freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2020-05-05

Guest81544where do i place the patch00:02
Guest81544do i copy it in somewhere or do i cd into the directory and then do dquilt add ../../0001.muqss.patch?00:02
gnarfaceGuest81544: there should be a ./debian/patches/ directory in the source root, no?00:08
gnarfaceGuest81544: it might depend on how you use the dquilt commands00:09
Guest81544there is no patches folder00:09
gnarfacethere's a ./debian folder, right?00:09
gnarfaceif not we might have got the wrong source...00:10
gnarfaceGuest81544: is there a ./debian folder in there?  if not, something is really wrong.  if there is though, just try adding a patches subdirectory00:15
Guest81544there is debian00:16
Guest81544but not debian/patches00:17
gnarfaceGuest81544: ok, try this from the source root:  dquilt import ../0001.muqss.patch00:18
Guest81544there is no dquilt command00:18
Guest81544just quilt00:18
gnarfacehah oh yea00:19
Guest81544yeah import works00:19
gnarfacei actually remember running into a bug once where i had to alias quilt to dquilt to make it work.  just try running it as quilt though.  this documentation is as old as the hills00:19
gnarfaceGuest81544: oh, if quilt import worked, then i think it's: quilt push; quilt refresh; quilt header -e00:20
gnarface? maybe00:20
gnarfaceor no, probably quilt push; quilt refresh; dch00:21
gnarfaceor if there's a stack of patches: while dquilt push; do dquilt refresh; done; dch00:21
gnarface(from the grey box halfway down the page here:
gnarfacedch is picky as fuck about the changelog entry format.  you have to be very detail oriented00:22
gnarface- especially regarding the datestamp separator lines00:24
gnarfaceGuest81544: after you get that far you should be ready to make menuconfig00:31
gnarface(if needed)00:32
Guest81544give give me a few minutes00:35
Guest81544I was writing some Windows automation scripts to upload to a UNIX server01:06
Guest81544a coworker comes in saying DO NOT USE WINDOWS SCHEDULER! It breaks every time windows updates!. Jeeze. Imagine if Cron broke every time Devuan had an update. Nobody would put up with it01:07
Guest81544gnarface, can I just run make olddefconfig01:40
Guest81544the default options that the new patch adds in are fine01:40
Guest81544or are you saying that the source deb doesn't come with it's own kernel .config?01:40
gnarfaceGuest81544: yea, no reason not to if the version didn't change.  you can pull the running kernel's config from /boot if you need to01:41
Guest81544from boot? how?01:41
Guest81544I've never done that before01:41
gnarfaceGuest81544: "ls -l /boot/config-*" and it will become apparent01:42
gnarfaceGuest81544: yea the src package might have the same thing already in there by default just make sure01:42
Guest81544and do i plop that in srcdir or srcdir/debian/01:42
gnarfaceGuest81544: no it would be srcdir/.config i think?01:42
gnarfaceGuest81544: or just point to it with oldconfig...01:43
Guest81544but theres a problem01:43
Guest81544there is nothing else in srcdir except for the debian folder01:43
Guest81544to Makefile01:43
Guest81544*no Makefile01:43
gnarfacedid we get the wrong kernel source?01:43
gnarfacei mean did you get the wrong src package?  i may have told you to get the wrong one01:43
Guest81544I'm betatesting beowulf btw not ascii01:44
gnarfaceyea, shouldn't matter.01:44
gnarfacemaybe you have a metapackage01:44
gnarfacehang on01:44
gnarfacethat might be my bad01:44
gnarfaceGuest81544: what does this show you?  apt-cache search ^linux-image-01:45
Guest81544lots of output01:46
Guest81544specific kernel versions and..01:46
Guest81544linux-image-amd64 - Linux for 64-bit PCs (meta-package)01:46
Guest81544linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64 - Linux 4.19 for 64-bit PCs (signed)01:46
gnarfaceyea, delete the directory you got from "apt-get source linux-image-amd64" and instead apt-get source one of those specific kernel version packages.  like  linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-4.19.98-1, i think01:47
gnarfaceor maybe this one: linux-image-amd64-4.19+105+deb10u301:47
Guest81544what about signage01:47
Guest81544if i modify it the signing won't be correct01:47
gnarfacedon't get the unsigned one01:47
gnarfaceno to: -cloud-, -rt-, -unsigned-, -dbg-, and -template-01:48
Guest81544ok, but is there a debian/devuan specific way to sign my modified build with the machine owner key01:48
gnarfaceyes but if your key is in the proper place iirc it will use it automatically01:49
gnarfacethat doesn't happen until build time, don't put the cart before the horse01:49
Guest81544gnarface, there are no Makefiles or debian/patches in linux-signed-amd64-4.19.98+1+deb10u1# either01:50
gnarfaceGuest81544: alright, scratch that one then.01:50
gnarfaceGuest81544: any luck with this one? linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-4.19.98-101:50
Guest81544E: Unable to find a source package for linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-4.19.98-101:51
gnarfaceoh, i see.  wait...01:51
gnarfaceGuest81544: new suspect: linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-4.19.98-1+deb10u101:52
gnarfaceGuest81544: when you find the right one, it's gonna download and unpack several things into the current directory, including a subdirectory that should look a lot like a unzipped kernel source01:53
Guest81544E: Unable to find a source package for linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-4.19.98-1+deb10u101:53
gnarfacewhat about if you just say "linux-image" ?01:53
gnarfacei mean "apt-get source linux-image"01:53
Guest81544E: Unable to find a source package for linux-image01:54
gnarfacehmm. hang on lemme try here01:54
gnarfaceGuest81544: what if you try this?  "apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)"01:57
Guest81544gnarface, that just downloaded linux-signed-amd64-4.19.98+1+deb10u101:58
Guest81544 again.01:58
gnarfaceand there's no source in there01:58
Guest81544no just a debian folder01:58
gnarfacei haven't tried this on beowulf yet, i wonder if they've changed something01:58
Guest81544no kernel source01:58
Guest815442.4M    linux-signed-amd64_4.19.98+1+deb10u1.tar.xz01:59
Guest81544the source package is only 2.4 megs01:59
Guest81544that would not fit a linux 4.19.x source tree even compressed with xz02:00
Guest81544so your probably right02:00
Guest81544something has  changed02:00
gnarfacei'm digging around, maybe it's in another package now02:00
Guest81544word of advice, if you put your keycaps into the washing machine, DO NOT ENABLE HOT WATER MODE02:04
gnarfaceGuest81544: it almost seems too easy, but try this one: linux-source-4.1902:05
gnarfaceGuest81544: (make sure you still pull it with "apt-get source linux-source-4.19")02:05
gnarfacethe size of that one seems more appropriate, downloading it here to make sure it's the right thing02:06
Guest81544Need to get 111 MB of source archives.02:06
gnarfacethere might be something you can do with those *.dsc files in the other ones to eventually end up with the same thing but i don't know how02:06
Guest81544oh my god, that's more than a kernel02:06
gnarfacethis is the right one02:07
Guest81544hopefully this is 4.19.somepatch level not the first ever 4.19.0 release02:07
gnarfaceit is02:07
gnarfacei'm seeing it eventually gives you linux-4.19.9802:07
gnarfaceplus a bunch of patches02:07
Guest81544this will take some time to download02:08
Guest81544Hey! I see a source tree02:08
gnarfacesorry that was quite a walk02:08
Guest81544for point version 9802:08
Guest81544gnarface, how do i enable color in the root terminal?02:09
gnarfaceGuest81544: there should be commented-out examples in /root/.bashrc02:09
gnarfaceGuest81544: (uncomment then relog)02:10
Guest81544gnarface, in the future, if the person is running bourne again shell a relog is not needed. just run # source /root/.bashrc02:10
Guest81544ok, so I cd into linux-4.something/debian02:11
Guest81544then run quilt import ../../0001.patch right?02:11
gnarfaceyea, but i don't think you need to be in the ./debian directory maybe just the linux-4.something/ directory02:11
Guest81544ok yeah that worked02:12
Guest81544you were right02:12
gnarfacenow, i *think* you just need to: while dquilt push; do dquilt refresh; done; dch02:13
gnarface(the dch command should open an editor to the changelog and you just need to add a entry)02:13
Guest81544quilt not qquilt you mean?02:13
gnarfacesorry, yea quilt not dquilt02:14
gnarfaceare these for desktop kernels or for server kernels?02:14
Guest81544hunks have failed02:15
gnarfacei originally brought up menuconfig because this is the point where if i'm rebuilding the kernel for a desktop anyway i might change some of the defaults like increasing CONFIG_HZ from the default of 250 to a more appropriate 100002:16
gnarfacehunks have failed is an issue02:16
Guest81544the default hz for generic kernel is 250?02:16
gnarfaceit's for fileservers yea02:16
Guest81544it doesn't feel that bad02:16
Guest81544yes i will want to change that too02:16
Guest81544but gnarface02:16
Guest81544Patch debian/patches/0001-MultiQueue-Skiplist-Scheduler-version-v0.180.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)02:17
gnarfacedid all the patches not apply? or just some?02:17
Guest81544this patch should be applied to the 4.19.x tree before the debian patches02:17
Guest81544I think the debian patches are conflicting here02:17
gnarfaceif all the hunks failed i would worry we're accidentally re-applying them (in which case i think you should omit my "while quilt push..." loop)02:18
gnarfaceif just *some* of them failed though, maybe some of them are allergic to your new patch :-/02:18
Guest81544how do I undo then?02:18
Guest81544I ran ~/linux-4.19.98# while quilt push; do quile refresh; done; dch02:18
Guest81544oh wwait02:18
Guest81544i may be mispelled refresh02:18
gnarfaceyea, i told you to do that based on the docs, but it's entirely possible the "apt-get source" action did that for you already and the docs are just old02:18
gnarfaceyou'll have to figure it out one way or another but worst case if you screw it up just delete the whole thing and re-download02:19
Guest81544well that scusk02:19
gnarfacei'm sorry, i'm not a quilt pro here02:19
Guest81544i'm just going to try running dch and seeing what happens02:19
Guest81544dch command not found02:20
gnarfaceoh, here comes the part where we probably have to discover "build-essential" and "build-dep" are still missing things02:20
gnarfacedch is in the devscripts package here02:20
gnarfacei recall often that things like bison and yacc have to be requested manually too02:21
Guest81544I did run the apt-get build-dep command you told me02:21
gnarfaceyea it's just incomplete that's all02:21
gnarfacethe bison thing you might not even notice until the build fails halfway through02:21
Guest81544If it's this unstable right now I'm fine just holding off until that can get fixed02:21
gnarfaceno no, that's not an instability issue02:21
Guest81544if you wanted i wouldn't mind bugtesting this further if you have the time02:22
gnarfacethat's just the fact that the kernel developers already have all this shit installed so the "build-dep" flag is often missing stuff02:22
Guest81544I don't expect it to work, but at least to help find bugs02:22
Guest81544gnarface, wouldn't it be considered a bug that if you run apt-get build-dep package, and it doesn't install all of the tools needed to build said package?02:22
gnarfaceGuest81544: yea, it would, but you only get so many silver bullets my man, save them for werewolves02:23
gnarfaceGuest81544: if it complains about something missing, "apt-get install" it02:23
gnarfaceGuest81544: then you'll be able to forget about it too02:24
Guest81544werewolves are cool gnarface. I'd rather join them02:24
gnarfaceGuest81544: well, file a bug report about it if you want, but what i'm saying is that i strongly suggest you not derail your plan over a missing "build-dep" that's still in the repo and installable02:25
gnarfacenow if it requests something not even present in the repos... definitely send up the warning flags about that02:25
Guest81544sure sure. I'll install them but I'll also keep track of the things i have to install so that I can send a patch along with the bug report so things will actually get done.02:26
gnarfacebut for something that just wasn't included in the "build-dep" flag i would call that a showstopper02:26
gnarface*wouldn't call that a showstopper, i meant to type02:26
Guest81544gnarface, I really appreciate your help with this as I've never installed a kernel via debian tooling before, but have plenty of experience doing it by hand02:26
gnarfaceyea, no problem.  i know it's a p.i.t.a. but like i said, it'll be easier the next time02:27
Guest81544btw if any werewolves are here and need another pack member privmsg me *wink* *wink*02:27
Guest81544ah yes. it's the devscripts package not installed02:29
Guest81544does Devuan have a wiki? or is it just the forum02:29
gnarfacei believe there was a wiki and it was scuttled in favor of the forum long ago02:30
gnarfacethat might not be the latest status on the matter though (to be clear, i'm not a Devuan developer, i just hang out here because i have no life)02:31
golinuxThe current wiki is stale and unused.  Someone is looking into a new format02:31
golinuxStay tuned.02:31
Guest81544golinux, do you know who manages the chatlog?02:41
fsmithredyou mean on
fsmithredthat one is DocScrutinizer0502:44
Guest81544i'm worried about quilt02:49
Guest81544I also tried02:49
Guest81544quilt import -p 0001 ../0001-MultiQueue-Skiplist-Scheduler-version-v0.180.patch02:49
Guest81544it's not liking that either02:49
gnarfaceGuest81544: are you sure these patches are supposed to be good for kernel 4.19?02:50
gnarfaceGuest81544: were you able to verify whether the Debian patches already in there were being applied already first?02:50
Guest81544and it works just fine patching the vanilla kernel by hand02:50
Guest81544with the 'patch' command02:50
Guest81544i think they are already applied because quilt series shows them as green02:51
Guest81544while my patch shows up as white02:51
Guest81544not sure what orange mean02:51
gnarfaceGuest81544: well, there's every possibility that patches for the vanilla kernel are allergic to existing Debian patches02:52
Guest81544gnarface, but specifying that my patch should be installed FIRST with -p 0001 should metigate that02:52
gnarfaceGuest81544: it should be something fairly easy to verify from the .rej files02:52
gnarfaceGuest81544: sometimes all that changed is adjacent lines, and you can fix the patch trivially by hand02:53
Guest81544one second02:54
Guest81544a lot of these patches are already applied02:54
Guest81544i need to figure out how to un-apply all patches first i bet02:54
Guest81544quilt pop -a02:55
gnarfaceyea, possibly.  quilt should have a way to back them out, but also i think you can fetch the source package with a command-line option that tells it NOT to auto-apply all the patches right away02:55
gnarfacebut if then you apply your patch first and some of the distro patches fail... you're on your own about what to do about that.  i'm no kernel developer.02:56
Guest81544ok, i popped the whole repo and ran quilt import -p 0 ../0001-MultiQueue-02:56
Guest81544crap no02:57
gnarfacei think it's "apt-get --download-only source linux-source-4.19" to get it without the patches applied02:59
Guest81544its fine quilt pop -a works02:59
Guest81544but I just can't seem to get it to push -a without rejecting hunks02:59
gnarfaceadd fuzz?03:00
Guest81544I'm not familiar with quilt where is it putting rej files?03:00
gnarface i think it just puts the .rej files next to the source files they were meant to apply to03:00
Guest81544           -f  Overwrite/update existing patches.03:00
Guest81544maybe this is what i need03:00
gnarfacei cringe in worry.  i don't know.  try it i suppose03:01
gnarfacei'm also not 100% sure i trust quilt's ability to revert patches cleanly, especially if hunks failed on the first pass03:01
Guest81544I got it03:02
Guest81544I forced it then ran refresh -p103:02
gnarfacehmmm.  i'm still worried, but maybe it will work03:02
Guest81544now i need to copy the .config and run make olddefconfig right?03:03
gnarfacei'm not even sure if you have to.  it might be the same as the default config already in there.  you should spot check it03:03
gnarfaceunless your old config was also customized, of course03:03
Guest81544i adjusted timer freq too to 1Ghz03:05
gnarfaceoh, it occurs to me yea you probably want to grab the running config because this source package probably isn't set up arch-specific03:07
Guest81544gnarface, what do i do again after applying dch and i got it how i like it?03:07
gnarfaceGuest81544: you're ready to build now03:08
gnarfaceGuest81544: honestly, it might work.  but like i said, i'd just use make-kpkg from the kernel-package package03:08
Guest81544ill do that instead then03:08
gnarfaceGuest81544: another option is there's a build script somewhere in the ./debian/ subdirectory itself, but i forget exactly how to use it03:08
Guest81544where is make-kpkg?03:09
gnarfacethere's a package called kernel-package03:09
gnarfaceinstall it03:09
gnarfacei've got this in my notes as an example:03:10
gnarfacemake-kpkg clean03:10
Guest81544is that special to build kernels or can i just use fakeroot debian/rules binary like any other package03:11
gnarfacemake-kpkg --revision 4 --append-to-version gnarface --initrd --jobs 2 kernel_image kernel_headers03:11
Guest81544Thanks for your help, really.03:11
Guest81544but I think i'm going to shelve this for today03:12
gnarfaceGuest81544: make-kpkg is the old way, like i said, i've just still find it more reliable than the ./debian/ stuff, especially when using out-of-tree patches03:12
Guest81544yeah well03:12
gnarfaceGuest81544: you should be basically ready to build the packages either way03:12
Guest81544python threw up trying to use the debian build script03:12
gnarfaceyea i haven't had a lot of luck with them03:13
gnarfacemake-kpkg doesn't even touch them though03:13
gnarfaceuh, if it's something you want me to look at, can you use please?  i'm extra paranoid03:13
Guest81544no i can't gnarface03:15
gnarfaceanyway, you're past the difficult part now03:15
Guest81544debian paste just tells me DO NOT SPAM03:15
Guest81544when i tried to paste something there03:15
gnarfacehmm. weird, i've never had that issue03:15
Guest81544facist overly paranoid waf or something03:16
Guest81544 Could not add your entry to the paste database:03:16
Guest81544do not spam03:16
gnarfaceyou can just /msg it to me03:16
gnarfaceif it's a python error that's not clearly about a missing package though, i doubt i can add anything of value03:17
Guest81544I'm going to attempt on ascii maybe tommarrow03:18
gnarfaceGuest81544: you're in luck! it is about a missing package03:18
gnarfaceGuest81544: apt-get install kernel-wedge03:18
gnarfaceGuest81544: (then try it again)03:18
gnarfaceGuest81544: from this point forward, any errors you experience will most likely be fundamentally similar; a missing package, poorly identified by a build error03:20
gnarfaceit won't need anything not already in the repos though03:21
gnarfaceGuest81544: don't be so quick to give up03:21
gnarfaceGuest81544: you're really almost there03:22
Xenguyfsmithred: nvi is a good 'vi-only' editor.  Otherwise some minimal version of Vim is super too.03:50
fsmithredprobably gonna stick with the default03:50
XenguyWhat's that?03:51
XenguyMakes sense03:51
fsmithredif someone needs a live system with specific things installed, there's a really easy way for them to make their own03:52
XenguyYour thing, but of course03:53
Guest81544i'll try05:41
Guest81544i thought build automation was supposed to make things simpler05:41
Guest81544This target is made to fail intentionally, to make sure05:42
Guest81544that it is NEVER run during the automated build. Please05:42
Guest81544ignore the following error, the debian/control file has05:42
Guest81544been generated SUCCESSFULLY.05:42
Guest81544oh my god wtf05:42
Guest81544i done goofed06:00
Guest81544it said to run make mrproper and doing that wiped out my debian folder06:00
Guest81544shutting down doesn't work on beowulf06:49
DocScrutinizer05whio and why summoned me?08:44
DocScrutinizer05chanlog seems to work surprisingly well, given I botched crap together for it and can't afford the server anymore08:45
_abc_Hi. Is it possible to disable swappiness per process? I have things which are well behaved and slow and are permitted to swap and others which are pigs and must never be allowed to swap.10:42
_abc_I assume some magic exists for per-process swappiness control? Perhaps using ulimits?10:43
ulletnever heard of it.  you can ulimit memory use though10:51
ulletwhen i don't want firefox to swap i use
_abc_Thanks for the link.10:57
_abc_Is that a pastebin site? Or yours?10:58
ulletit's a FOSS pastebin site10:59
ulleti don't run it. donations welcome10:59
ulletcost is about 60euro a week11:00
_abc_That's pretty steep for a week. Premium vps?11:02
ulletafaik it's the traffic, but idk11:07
ulletjust what lachs0r told me11:07
_abc_Strange, I went to and no problems now. But I remember there were far more js site includes last time, now just 4 of them.11:52
djphthey realized the proles were catching on to the chinese servers.11:53
_abc_I hate companies which do not put their brick and mortar registered company location on the website. Like does not.11:55
_abc_It's illegal to do business like that in Europe.11:55
djphprobably because they have multiple datacenters11:57
djphjesus, I can spell this morning11:58
Atari-FroschIn order to install mediawiki from their website (version: 1.34.1) I found that it needs PHP => 7.2.9 is required. Devuan ASCII comes with 7.0.33. Is it save to use the PHP7 from Beowulf from the backports?15:21
Atari-Frosch(needs is required, yeah, sure, seems I didn't have enough coffee today ;-))15:21
zatumilyes of course its safe15:23
xinomilomediawiki 1.31.x works with php7.015:26
xinomiloso does 1.33.x15:26
Atari-Froschxinomilo: Good to know :-) But if it is no problem to use the backport version I'd prefer that one.15:29
Atari-FroschThank you!15:30
fsmithredAtari-Frosch, it's safe to use beowulf-backports with beowulf, or use ascii-backports with ascii.15:33
Atari-Froschfsmithred: It seems I have not completely understood that backports thing … I just want a newer version of PHP7 in ASCII than from the ASCII repo :-)15:39
fsmithredyeah, I see php7.0 in ascii and php7.3 in beowulf.15:39
fsmithredneither in any -backports repo15:40
fsmithredyou could try to backport it yourself, but at this point it's probably easier and smarter to just upgrade to beowulf15:40
Atari-Froschfsmithred: Hm, do I want to use a testing version on a server? I always avoided that on Debian.15:41
fsmithredwell, 99% of devuan is debian. beowulf is mostly buster, which has been stable for close to a year.15:42
fsmithredcheck the buster release notes for whatever server stuff you're using15:42
xinomilobeowulf is pretty stable for lamp/lemp15:43
fsmithredand check the upgrade guides at beta.devuan.org15:43
Atari-Froschmhm, I have nginx and MariaDB running.15:44
Atari-Froschfsmithred: I will, thank you.15:44
Atari-Frosch„MediaWiki 1.34 requires at least PHP version 7.2.9, you are using PHP 7.0.33-0+deb9u7.“ So much for this …16:41
Atari-FroschOK, so I'll have to upgrade to Beowulf. bbl16:47
xinomiloor use another mediawiki version16:48
Atari-FroschWhen using web applications I always prefer the latest version.16:49
xinomilo1.31 is lts version16:50
xinomiloanyway, upgrading to beowulf is probably better16:50
gnarfaceGuest81544: did you get it figured out?  shutdown not working is a new one, haven't seen that.  any errors about it?17:58
Atari-FroschUpgraded to Beowulf. :-)18:53
blebi'm afraid firefox esr is not keeping up with the web20:55
bleblike palemoon there seem to be some sites that dont work20:55
blebanyone else experience this?20:55
blebi just had to install chromium in order to subscribe to the economist20:55
gnarfaceregular firefox should be available in beowulf20:56
gnarfacemost likely this is a mistake on the part of the economist's web coders though20:57
tuxd3vNew ARM64 Image Availlable for RockPro6420:57
blebgnarface: it worked in chromium20:58
ullet++ tuxd3v !20:58
blebalso i only see firefox-esr when i apt search firefox20:59
tuxd3vullet, I would like to have at least at some point a hardkernel board :)21:02
ulleti think they should send you N221:02
tuxd3vI believe they launched a recent board21:02
ulletor khadas VIM321:02
tuxd3vyeah the N2 is nice21:02
gnarfacebleb: i assume that's because you're still on ascii.  and the fact you said it worked in chromium is why i'm almost certain the problem is some braindead javascript string check or the like on their site.  as a test, tell firefox-esr to spoof the same browser id as the version of chromium that just worked for you and you'll see21:03
tuxd3vwith a amlogic 311D21:03
tuxd3vbut the problem for this boards would be the state of graphics drivers..21:03
tuxd3vwell its a problem for all board if we look closer :)21:04
ulletwe may have something usable soon21:04
tuxd3vI believe yes21:04
ulletbut mpv's opengl-es backend is a mess, i hear21:05
ullethowever the a311d is very fast.  cpu decoding of h264 720p seems fine21:06
ulletbrowser very fast.  normal youtube usage with video in browser works fine21:06
ulleta first for an arm sbc, for me21:06
tuxd3vyeah, I got the impression that cpu breaks the problem of arm devices for desktop usage..21:11
tuxd3vit do the leap jump that were needed21:12
bleb<gnarface> bleb: i assume that's because you're still on ascii.  and the fact you said it worked in chromium is why i'm almost certain the problem is some braindead21:33
blebjavascript string check or the like on their site.  as a test, tell firefox-esr to spoof the same browser id as the version of chromium that just worked for you and21:33
blebyou'll see21:33
blebgnarface: i'm on beowulf and still only see firefox-esr21:33
gnarfacebleb: oh, hmmm. that doesn't seem right... can i see your sources.list?21:34
gnarfacebleb: hmm.  or maybe i'm wrong, maybe it is NOT in beowulf after all.  i swear it was last i checked though, but i'm not seeing it now either, sorry21:35
blebspoofing the cromium user agent didn't work either :(21:36
gnarfacereally?  sorry :(21:36
gnarfacei can't imagine what they could possibly actually need from the latest firefox21:37
gnarfacenothing that would be present in chromium anyway21:37
blebi didnt try the latest firefox either fwiw21:37
gnarfacei'm only seeing it in ceres right now, it's not even in backports...21:38
gnarfaceRust strikes again, perhaps21:38
blebthe mofos21:38
blebi'll just use edge when it comes out for linux21:38
Jjp137yeah the firefox package is only in sid/ceres and every other release gets firefox-esr21:41
Jjp137from what I can see21:41
Jjp137oh well firefox-esr is in sid as well but...well I guess it's there if you want that for some reason21:41
onefangWorks best on Netsc... er Internet Expl... um Chrome.21:43
ulletoh wise master tuxd3v do you use fenix to build these images?23:12
ulleti am afeared of kernelbuilding because i always forget things23:12
ullet  building thing23:14

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