freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-04-29

BjornnI'm patiently waiting for 3.002:23
ebisuthe beta version works perfect02:28
ebisuother than the time not working out of the bo02:28
Bjornnoh, nice. haha02:31
ejrhi! everytime i start devuan I am told that the group kvm does not exist. I don't use any virtualisation so that's fine, yet I would like to get rid of that warning. How can I do that?14:52
ulleti don't know 'the right way' ejr but maybe you could just add the group kvm and be done with it14:59
ulletgroupadd is the command15:00
BjornnGuest79103 any success?15:19
GyrosGeierGuest79103, I agree with ullet here -- just add the group15:43
GyrosGeierthe warning comes because the virtualization drivers are loaded, because your CPU is virtualization capable15:43
GyrosGeierand loading the drivers causes the device node for them to appear, which needs to be given the appropriate group15:44
GyrosGeierthe three ways to get rid of that warning are a) create group, b) blacklist kvm driver, c) disable virtualization extensions in BIOS15:44
GyrosGeierthe latter two will require you to remember what you did when later on you do want to use virtualization15:45
JorilIt looks like there's a 4th way: modify /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules, it contains this line "KERNEL=="kvm", GROUP="kvm", MODE="0666", OPTIONS+="static_node=kvm"15:51
JorilThere's an issue on the systemd github too!
JorilOf course a WONTFIX :D15:54
GyrosGeiereven my PPC box has /dev/kvm16:04
masonIf it's something we see in Devuan, how could it be something that could be reasonably fixed in systemd?16:25
slvrthere are usually many ways to fix something.16:45
GyrosGeierLennart is sometimes right about things not being systemd problems17:27
GyrosGeier"this should be fixed properly, systemd is not there to work around your bugs" is a good stance, because it leads to bugs actually being fixed17:28
slvrI don't agree with that as a rule but sure it is one way to do it.17:31
slvrPushing bugs out to end users to let them suffer until someone else fixes it is the modern way of the web, but it's not very nice to end users.17:32
GyrosGeierright, but working around a bug means that it won't get fixed because it works for systemd users and the only people complaining are the usual suspects17:33
tmbergapt-get install php7.4-fpm :-(17:47
masonThe point brought up is interesting and relevant. If the device node exists, that's independent of software using it. Maybe the user wants something utterly third-party. The error message itself is the issue.17:47
MinceRstrange, this means poettering believes there are things that do not belong in systemd17:51
MinceRi wonder what those things are17:51
MinceRas for making end users suffer, i'm pretty sure that's one of the main objectives17:51
ejrhi. for some reason I cannot login to X anymore since today. I am hoping it's not related to the upgrade of my linux image. Running on devuan 1020:25
gnarfacewell, it's almost certainly related to that, but you're going to need to dig up a error message or something20:27
ejrthat's the Xorg log20:28
gnarfacecan you use instead please?20:28
gnarfacei'll look at it if you do, i promise20:28
ejruh, not really because i cannot start x. lol20:28
ejrwait, i will check if works with w3m20:29
gnarfaceif it comes to it, you can get a cursor on the system terminal with gpm, but i think you can alter a config file for pastebinit to use instead20:30
ejrnah sorry, i have no way to paste it in there wiht w3m20:30
gnarfacecan you just /msg it to me?20:30
gnarfaceit's fine if it takes a long time to paste in private20:30
ejrok i will try pastebinit20:30
gnarfacethis is a freshly upgraded image that login immediately failed on, or was it working for some days first?20:32
gnarfacethank you for being cooperative about that20:33
ejri only installed the image today so i dont know. However I also wrote on a script that hacks on environment variables and permissions, so that might also be the reason, not sure...20:33
gnarfacehmmm, is this an upgrade from a debian install?20:33
ejrrelatively recent beowulf install20:33
ejrbut i am running libreboot and I think there it's recognised as debian (also shows as Debian in grub, for example)20:34
gnarfacehmmm, maybe unrelatd20:34
gnarfacewhat does this command return for you?  dpkg -l |grep logind20:35
gnarfaceejr: ^20:36
ejrinstalled are: elogind,libelogind0, libpam-elogind and two related polkit libs20:38
gnarfacealright, i'm running dry on ideas.  you sure your capslock key isn't on?20:40
ejrhaha yes20:40
filipdevuan_how can i delete the keyboard shortcut for switching desktops??20:41
gnarfaceejr: the only thing suspicious i see in the log is this one: [   361.860] (EE) Error systemd-logind returned paused fd for drm node20:41
ejri also had simultaneously weird issues with e.g. XDG_CONFIG_HOME not being recognised as an environment variable... and earlier on I got an error message that Xauthority couldnt be locked20:41
gnarfaceejr: (doesn't seem to be the issue though)20:41
gnarfaceejr: oooh. hmmm.  i wonder...20:42
ejrafter i manually set the $XAUTHORITY without using $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (absolute path instead) it worked.. but now it doesnt anymore20:42
gnarfaceejr: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR, is that getting set?20:42
gnarfaceejr: i think they did change some XDG stuff and it caused me problems with enlightenment too, i had to start setting XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in my .bash_profile20:43
gnarfaceejr: (not sure if that's fixed or not)20:43
gnarfacefilipdevuan_: it's gonna be different for every window manager.  you'll have to check your's particular docs20:44
ejrstrangely enough, in the tty that i used startx in, it is not set, but in another one it is (e.g. in tmux). lol20:44
ejrit should be set to /run/user/1000 right?20:44
gnarfaceuh, it actually almost doesn't matter what it is set to.  i'm not sure where it's even supposed to go, i pointed mine to /tmp20:45
gnarfaceall that matters is it's unique for every user.  there could be security issues otherwise (and obvious massive breakage)20:45
ejrhmm, so if i add export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR="/some/path" to /etc/environment as well, it might work, you think?20:46
gnarfacehmm, not sure, but i assume so if that file is parsed like a shell script and has access to the user's environment variables20:47
gnarfacei just don't know (mine is empty here)20:47
gnarfacei put this in my ~/.bash_profile and it worked but it's fucking ghetto:
gnarface(use at your own risk)20:48
ejrthe even stranger thing is that it worked earlier on, after I had the Xauthority issue fixed... but now it doesnt anymore...20:48
filipdevuan_on xfce20:49
filipdevuan_ok nvm cheers20:49
gnarfaceejr: yea, so if it worked after a full upgrade and a clean reboot, that suggests it's environmental and not package related, but just to be sure can you make sure you're fully upgraded?  "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade"20:50
gnarfaceejr: is it possible you applied some fix manually and simply forgot to make sure it would persist through a reboot?20:50
ejrok, i will check upgrades, and I also just put your little script in my bashrc. will see if it works then, and return to let you know in some mins, brb20:50
gnarfaceejr: hmm, but if this was the issue i'd also expect some better error, maybe permissions related.  did anything show up in dmesg or syslog about this perhaps?20:51
gnarfacedrat, i'm too slow20:51
ejrIt hung at startx for about a minute, then it read "Timeout in locking .config/Xauthority" and then after some seconds I just got a black screen on the tty that persists...lol20:55
gnarfaceejr: i forgot to be clear, that variable needs to be unique per user, not unique per ~/.bashrc, but the error you got suggests it was already being set right before that change, so yea, back it out.20:56
gnarface*not unique per SHELL as ~/.bashrc would make it, i mean20:56
ejrnot sure what you mean. you mean the xdg script has to be in .bash_profile instead of .bashrc?20:57
gnarfacethe error you got was the one i would expect for it being set wrong in the first place, so if you get that error setting it this way, but don't get the error otherwise, then it was probably already correct and this isn't the issue.20:57
gnarfacebut yea, i explicitly specified ~/.bash_profile instead of ~/.bashrc on purpose.  they aren't quite used the same.20:58
gnarface(in ~/.bashrc what i would expect is it would work for the first login but not subsequent logins)20:59
ejrok, well, i dont even have a .bash_profile but i can try putting it in there.21:00
ejralso, the blank screen on the startx tty just went away and now it reads "xauth: /home/user/.config/Xauthority not writable, changes will be ignored"21:00
gnarfacethat's after backing out my change then relogging?21:01
fsmithredwhat's it doing in ~/.config?21:01
gnarfacei wonder if you have been getting this error all along or this is new?21:01
ejrnope, not yet21:01
ejrwill do that now, brb21:01
ejrahh, i had that once, yeah, but not all the time21:02
gnarfacehmm, fresh install... i wonder what could have gone wrong?21:07
ejrok nguys, it's getting stranger and stranger.lol21:08
ejrwhen I tried the xdg script in .bash_profile I could not run any commands, as if PATH was suddenly unset. Also aliases from .bashrc were not recognized anymore. X didnt work either ofc. I deleted .bash_profile again and your script too, but x does not start still, claiming that it has no authority to write to .config/Xauthority21:10
ejrbut when I run startx there first is a blackscreen on that tty for about 5 mins, and at least once that even transfers to my OTHER tty on which I am in tmux right now, running irssi21:10
gnarfaceejr: well, first of all, Xauthority shouldn't be in ~/.config to begin with.  so something is already wrong with that, but secondarily it should be readable by your user, so that suggests two problems21:11
ejrso then I have to manually reload that tty with CTRL+ALT+F2 to get back to irssi lol21:11
gnarfaceejr: should be *writable* by your user too, to be clear21:11
ejrI set Xauthority to .config becuase I wanted it there, it can easily be set to that with the $XAUTHORITY var, and this has worked for me for months without any problems21:11
ejrah also, I just noticed that it now created new Xauthority files in .config, like Xauthority-l, Xauthority-n, ...21:13
gnarfacei'm just not sure if setting XAUTHORITY means you'll need to set other variables too to match21:13
gnarfacei'm pretty sure ~/.config/ isn't where they're supposed to be but that might not be what is breaking this unless the issue is they need to be in the same directory with something else21:14
ejrand for some reason permissions on Xauthority were set root:root, and to user:user on the other two. But I deleted the Xauthority earlier on, so that must have happened afterwards21:14
ejri can temporarily unset $XAUTHORITY just to exclude that that's the problem ofc21:14
gnarfaceit should be easy to fix the permissions on it21:15
gnarfacei don't know how they could have got set wrong though unless you launched it as root but used the user's home directory still21:15
ejrjust to be sure: I can delete Xauthority files with no worries, right?21:15
gnarfaceif X isn't currently running, yes21:15
ejrwell tbh I might have done something stupid earlier on that might have caused some trouble: i ran chown -R user:user on /home/user21:15
bgstack15that shouldn't have caused an issue.21:16
gnarfacehmm, yea, but what lead to needing to do that... because that could have21:17
ejrok..i was worried, but not sure21:17
ejrbrb, restarting without $XAUTHORITY set21:17
ejrnow it does not linger for 5 mins after startx, but terminates x right away.21:20
ejr is the current Xorg log, but I dont think much has changed to earlier21:20
ejralso, i can launch xserver with sudo startx, but ofc i dont want to do that with sudo privileges21:24
ejr(but this means its most likely not a graphics issue i guess)21:24
gnarfacehmm, does suggest a permissions issue on some files or a device node21:26
ejrpermissions on .Xauthority are "0 -rw-------"21:26
gnarfaceneeds to be owned by your user too21:26
gnarfacei can't tell that from this^21:27
ejrso just chown user:user .Xauthority?21:27
gnarfaceyea, but if it wasn't already set to that by default then something is already wrong21:27
ejrah well, it's "0 -rw------ 1 user user", sorry21:27
gnarfaceshould be fine then21:28
gnarfacedid you change video cards recently too?21:28
gnarfaceor drivers?21:28
gnarfacepermissions requirements are different for nvidia than others21:28
gnarface(even different than nouveau, and different between releases)21:28
ejrhm, well, in some mins my other fresh install is finished, then I'll see whether it works on a similar laptop. if not, i will just use ceres21:28
ejrno, i didnt change anything with respect to vidoe cards or drivers21:29
gnarfacewhich laptop is this?21:29
gnarfacemake and model?21:29
gnarfacejust for my notes21:29
ejrone librebooted (this one), the other one (fresh-installing now) isnt21:29
ejrthinkpad x60 that is21:29
gnarfacethat's a lenovo thinkpad, or a IBM one?21:29
ejrtechnically lenovo, officially still ibm21:30
gnarfaceso it is from before they sold the brand to them?21:30
gnarfacei don't remember the timeline on that exactly21:30
slvrafter sale, before brand change21:30
slvrI have a similar machine21:31
slvrneed to crack the svp to use it though21:31
ejrit was right around that time, 200621:31
ejri basically exclusively use my 3 X60 machines, lol21:31
ejror one is actually an X6121:31
slvrI need to find a t42 with a broken screen and bad keyboard I think21:32
gnarfacehmm, i forget if the intel driver in beowulf requires Xorg to be run through the suid root wrapper or not21:32
gnarfaceat some point i think they changed it so it did not anymore, but it could still cause issues if you have a configuration halfway between the two states21:33
ejrwell, if it does, it only does so since today's update, cause it worked until today21:34
fsmithredshould work ok since elogind is installed21:34
fsmithredas user, I mean21:34
ejri have just tried on the other x60 with a minimal beowulf install with only the Xserver packages and i3-wm, there i also cannot get into x unless i am root.21:34
MinceRmy X60s has both IBM and Lenovo logos on it21:35
ejrif i install ceres, i will not get today's kernel upgrade, right?21:36
ejreven if i run apt-get upgrade with ceres packaging?21:37
fsmithredif you choose a network mirror, you should get whatever is in the repo today21:37
fsmithredoh, not a new install. Upgrade should also give you whatver is current.21:38
tomI am unable to mount network shares in beowulf21:38
Guest87495# mount -t nfs -v viridi:/ /mnt21:38
Guest87495mount: /mnt: bad option; for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program.21:38
Guest87495despite never having to do it before, i specified type21:38
ejri will purge the 0-8 kernel from today and try with 0-6, brb21:39
Guest87495and it still did not work21:39
Guest87495looks like beowulf requires nfs-common21:41
Guest87495i feel like that really should be part of the base system21:41
fsmithredI thought it was part of the base system21:41
ejrstill no luck.21:45
Guest87495fsmithred, apparently not21:45
Guest87495at least not when using the beowulf install disc21:45
ejrshould I file a bug report for my issue?21:48
fsmithrednfs-common in the desktop-live, which has the same packages as a default desktop install from installer isos (with network mirror)21:49
fsmithredGuest87495, did you install with a mirror?21:49
fsmithredwhat did you install?21:50
gnarfaceejr: since it's recreateable with a fresh install, i think so yes.  the fact it works with sudo suggests it is a mundane permissions or path issue that can be trivially fixed by hand if you can find it though.  any chance adding yourself to the "video" group changes anything by the way?21:53
gnarfaceejr: sorry i don't have any further advice really.  i haven't run into this one yet.21:54
ejrthat would be "adduser myusername video", right?21:56
slvrusermod $(whoami) -aG video21:56
ejr^ gnarface21:56
fsmithredejr, elogind and libpam-elogind are installed?21:57
ejrok, done that. gonna reboot and try one last time :)21:57
ejrfsmithred: yes21:57
ejrstill doesnt work.21:59
ejrso if i want to keep using devuan, which version should i install to avoid this problem? ceres, and never running upgrade/dist-upgrade?22:00
gnarfaceejr: adding yourself to the video group didn't work either?  at this point we don't even know what actually caused this.  we need to figure that out first.22:01
slvrejr: are you even using a desktop?22:01
slvrlooks like x starts fine and then stops22:02
fsmithredejr, I'm about to test this in ceres. So far, it's working, but I need to upgrade and see if it breaks.22:02
ullet_x marks the stop22:02
slvrsomething like the startxfce4 might work for you22:02
fsmithredstill working here after upgrade22:05
ejrslvr: no, just i3-wm, and dwm22:06
slvrejr: did X leave you at a black screen or did it start and terminate?22:06
ejrand actually this issue has brought me to the brink of going completely without Xserver, just using plain tty+tmux, lol22:06
slvrX & sleep 2; DISPLAY=:0 xterm22:07
ejrslvr: see above; originally it gave me a black screen for some mins, now it just terminates22:07
slvryeah you need an xprofile22:07
ejrnow after i installed dwm on the other machine on a fresh install, it works without any problems.22:07
slvrimho reinstall your desktop env and display manager22:07
fsmithredno dm22:07
slvrnodm is pretty great22:07
fsmithredejr, what libpolkit packages are installed?22:08
fsmithredlibpolkit-{gobject|backend}-elogind-1-0 might be needed22:08
gnarfacefor just running startx from a virtual terminal though?  shouldn't be required, and i wonder if it could be causing issues...?22:09
fsmithredright, it really shouldn't be needed22:09
gnarfaceejr: ^ i already asked you this but can you paste the exact literal package names for fsmithred here?22:10
ejrfsmithred: theyre both installed22:10
fsmithreddon't past 5 lines at once22:11
Guest87495How is it that USB DAC/ADCs are used for production?22:12
Guest87495Wouldn't the added jitter and latency of USB be a show stopper (literally) compared to a sound card on a PCIE bus?22:12
gnarfaceGuest87495: that might be a better question for #alsa22:13
gnarfaceGuest87495: though my assumption is that the answer is a combination of software and workflow mitigations22:14
Guest87495but buying a dedicated dac is all about latency22:14
slvrusb and pcie are both packet based so who cares22:15
ejrthe more i think about it, the more i enjoy the idea of not using x anymore. do any of you guys do this? running everything on the tty (e.g. with tmux)? if i really needed a graphical browser i could set up another x60 with mate-desktop or something and use that once in a while if people require me to use stupid javascript websites22:15
fsmithredpeople who are recording live music care22:15
gnarfaceGuest87495: it isn't my area of expertise, but you will have to be very careful which USB device you buy.  support for them is spotty on linux, so do your research first22:15
slvrejr: I do most of my work in a screen session22:15
fsmithredejr, I like X, but there are plenty of folks in the devuan community who are cli-only22:15
slvrX is how I launch my xterms. :p22:16
fsmithredme too, slvr22:16
Guest87495slvr, why screen instead of tmux?22:16
slvrbecause I know screen and tmux users are too preachy22:16
slvrcongrats on finding salvation though22:17
ejrslvr: there are two syntactic ways to make sense of your statement about preachyness :P22:17
ejr(could be said about emacs and vim users as well)22:17
slvrhmmm. not sure if vim users are more or less preachy than emacs users.22:18
fsmithredwho uses emac and vim? :P22:18
slvrI don't actually like vim. prefer lighter vi clones.22:18
* onefang suggests the holy warriors head over to #debianfork.22:18
slvri refuse to push my religion on others. :) I will help fix X though.22:19
ejrfsmithred: s/and/when there is/22:20
fsmithredI've been trying to reproduce your problem, but qemu is giving me problems of my own22:20
slvrI have a sneaking suspicion that X is starting and then failing to start the not-desktop-environment that the user is expecting.22:21
ejrfsmithred: talking about qemu, i also had a weird issue with kvm, complaints that I the kvm group did not exist. Not sure if that error was there before. I dont use qemu/kvm but I just created the kvm group to get rid of the error...22:21
ejrmaybe THAT caused all my trouble. lol22:21
fsmithredI think the general consensus is that you can ignore that warning22:21
ejrbtw are you guys devuan developers?22:21
fsmithredI am - I make the live isos22:22
* gnarface is not22:22
ejrnice :)22:22
ejryes, fsmithred, i was told i can ignore the warning, but still such warnings trigger my autism so that i want to get rid of them22:22
fsmithredgnarface is unofficial but essential member of the support team22:22
gnarfacethanks fsmithred :)22:23
ejrjust like lost of .files in my homefolder do, which makes me want to have as many of them as possible in .config or other suitable folders22:23
fsmithredkeep in mind that linux checks for everything when you boot, and it likes to tell you what it didn't find22:23
slvryou could build without kvm support22:23
onefangI'm a Devuan developer, mirror herder.22:23
slvrbut most of us would prefer to have it by default...22:23
* slvr runs kvm on devuan for some web services I prefer to isolate22:24
fsmithredI found a ceres VM with no X. I'm adding it now.22:30
bgstack15Is it so terrible a thing to say, that if stuff works the way you want, you can ignore any warnings you investigate to some degree with no conclusive results?22:30
fsmithredbgstack15, I sure hope so - been doing that for 20 years22:30
bgstack15I've removed 7.5 mattress tags, with no adverse effects! (Minus becoming a GNU/Linux nerd)22:32
fsmithredI added libpam-elogind and elogind, and X still is not starting. (installed without Recommends)22:32
gnarfaceejr: all those tests i walked you through, they were on a bare-metal devuan install, not one running in a guest like qemu, right?22:32
ejra while ago i wanted to get rid of the lingering "sda5_crypt ...busy" message on luks-encrypted installations. i remember someone here or in the forum pointed me to some config file that can be downloaded somewhere and just used to replace the old one on the system. does anyone remember which file that is?22:33
ejrgnarface: yes, bare-metal with only basic system utilities installed (netinstall)22:34
fsmithredhi aitor_22:37
fsmithredejr, the other way to start X wtihout display manager is to install xserver-xorg-legacy and add a line to Xwrapper.config. That still works in ceres.22:37
fsmithredaitor_, I tried packaging simple-netaid in beowulf, but it failed. Error message wasn't helpful.22:38
aitor_no worries, maybe my fault. I've just uploaded the packages of simple-netaid-cdk for beowulf:22:39
fsmithredit mentioned lines 15 and 18 in debian/rules22:39
aitor_i tested it and worked22:39
aitor_there are a lot of features pending to be added, but first things first22:40
aitor_the most important part is libnetaid22:40
fsmithredwhat's that do?22:41
aitor_the shared library?22:41
fsmithredI thought you meant that libnetaid was part of the pending features22:42
onefangI'm still wondering what this netaid thing is.22:42
fsmithredI think I need more coffee22:42
fsmithredit's a simple network manager22:42
fsmithredthat doesn't require dbus22:43
aitor_in part22:44
aitor_it's not difficult to cause failures in wicd22:44
aitor_on the other hand, simple-netaid will have a non Xorg interface (ncurses) and also a Gtk and Qt interfaces22:47
onefangThe only problem I have with wicd is that in keeps rewriting it's config file, even though nothing actually changed, it's just reordering bits.  Annoys etckeeper.22:47
aitor_onefang: if you try to connect to a network device from the command line without flushing the ip addresses, the status icon of wicd will fail22:50
aitor_those attempts cause intermittences in the network connection22:51
onefangI don't do that, nor use the status icon.  I just use the GUI to change WiFi connections.22:51
aitor_my phone...22:52
onefangWhich I had to do a lot during Easter, when the home Internet connection was horrid.  It's much more stable now we have changed ISP.22:52
onefangWith stable Internet, my only interactions with wicd are if I need to reboot, which makes it re-order a couple of lines in it's config file, which makes etckeeper complain next time I apt update or apt install.22:55
onefangI usually only boot for new kernels or power failures.22:58
onefangBut I'm sufficiently annoyed at my /etc git logs filling with "Wicd is being wicked." that' I'd try out simple-netaid if it get into Devuan.23:00
openbsdtai123devuan has a serious problem with amd64 while copying on sd pendrives or disk, using fdisk and mkfs.... and more. amd64 has a big bug with FSs, especially ext and fat.23:11
openbsdtai123no i have other duties than posting bugs :( I am not a developer or programmer.23:14
fsmithredI see no problem23:14
slvrsometimes dd just failes to right jack diddly for me23:14
slvrconv=sync sometimes helps23:14
openbsdtai123I just told you guys... you will see. I am sure about it.23:15
slvrseeing it claim to write 800Mb/s to usb is lol23:15
openbsdtai123I am running 4 partitions and various devuan. the issue comes from ascii amd64 <-.23:15
* golinux bites her tongue23:16
fsmithredok, I just formatted an sd card in ascii, made four partitions, mounted one and copied a file to it. All worked fine. What next?23:23
openbsdtai123done know it does that on devuan ascii kernel, two amd64 kernels and the classic from repo.23:25
gnarfaceopenbsdtai123: most likely just the writeback cache sabotaging you.  try running "sync" before unplugging the drive from the usb port23:27
gnarfaceopenbsdtai123: (alternately you can run the "eject" command on the device)23:27
openbsdtai123I do alwys sync. mkfs.XXX fails to perform, it can sometimes hang. it does that with two kernels on several intel notebooks.23:28
gnarfacehmm, might be the USB key itself.  this is a problem someone else here would have noticed.23:28
openbsdtai123I have 4 to 6 scandisk 16 gb23:28
openbsdtai123On hdd it does same (500gb wd).23:29
gnarfacemaybe you just didn't wait long enough?  i mean, usb is really slow.23:29
openbsdtai123if I boot x32 ascii, it just format.23:29
gnarfaceflash storage is often even slower23:29
openbsdtai123it works on same hardware with 32bits so it should.23:29
openbsdtai123I waited 1 hour about.23:29
gnarfacefor how much data?23:30
openbsdtai123mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb123:30
openbsdtai12316 gb23:30
gnarfacetry it with xfs instead23:31
gnarfaceext4 does a really slow format.  i forget if vfat does too, but i know xfs doesn't.23:31
fsmithredmkfs.ext2 and mkfs.vfat both work here23:31
openbsdtai123ok, so it is fine.... i just mentioned about it. no worries - maybe it will be fixed one day.-23:32
fsmithrednot if nobody knows what to fix23:32
gnarfacewell the issue is that you've probably inflicted this on yourself23:32
gnarfacesince none of us can recreate the issue23:32
golinux<gnarface> well the issue is that you've probably inflicted this on yourself23:33
golinuxThis ^^^23:33
gnarfaceand to be absolutely clear here, 1 hour isn't even close to enough time to write 16GB of data to a cheap flash drive23:35
gnarface(that's why i asked for a xfs format for comparison)23:36
openbsdtai123ahhh a good idea would be to try with ubuntu kernel ... i will test it this weekend.23:36
golinuxWhy is anyone still playing this fruitless conversation?23:37
gnarfacei just gave up right then23:37
gnarfacewhen i realized he won't execute any tests he knows might prove him wrong.  he just wants to assert his false reality for the sake of wasting other people's time.23:37
openbsdtai123sure... I understand.23:38
golinuxgnarface: You just figured that out?23:38
gnarfacewell, i give everyone two chances23:39
golinuxThere have been more that that, I'm sure.  :)23:40
gnarfaceuh, maybe but i think i only remember this guy from a couple days ago23:40
* golinux needs a break23:40

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