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gnarfaceif ejr comes back, someone do encourage them to make sure to try the xserver-xorg-legacy package.  the more i'm thinking about this the more i seem to recall that it was the modesetting driver not the intel one that could run without suid root now01:33
gnarfacethough for the intel one i can't even be sure that is the same case for every single piece of hardware it supports01:33
gnarface(it may only require it for certain DRI features)01:34
ebisuHow do I make ntpd work on Devuan 3?03:06
fsmithredapt install ntp03:21
fsmithredthen add some time servers to /etc/ntp.conf03:22
fsmithred(talking to myself again)03:22
masonfsmithred: Sometimes it's the only way to find intelligent conversation.03:23
jungleprimesyeah, there has been a bunch of that across the rooms today03:23
jungleprimesquick jumpers03:23
onefangShould come with some default time servers.03:23
fsmithredlike they have somewhere to go?03:23 works as a default for me, but having several is better03:23
fsmithredI just use ntpdate on most of my systems03:24
masonThat can be rough for some services.03:25
jungleprimes(the installer sets up ntp in a decent default for home use way)03:25
jungleprimesand if you want to make an NTP server03:25
jungleprimeseasy enough to edit the config and go03:25
jungleprimeschrony is cool03:27
jungleprimeshas some nice features on top of NTP03:27
xrogaanHuh, I just realized that 7zip for linux is unmaintained and unmaintainable.05:25
aaroin linux you use xz for the same level of compression05:29
ulletmorning! hi fsmithred i saw you posted beowulf arm images. thanks!07:25
ulleti notice there are .dts files from Khadas for the Khadas Vim3.  Is there a way you could include those?  There are some ubuntu and debian images on their site. Could we take the .dts from one of those?07:26
xrogaanaaro: it's more about interoperability, how many people know about xz? Hello, a lot of people continue to use Rar.08:16
scramblezHi all, I'm trying to boot into a qemu qcow2 image and it complains about I/O error for a floppy. After a while "Gave up waiting for root file system device. ... ALERT! /dev/sda1/ does not exist"12:13
scramblezI also tried booting it with EFI instead of BIOS and it fails completely12:14
scramblezAh! OK, I added --no-floppy in the kernel line and then it tries to boot, but it can't find /dev/sda112:24
scramblezPerhaps I need to add this in the kernel line too?12:24
scramblezYes, switching /dev/sda1 to /dev/vda1 solved this problem12:30
ham5urgHas anybody got 3d-kvm in its virtual machine running?13:22
ulletvery nice bash script git clone
zatumilhow does it look in a 80 columns terminal?14:02
ulletnot so hot14:02
ulletalso it uses rather much cpu14:03
ulletbut the layout is fantastic for 'at a glance' seeing what network and cpu is doing historically14:03
fsmithredullet, when it comes to arm, I am only a messenger. What's a .dts file?14:18
fsmithredthe arm images in the installer tree (on are created as part of the installer build. The images on were made by tuxd3v.14:21
ullethow could i assist getting Khadas VIM3 supported fsmithred ?14:24
ulletit's a reeally zippy little sbc14:25
fsmithred"supported" is a hazy area when it comes to arm.14:25
fsmithredyou can create an image and share it with others in the arm forum and #devuan-arm channel.14:26
ulletdoes that irc channel still need to be locked to unregistered freenode users?14:27
fsmithredI don't know14:28
fsmithredis it locked?14:28
ham5urgWhat is the purpose of the installed exim4 after a standard installation?16:59
fsmithredsend system mail to root or first user17:00
ham5urghow to handle such emails in a network? could I configure exim4 to send mails to
fsmithredI think so. Should be a simple config.17:01
xinomiloif you need system email for simple stuff, there's also much lighter msmtp-mta17:02
ham5urgxinomilo, exim4 is the default. How to change it?17:07
xinomiloapt install msmtp-mta17:09
ham5urgI'm looking at Which one is the correct one? I would like to have no local delivery (neither for root) and forward all to an external site.17:14
ham5urg'internet site'?17:15
xinomilofor exim : "mail sent by smarthost; no local mail" probably17:17
Akulion beowulf, how to 'sudo apt install foo' such that 'foo' becomes the version that it was back in ascii?17:44
slvryou can add the ascii repo with a lower priority and specify that you want to use that repo at install time.17:45
slvrthen pin the package.17:45
slvrer, 'hold'17:45
Akulinice to know, turns out that i don't need that after all17:52
Akuli'foo' is actually mate-system-monitor, which has the old behaviour as an option in the menu, it's just different by default17:52
gnarfaceham5urg: be smart.  be cautious.  don't send your root mail to google.17:59
gnarfaceham5urg: (the official advise is never to send it off the system, but i know that may be impractical in some cases, just make sure you never send it to a server that you or your corporate entity doesn't fully own)18:00
ham5urggnarface, no, emails are going to my email server, my domain for which I pay for.18:01
LucasRamage[m]So does devuan aim to support arbitray packages not available upstream?18:46
LucasRamage[m]Perhaps my question should go to #devuan-dev instead18:47
gnarfacepossibly.  there is ascii-proposed, and beowulf-proposed18:48
gnarfacebut for the most part they try to push fixes upstream and recommend new packages come in that way too18:48
ejrhi. why would username not be allowed to do e.g. sudo ifconfig when username is aprt of the sudo group?19:42
ejrbecause i have this issue on my fresh beowulf install19:42
MinceRprobably because the line in sudoers that allows sudo group to use sudo is commented19:42
MinceRedit it with visudo19:42
ejri did that19:42
bgstack15you can check what commands your user is allowed to run: sudo -l19:43
bgstack15that's lowercase L as in Lima19:43
bgstack15perhaps the sudoers group has some limitations on what it can run. I've also seen people get confused when sudo asks for a password.19:43
ejrahhh! i think i had a type on my visudo entry ._.19:43
ejrALL;ALL instead of ALL:ALL19:44
ejrthat's probably it...19:44
bgstack15If you want to omit the password query, you need to modify your sudoers line with: NOPASSWD: /bin/command19:44
bgstack15That would do it too19:44
MinceRanother possible reason is if the user logged in before they were added to the sudo group :>19:44
bgstack15ooh, good thinking19:44
ejrthanks for the hint with sudo -l bkstack15, if not for that I would not have seen the typo spelled out so clearly anytime soon. lol19:45
gnarfacehey ejr did you get the xorg issue solved?  after you left it was mentioned you should try the xorg-server-legacy package, which should add the suid root wrapper for xorg (after further thinking on it, i recalled that it was probably a different driver that could be run without it)19:46
ejrgnarface: no, i didnt. I did a fresh install this afternoon (and am setting it up right now).19:46
ejrBut thanks for asking :)19:46
gnarfaceejr: on some platforms, xorg will select the modesetting (aka KMS) driver for Intel video chips by default, which in recent versions can be run fully in user mode.  but i noticed from your logs you're using the actual Intel one by name.  i forgot to ask if you got that by adding it to a custom xorg.conf or if it is passing over the modsetting driver for you all on it's own19:48
gnarfaceejr: with the xorg-server-legacy package installed, it should work for every user in the "video" group19:48
ejrwell, i never set up any intel driver manually afaicr19:49
gnarfaceok, noted.  that's not important here i was just curious wtf it's doing19:49
gnarfacerunning it with the suid-root wrapper wouldn't be as secure as just running it as a bare user, but it looks like there's ultimately no way around that if you want any sort of hardware acceleration capabilities19:50
gnarfaceit does make me wonder if you'd be able to tell it to load the modesetting driver instead and get it to work as your own user but i can't be sure it's worth the effort even to test that19:50
gnarfaceif it's picking the Intel one by default it probably has a good reason19:51
ejrwhen i have set up my system, i might try if you'd like me to19:51
gnarfacewell, just make sure the xorg-server-legacy package and being in the "video" group is enough first.19:52
gnarfacetesting the modesetting driver for this isn't a high value task19:52
ejrok, i will get back to you later on this for sure19:52
ejr(need to get finished with my config first so that i'm set for work)19:53
fsmithredyou also need to add 'needs_root_rights=yes' to /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config19:54
gnarfacefsmithred: doesn't it do that automatically?20:09
gnarfacemine is working here and i don't have that in there20:09
gnarfaceit has this instead: allowed_users=console20:09
gnarfaceand a comment to use "dpkg-reconfigure x11-common" if you want the file regenerated20:10
fsmithredIf I can remember which VM I used to test that, I'll try it without the line.20:10
gnarfacei guess i can't be sure i didn't make that change myself, this system has crossed a lot of upgrades20:10
fsmithredwhat I said to do is what we have in ascii release notes20:11
gnarfaceah, so it might have simply changed since then20:11
gnarfacesince this is ceres here20:11
fsmithrednot working here without the line. This is ceres.20:13
fsmithreddo you have elogind installed?20:13
gnarfacei don't have a graphical login either though20:17
gnarfacei just run startx20:17
gnarfaceand i am in the "video" group20:17
fsmithredI'm in video group here20:21
Guest48151*i don't have a graphical login either though*, gnarface21:46
Guest48151gnarface: did you know about ly?21:47
gnarfaceheh, i did not know about that.  that's cute22:07
furrywolf"pecifically designed not to depend on logind. You should be able to make it work easily with a better init"  sounds like we have common opinions.  :)22:08

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