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Guest81544what is the difference between vixie cron and cronie?00:29
gnarfaceother than vixie cron is in the repo, i don't know00:32
Guest81544Cronie (sys-process/cronie) is a fork of now outdated vixie-cron done by Fedora, which is still maintained. Because of it being a fork it has the same feature set the original vixie-cron provides. Additionally cronie comes with an anacron implementation which is enabled, by default, through the anacron USE flag. Be aware of the configuration differences as noted in bug #551352 when migrating from another cron system. Expected jobs00:40
Guest81544may not run at all.00:40
ulletgithub added more microsoft javashit garbage00:43
gnarfaceGuest81544: anacron is also in the repos.  "now outdated" sounds like Redhat FUD00:44
gnarfacesome stuff doesn't need to be changed00:44
Guest81544looks like cronie-cron is really vixie-cron post-redhat-fud00:46
Guest81544so my migrations should go smooth00:46
gnarfacewell, probably, but i'd still read about whatever bug #551352 is to be sure00:47
masonRed Hat wrote a bunch of the software you're running. Don't be sore losers.00:56
masonIn fact, that wording... That's Gentoo FUD from
masonAnyway, the Debian FUD is probably the most relevant:
MinceRand so the hed rat PR campaign starts here01:02
masonNo need. Just run the software. :)01:03
MinceRand pay the fees for the support contracts01:03
MinceRoh, and you must also love it01:03
masonNo, no, just run the software you're running now. Much of it was written by my co-workers.01:04
masonAll free.01:04
DocScrutinizer05redhat CEO(?) drafted the *huge* plot of all this, some 10+ years ago01:04
DocScrutinizer05basically the software lock-in01:05
MinceRit will have to be replaced eventually, since either hed rat won't maintain it or will "maintain" it in a hostile manner01:05
ulleti want evidence01:05
MinceRespecially if the Linux-Destroying Foundation manages to kill off the kernel and the developers don't fork it01:05
DocScrutinizer05>><mason> All free.<<01:07
infobotwell, freee is
DocScrutinizer05either you're the customer or you are the product. Nothing ever is "for free"01:09
DocScrutinizer05definitely nothing RH does and offers is01:10
MinceRthere is such a thing as "free software", but it's antithetical to redhat/ibm01:10
gnarfacealright, i apologize for the off-the-cuff "RH FUD" comment.  i didn't mean to send this channel spiraling off-topic01:11
MinceRno need, we've seen lots of RH FUD against all competitors to cancerd already01:12
gnarfaceyea but this conversation solidly belongs in #debianfork now01:12
DocScrutinizer05id did since >><mason> Red Hat wrote a bunch of the software...<< already01:15
gnarfacethe relevant part is just that vixie cron is still the default in ceres currently, so it's not going away soon01:15
DocScrutinizer05very good01:16
Guest81544redhat re-implement simple UNIX tooling into some huge abomination that only they can understand, forcing support contracts01:22
Guest81544so it's not really support contracts. It's the IT equivalent of a mafia stickup. We run the joints around here, pay your dues01:24
masonWow, I missed all the hate. There are some amazing brains at work in here. I'm sorry I missed the show.03:13
MinceRif you missed it, how can you know what it was like?03:14
masonMinceR: You're going to change the world, young man. I can see it in your eyes.03:14
masonNah, you can get far hating everything. Proven tactic.03:17
onefangI'm happy to be missing it.03:17
MinceRah yes, ibm is everythign03:18
* slvr reloads the tv box with devuan03:39
masonslvr: We're doing that here. Works well. No desktop environment, no PulseAudio, various browsers and vlc for various media.03:40
slvrI just want nfs to work again03:40
masonWhat NFS issue do you have? We're sharing media with NFS here.03:40
masonBeowulf on both ends, but we've also had CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu in various roles, serving and consuming.03:41
slvrno problems in devuan. mint changed something with how it mounts and so I'm ditching mint.03:41
slvrif you put it in fstab..... no booterama03:41
masonHm, not familiar with Mint. Is it a systemd hang-up or something? (Did you specify _netdev in fstab?)03:42
slvrip:path mountpoint nfs defaults 0 003:42
slvrsame way I've done it for 20 years03:42
masonslvr: You can try adding _netdev to the mount options field to see if that helps.03:44
masonFWIW, what you've got is what I use, except the TV computer mounts read-only.03:44
tuxd3vslvr, IP:Exported/FS /Mount/Point nfs nfsvers=3,proto=tcp,hard,intr,rw,local_lock=all,noexec,nosuid,rsize=16384,wsize=16384 0 003:44
slvrthe share is marked ro on the server03:44
masonslvr: Marking it ro on the client will give you a "read only" error instead of a "failed write" error.03:45
slvrit's just there to make an accidental keypress harmless03:45
slvrmy workstation has it mounted rw03:46
masonHeh, same pattern here again. Next you'll tell me you copy your DVDs with vobcopy. But anyway, try _netdev as that might help.03:46
slvrwhy bother? Chasing a moving target is not what I want to do in my living room.03:47
slvrI have a server rack of netbooty varmints for that.03:47
masonRandom note, I'd recommend starting with Beowulf. I had ASCII on my TV box and the version of VLC in it was problematic.03:48
masonBeowulf was stable enough at the time (moreso now) that I figured I'd just run that rather than backporting one package.03:48
slvrI ran beowulf on my servers for quite a while and ascii on my desktop. Now that my desktop has moved to beowulf I'm distro hopping the family computers over too.03:49
slvrthe wheezy->jessie->ascii->beowulf process is unbelievably painless in lxc containers.03:50
slvrsed your sources, update/upgrade, repeat. reboot at the end.03:51
meep_____slvr: oh really?03:55
meep_____I use LXC containers with Devuan03:55
meep_____slvr: are you running openrc in your lxcs?03:55
slvruh... I should know that.... haha03:56
slvrprobably not03:56
meep_____slvr: that would be interesting because openrc is container/bare-metal aware03:58
meep_____At least reporting wise03:59
meep_____And the way debian packaged it it is a bit screwed up03:59
ulletno vim3 yet on
meep_____What is vim3?05:49
meep_____The text editor?05:49
tuxd3virs a ARM board:
ulletit's fast and can run off any dc voltage i have lying around05:53
meep_____Wtf is a deep learning module05:54
ulleti'd love to run devuan on it, but i'm somwhat mentally retarded05:55
meep_____That can be a problem05:57
meep_____Are you looking to augment yourself to compensate for your mental deficiencies?05:58
ulletit just means i can't do everything i'd like to, but who can?05:58
gnarfaceeventually you'll learn to recognize the feeling of being stupid as a sign you're actually getting smarter06:15
gnarfacepeople who actually are stupid don't notice06:16
ulletso it's the khadas guys who have to get their .dtb into the mainline linux-image?06:29
tuxd3vullet does you already own the board?06:29
ulletit's fun06:29
ulletwas a tough call between it and the odroid n206:30
ulletbut i went with the vim3 for the wide voltage range for input, and i enjoy building my own cooling solutions06:31
ulletkhadas should have done the cpu facing down though06:31
XenguyFuck vim3 for even choosing that name, that's ridiculous, it has nothing to do with Bram right?08:15
meep_____I have the new emacs408:19
meep_____And my brother has gnu608:19
ulletso is the .dtb provided by the manufacturer or wut08:26
scramblezHi All, I installed devuan using a qcow2 image and then added xfce4, but I'm unable to start it: "/usr/bin/startxfce4: 118: exec: xinit: not found"11:52
scramblezTried various things, all failing in the same way.11:52
ulletis xorg installed scramblez ?11:52
scramblezYes, I installed it11:53
ulletyou should have /usr/bin/xinit executeable then11:53
ulletis it there?11:53
scramblezHmm ... no  :(11:54
scramblezI followed the wiki page to install xorg11:54
scramblezExcept I didn't install the video-dummy and input-void parts, instead I installed radeon and libinput11:55
ulletyou should also have package xinit installed, which provides /usr/bin/xinit11:55
scramblezWouldn't that be part of x11-server-utils?11:56
ulletdpkg -l |grep xinit11:56
ulletii  xinit                                         1.4.0-1                                      arm64        X server initialisation tool11:56
ulletwill show you if you have it installed.  i don't know offhand what the dependency structure looks like11:57
scramblezI just installed it11:57
scramblezHmm ... now different error: parse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (Permission denied)11:58
ulletare you starting xfce from the framebuffer console?11:59
scramblezIt should still start with "startxfce4"12:00
ulletdoes plain 'startx' work?12:01
scramblezHmm ... startx also failed:  xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 1 (Permission denied)12:01
ulletyou're running as user?12:01
scramblezYes, su'ed into user from root12:02
ulletin some versions i can only start x as root12:02
scramblezI see12:02
scramblezIt shouldn't be so though. I thought the xserver-xorg-legacy wrapper was meant to deal with this and allow plain users to start it. Should the plain user be in a wheel group or something?12:03
scramblezAh!  Hold on ...12:04
scramblezWe have lift off! :-)12:05
ulletwhat did you change to fix, scramblez12:05
iv4nshm4k0vscramblez: Plain user should have access to the relevant devices; say, /dev/fb0, /dev/dri/, /dev/input/.  So far as I can tell this is usually accomplished by chacl'ing the permissions on them.12:05
scramblezThanks guys, I had to make a minor change in xserver-xorg-legacy for "needs_root" - it was auto, I set it to yes.12:06
scramblezIt started now.12:06
iv4nshm4k0vscramblez: Then it runs via a set-uid root wrapper (so that it can access the device nodes I've just mentioned.)12:07
iv4nshm4k0vIME, plain getty + login + "common" PAM modules give no additional permissions, so X has to be run as root.12:07
iv4nshm4k0vOR, the user can be added to the relevant groups(5) instead.12:07
scramblezYes, that's what confused me, I thought the xserver-xorg-legacy wrapper would deal with that. But it seems the wiki did not mention I had to install xinit too. I thought it would have been dragged in as a necessary dependency.12:08
scramblezAll good now. Thanks again.12:08
scramblezThis is more of an xfce question: is there an applet for network connections?12:09
iv4nshm4k0vIf bin/startxfce4 is part of some bigger package, I expect its dependency on xinit be Recommends: at most; and my preference is to disable automatic installation of so "recommended" packages.12:10
ullet /812:10
scramblezBut then how would startxfce4 run if it needs xinit?12:10
ulleti'm going to have to patch irssi to catch those12:11
iv4nshm4k0vscramblez: $ dpkg -S startxfce4 ?12:11
scramblezIt lists the man page and binary.12:12
scramblezpart of xfce4-session12:13
iv4nshm4k0v(Or, rather, bin/startxfce4.)  My point is that it's /permitted/ for packages to break somewhat if Recommends: are not installed.12:13
scramblezRight, I see.12:13
scramblezWhat's your opinion of a Display Manager for xfce4? SDDM, LightDM, something else?12:14
iv4nshm4k0v(In this case, xfce4-session works just ok without xinit, /provided/ it's started via some desktop manager; and not from user's command line.)12:15
scrambleziv4nshm4k0v: yes, I see why xinit is not a prerequisite.12:15
iv4nshm4k0vI'm not an xfce4 user, but even after some 20 years of using XDM I still see no reason to switch away from it.12:17
iv4nshm4k0v(Then again, I've toyed with KDE and Gnome back c. 2000, and found no use for them, either.)12:17
ulletopenbox for me right now.12:18
scramblezOK, I seem to not be able to log out of the GUI ...12:18
ulleti also like using fluxbox textfiles to startup and position my applications12:18
scramblezAhh yes, FB an old favorite12:19
Ukihi ! some guidance please, i have the base/bare system installedto have the gui (openbox) what should be installed  next , what is the optimal sequence?12:19
ullethaving performance problems with xfce on arm, past couple of years12:19
ulletso it's not for me12:19
scramblezullet: how did you log out from it?12:19
scramblezThe logout menu options do not work12:19
ulletof xfce?12:19
ulleti don't know12:20
scramblezHmm ... shutdown works, but log out won't.  Odd.  :-/12:20
scramblezOh! Hold on, it took now.12:21
scramblezV odd12:21
scramblezOK, it seems to work now, well enough for a qemu image anyway.12:22
scramblezI noticed the qemu image would not boot with EFI boot, only legacy.12:23
scramblezWould I need to installed it from an ISO within qemu to get it to work with EFI?12:23
buZzEFI works within qemu? :O12:25
buZzoh it does, amazing12:25
scramblezYou need to point it to " -bios /usr/share/edk2-ovmf/OVMF_CODE.fd"12:26
scramblezthen it will boot into an EFI boot menu instead of the legacy bios12:26
scramblezHowever, the image you're trying to boot needs to be EFI-able12:26
scramblezThe qcow2 image I downloaded seems to be legacy bios only.12:27
scramblezI'll try again to see what I get12:27
UkiHello !  Some guidance please, i have the base/bare system installed,   To have the gui working (openbox) what should be installed  next , what is the optimal sequence? xorg 1st?12:28
buZzUki: its likely that that openbox installation already pulled in xorg12:29
buZzespecially if you say its running already ;)12:29
Ukii have nothing else but the base syste12:30
* ullet gives the Openbox salute12:30
buZzUki: dpkg -l | grep xorg <- probably that shows its installed already ;)12:31
buZz(thats not the only way to see, nor a efficient one)12:31
Ukiit isnt iinstalled12:32
buZzthen how is your gui being displayed? :P12:32
buZzooo 'To have the gui working'12:33
buZzUki: you can just apt install openbox directly12:33
Ukiwill it pull all else needed? or should xorg come 1st?12:34
buZzit will pull everything in that it depends on12:34
Ukiin the same install ill need nvdia driver can be done afterwards?12:35
buZzyeah you could later do that, or directly12:35
buZzapt install nvidia-driver openbox12:36
buZzullet: fluxbox here :)12:36
UkiE: unable to locate12:39
buZzUki: apt update first? :D12:40
Ukifailure resolving   ...12:43
buZzfix internet first? :D12:43
scramblezUki: did you go through this: "" and then this: ""12:44
* scramblez goes to fetch more coffee ...12:45
Ukiconnection is working its pinging hosts12:47
Ukibut  not reaching mirror12:48
scramblezUki: is dhcp working? Do you have a gateway configured? netstat -rn12:50
scramblezneed to run12:51
scramblezbye and thanks for your help guys12:51
Ukichecking that12:52
xinomilofix resolv.conf12:52
xinomiloadd some dns there12:53
Ukiworked on install , why isnt working now?12:53
Ukinetworks had gateway as dns but not working, same in resolv,conf, only worked after adding dns to resolv.conf,  on install it only proceded with auto option , manual wouldng go, just for the record. back to the gui install13:42
Ukixorg installed , now the package s, suggested above "nvidia-driver" depends on other packages, where to start?14:03
buZzUki: 1) apt update14:12
Ukigot that way back, ,,, about nvidia driver, figure it out , what pulls it all  up is: xerver-xorg-video-nvidia14:16
Ukiat the end of instakking it messege come up, about conflict with nouveau, it says reboot , is really just it?14:18
buZzyes, that should be all14:19
Ukioops     :b       ok wiith all that instaleed, + openbox and slim , i get no logging screen14:26
Ukijust text loggin14:26
Ukitried X -configure      failed to initialze module NVIDIA , number of created screen does not match number of detected devices, i have no clue about it, how to fix?14:36
buZzwhat nvidia card is it? are you sure its still supported by nvidia's driver?14:36
UkiGF108 [GeForce GT 630]14:38
buZzthats pretty old14:40
buZz~8 years14:40
Ukiabout that14:40
buZzi pretty much doubt the nvidia-driver in devuan still supports that14:41
xinomilonouveau might be better14:41
Ukiwont run what i want14:42
Ukilog says no screen found , what is missing?14:48
onefangGF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1) is exactly what I run.  Devuan ASCII desktop.14:48
buZzonefang: with nvidia-driver ?14:49
buZzmaybe nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver still supports that old card14:49
buZzor nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver14:49
buZzor nvidia-legacy-304xx-driver14:49
buZzrtfm ;)14:49
onefangYep, with nvidia driver.14:50
buZzwhich one?14:50
buZzclearly not 418.74 :D14:50
Ukii got 390.11614:50
buZzah yeah, ascii14:51
onefangI think the top level package is xserver-xorg-video-nvidia version 390.116-1  then it just pulls in everything else.14:52
onefangBeen awhile since I installed it.  lol14:53
Uki(EE) no screens found   .....    something is missing14:53
Ukiit did pull lots of stuff14:54
onefangInstall recommends as well, maybe even suggests.14:54
buZzUki: nvidia often removes old GPUs from drivers14:55
buZzbut well, onefang says it works14:55
onefangFrom my ancient install script - apt install xinit x11-xserver-utils xserver-xorg libgl1-nvidia-glx nvidia-driver14:57
onefangI debootstrap my Devuans.14:57
onefangI use OpenSim 3d virtual worlds a lot, I develop for them.  Also works for Blender.14:59
onefangSo yeah, nouveau wont cut it.14:59
buZztbh nouveau did get a ton better over last ~10 years15:00
ulletdo they do opengl-es backend onefang ?15:00
Ukii goy apititude, xerver-xorg-legacy is in purple there IdA15:04
Ukii follow the link suggested above dummy did not install, but i did add it15:05
onefang(II) NVIDIA GLX Module  390.116  Sun Jan 27 06:24:32 PST 201915:06
onefang(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce GT 630 (GF108) at PCI:2:0:0 (GPU-0)15:06
buZzyeah good idea onefang15:06
buZzUki: pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to or somethign :)15:06
Ukigot on boot error for nvidia something in the 1st line15:09
Ukiinstall command i think15:09
Uki2 lines with EE15:11
Ukino devices detected15:11
Ukino screens found15:11
xinomilocheck this wiki for help :
Ukii have no clue how to paste bin:(15:12
onefangI need food, back later.  Good luck.15:13
xinomiloopen a new pad eg. and paste15:13
xinomiloavoid crap15:14
Ukithe driver i have support my card :)15:14
UkiGT 63015:14
Ukii got only console text on that machine15:16
user282069can we select regional mirrors for sources.list?15:40
user282069with deb.devuan.org15:41
onefangThat can only be done manually, by referring to and finding one in a nearby county / same country.15:42
user282069yep thank you15:42
user282069found it just then onefang o/15:42
openbsdtai123Do you think that Sagemath is main repository of Devuan for Arm64/rpi3b? I will likely need to install this big soft on pi.16:40
user282069thank you everyone for contributing to this wonderful project :] cheers o/16:58
fsmithredopenbsdtai123, it looks like it's there:
systemdleteOK, what stupid thing have I done/not done here: ?18:05
systemdleteFor some reason, it always fails on eth1, with or without the post-up directive18:05
systemdletewhen I run service networking start, it does not add the additional route I specified.  I can do it, however, directly from the command line without error.18:06
systemdleteI googled this, tried some of the suggestions, but nothing seems to work for me.18:06
systemdletebtw, I installed the ifupdown-extras package18:06
slvrCan you chain commands in that file?18:16
slvrmight need quotes, or to move it out into a script to use ||18:16
slvrmight need paths18:16
systemdleteno, according to the man pages, this is acceptable, and even encouraged18:17
slvrsorry, just guessing18:17
systemdleteexamples on man pages don't use paths18:17
gnarfacesystemdlete: i'm not completely sure, but i think you need to use iproute2 if you want multiple gateways.  ifconfig assumes there's only one uplink19:15
gnarfacesystemdlete: i note these are both local ip ranges though, so you may simply be in error specifying both...19:16
systemdleteEven if I comment out the post-up line, I still get an error.19:17
gnarfacesystemdlete: comment out the last TWO lines and see if there's no error19:17
gnarfacesystemdlete: (actually maybe commenting out lines 14 and 21 instead might work, based on this logic)19:18
systemdleteNo difference19:18
gnarfacedunno then, sorry19:18
gnarfacebut i think it is to do with the gateways19:18
gnarfacewhat is the actual error?19:19
systemdletetried that also, no difference19:19
systemdleteRTNETLINK answers: File exists ifup: failed to bring up eth119:20
systemdlete(that's on 2 lines, actually)19:20
systemdleteAt boot, both interfaces do come up, and the routing table is correctly populated.  But I have to add the additional route manually.19:22
systemdleteAnd those gateway declarations on lines 14 and 21 are definitely necessary because without them, the router table does not get filled in correctly19:23
iv4nshm4k0v(Late to the party.)  systemdlete: Could you please clarify what you intend to achieve with this interfaces(5) configuration?19:25
tuxd3vsystemdlete, policy routing?
systemdletefor those who came late:  The same errors occur even without the post-up command.  So we can set that aside for the moment.  The question really is, why won't eth1 come up after boot?19:26
systemdlete(It comes up upon boot, but it won't restart anytime after boot)19:26
systemdleteas far as what is to be achieved (for the moment, that is):  Two physical interfaces, each with a different gateway.19:27
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: The problem, AIUI, is that your system refuses to send IPv4 packets towards "outside" networks via /two/ default gateways.19:27
iv4nshm4k0vI'm somewhat rusty on this specific configuration; I seem to recall that indeed policy routing was necessary, but I may be wrong.19:28
iv4nshm4k0vBasically, and unless I be mistaken, an IPv4 routing table cannot have more than a single "" entry.19:30
iv4nshm4k0vHaving routes to different networks (such as and others) is of course possible.19:30
systemdleteHere is the current configuration:
systemdleteNote that the post-up is commented out.19:31
systemdleteHere is the router table, immediately upon reboot:
systemdleteSo specifying the additional gateway for the 2nd interface doesn't seem to do damage, but I admit I see the error upon boot that eth1 is not up19:33
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: Note that you still have two "gateway" entires.  I've just checked, # ip route add default via X.X.X.X results in "RTNETLINK answers: File exists".19:33
tuxd3v192.168.57.0   U     0      0        0 eth119:33
tuxd3vdo you see the problem :)19:33
tuxd3vyou are sending data with the same default gateway19:34
tuxd3vyes by 2 diferent ifaces19:34
systemdletethere is only one default gateway I see19:34
tuxd3vbut with same default gw19:34
iv4nshm4k0vWhen ifup(8) fails to add a default IPv4 route (such as when there already is one), it deems the interface "down" (though that's technically "not wholly up") as the result.19:34
systemdleteit works!19:35
tuxd3vbut you are saying that eth1 doesn't work19:35
systemdleteNo I didn't19:35
systemdleteI said I get an error from the command, that's all19:35
systemdleteIn addition, I can not use the post-up command, but again, one thing at a time19:36
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: That's the point; comment out the "gateway" line on eth1 and it will /still/ work and will /not/ complain.19:36
systemdleteit still complains19:36
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: Without second "gateway"?19:36
systemdletewithout second gateway, no route is added for eth119:37
iv4nshm4k0vI suppose post-up won't be executed if "gateway" fails.19:37
systemdleteforget post-up for now19:37
systemdletebut yes, that is probably true19:38
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: That's seriously strange; you have three entires in your FIB now,19:39
systemdleteI agree it is strange.19:39
iv4nshm4k0vone for eth0 "gateway", one for eth0 "address", and one for eth1 "address".19:39
systemdleteEspecially since I see other examples of very similar configs on various posts out there19:39
systemdletethe first is the default gw19:40
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: If you remove eth1 "gateway", a route will /still/ be created for eth1 "address".19:40
tuxd3vmaybe you can configure via interfaces( in redhat is possible.. ), in debian/devuan maybe better to stick with policy routing19:41
systemdleteok, so I removed that gateway statement; the route table still looks the same (upon reboot)19:42
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: And no error, right?19:42
iv4nshm4k0vThe problem with having two gateways would be that when you, say, ping, what will prevent the system from sending a packet from 192.168.**56**.4 via 192.168.**57**.1, or from 192.168.**57**.4 via 192.168.**56**.1?19:43
systemdleteno error, but still get the same routing table.  OK, but then the routing table wasn't wrong after all, right?19:43
iv4nshm4k0v(The answer is, obviously: policy routing.)19:43
tuxd3vbecause you need 2 routing tables19:43
tuxd3vpolicy routing ;)19:44
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: Depends on what you're trying to achieve?19:44
systemdletesystem only has one routing table I ever knew of.  There can be more than one?19:44
tuxd3vpolicy routing, yes19:44
tuxd3vthat's the objective :)19:44
systemdleteI want anything destined for the 56 network to go out on 56, anything for 57 to go out on 57, and anything else to go out on default (which is also 56)19:44
gnarfacethat's what iproute2 is for19:44
tuxd3vsee this:
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: Then you should only use one gateway, which is 56.1 in this case.19:45
systemdletewhich is what I have now19:45
systemdleteone default gw, yes19:46
systemdleteOK, thanks to you all.  I guess that 2nd gateway statement was throwing it all out of whack.  Once that was removed, that much works.  I will try to get this additional route added, per the man pages19:51
systemdlete(the one for subnet 50)19:51
tuxd3vcreate a second routing table and assign iface eth1 to that routing table19:52
tuxd3vin that way you could manage 2 diferent gateways, in a universal way19:52
systemdleteI might actually have it all working already, folks...19:53
iv4nshm4k0vtuxd3v: Assuming that /is/ a gateway.19:53
systemdleteusing that post-up command19:53
tuxd3vI believe you can do it with postup commands also.19:53
tuxd3vI don't do it for a while, but I used to do so19:54
iv4nshm4k0vsystemdlete: If is a gateway to a private 192.168.50/24 network, likely so.19:54
systemdleteAll good now.  It was just that gateway statement that was making it all go wonky19:54
tuxd3vyes because you have in the same routing table, 2 gateways..19:54
tuxd3vyou can only have one per routing table19:55
iv4nshm4k0vCuriously, it's possible to have several IPv6 default (::/0) gateways, and have it fail in way more interesting ways.19:55
iv4nshm4k0v(Without source-based routing, that is.)19:55
systemdleteso, for your viewing pleasure:
systemdleteAnd thanks again for your assistance.  I did make that one mistake.  But it turns out I won't need policy routing or iproute2 or a magic carpet19:57
systemdlete(thought the magic carpet might be interesting...)19:57
systemdleteso much for snarkishness19:57
tuxd3vsystemdlete, policy routing is indeed a nice tool to have in your arsenal, don't downplay it :)20:02
systemdleteI'll look at it.20:04
user282069devuan-keyring is already the newest version (2017.10.03).  << going ascii to beowulf per the guide; where third step says i should get a new keyring pkg20:27
user282069seems like the pkg is fine and the dev1fanboy guide is off20:35
psarriaguys, in devuan, can i delete the file /etc/debian_release ? is it in use for any purposes ?20:44
gnarfacepsarria: what does this tell you? dpkg -S /etc/debian_release20:53
psarriaabsolutely nothing20:54
gnarfacepsarria: this is on ascii?20:55
psarriayes, ascii20:55
gnarfacepsarria: was this an upgraded system?  i think it might just be leftover cruft.20:56
psarriathat's right, it's an upgraded system20:56
psarriaso i'm going to delete it20:56
gnarfacepsarria: i think now the things that used to read that read /etc/debian_version and /etc/os-release instead20:57
gnarfacemy google searches suggest that disappeared well before ascii20:57
psarriai didn't know20:57
gnarfacenews to me too, but i don't seem to have that file anywhere20:58
gnarfaceit used to be part of the base-files package20:58
gnarfacethis might be the historical info
gnarfacemaybe don't *completely* delete it though, just move it elsewhere temporarily until you're sure nothing you have left installed needs it21:00
psarriagnarface, ok, thanks a lot, i'm going to rename it and eventually will be deleted after a time without problems21:02
tuxd3vullet, ViM3 seems not yet on Mainline kernel..22:08
tuxd3vAlso uboot doesn't mension it..22:08
ulletthey say i can try 5.6 with 'patches from'
ulletbut their script needs x86 to build it22:09
tuxd3vyeah, not mainline :D22:10
tuxd3vI was adding A311D to edev1, and I noticed that :)22:10
ullettheir support guy says their dtb is meson-g12b-a311d-khadas-vim3.dtb22:11
tuxd3vbut stuff about arm --> #devuan-arm22:11
ulletcan you open the channel to unregged chatters tuxd3v22:12
tuxd3vI can't22:12
tuxd3vregister your-self. its very yeady :)22:13
tuxd3vyeady -> easy22:13
ulletgot a free email that's not blacklisted?22:13
tuxd3vin uboot is present: khadas-vim3_defconfig22:19
tuxd3vbut not in the kernel, only Vim3L22:19
tuxd3varm trusted firmware doesn't have a g12b, only g12a(v2.3), maybe its in mainline..22:22
tuxd3vAnyone with a Rock64 board here? :)22:25
ullethrm :/ not me22:26
ulletmodified Khadas's build script to pull devuan packages instead of debian tuxd3v .  but idk.  it's grabbing the i386 packages23:17

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