to run.19:53
phillipsjkCan't run at full speed, because then it sounds like a jet on the takeoff roll.19:54
phillipsjkThe insulated room (dampens sound) also can't disspate that much heat.19:55
tuxd3vI see, you got a mini Jet Air Plain, that as similarities with a computer :)19:56
tuxd3vServers do lot of noise ;)19:56
tuxd3vAnd when you turn them on... omg, that seems to going "take off more"19:57
phillipsjk6 high speed dual counter-rotating fans in the thing.19:57
tuxd3vhave you checked with a basic cron19:58
tuxd3vlike write in a file19:58
tuxd3vchange a file, create a file, something basic in the crontab19:59
phillipsjkwas thinking of setting one to write the time to a file every 2 hours.19:59
phillipsjkI have had a similar problem in the past, I suspect cron may be waiting on one of the previous tasks to return.19:59
phillipsjkSo my test would be the first task. Repeated writes would confirm working.20:00
tuxd3vyeah something to test,20:01
tuxd3vensure its up and running20:01
tuxd3v'/etc/init.d/cron restart'20:01
tuxd3vdo also a echo to stdout, toensure mail delivery to the crontabs user mail account20:03
tuxd3vlike 'echo "this is from cronjob.."'20:04
phillipsjkthank-you for your help tuxd3v20:15
tuxd3vphillipsjk, you welcome :)20:27
hultenToday, I upgraded a bunch of Jitsi packages (jitsi-*, jicofo) on my Devuan beowulf server, and now I don't get any visual elements through Chromium whereas the Jitsi Meet app continues to work fine.20:55
hultenI was not sure where to start as it are several packages.  I guess I have to go upstream to Debian, or further upstream to Jitsi?20:56
hultenAnyone running Jitsi on Devuan?20:56
gnarfacehulten: check the package dependencies to see if it requires systemd?21:45
gnarfacemixing distros/repos is always a risk... where did these jitsi packages come from?  did they come from the devuan repos?21:46
hultengnarface: Yes, they came from the Devuan repos.22:02
hultenI used APT to install them; this is my sources.list:22:03
hultendeb beowulf main22:03
hultendeb beowulf-updates main22:03
hultendeb beowulf-security main22:03
gnarfacethen it does sound like a bug that you'll get better attention on upstrem at debian.  feel free to file it in devuan too though22:03
hultenGood, thanks gnarface.22:03
gnarfacethey just have a lot more resources than devuan, and any actual non-systemd related fix would have to go through them anyway22:04
golinuxIf it's a Debian bug, it needs to be filed and fixed upstream22:07
agrisnothing hat is the general recommendation to do when QT stuff won't compile?23:57
agrisebuilds failing23:57
agriswrong chat sorry23:58

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