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frabbithi. ive installed devuan ascii 2.1 on a tower, but "startx" as non-root-user doesnt works:
frabbiti think i need a driver for the geforce 1030 ?03:10
slvrFailed to load module "nouveau", so you probably need to install the package for that.03:29
slvrfrabbit: try apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau03:30
frabbitslvr: ok i will do that03:35
frabbitstill doesnt work, i rebooted the pc too:
gnarfacefrabbit: afaik neither the stock nouveau or nvidia drivers on ascii are new enough for that card.  the 1XXX series needs the kernel & driver from backports03:43
gnarfacefrabbit: (i'm not sure *any* of the nouveau drivers support that card in fact.  you might be stuck with the non-free ones)03:44
frabbitoh! =O03:44
gnarfaceit's fine, just add ascii-backports with non-free and make sure to get the kernel AND the nvidia drivers from there03:45
frabbithow can i find out?03:45
frabbitand why nvidia is called nouveau?03:46
gnarfacefind out for sure you mean?  for nvidia's binary drivers you have to probably check the changelog, for nouveau the support status is here, but it looks down currently:
gnarfaceand nvidia is not called nouveau, to be clear - nouveau is the reverse-engineered open source driver, not affiliated with nvidia03:47
frabbitah i see! =)03:47
frabbitthe FOSS community really needs a graphic cards vendor03:48
frabbit_that do not suck i mean and produce open hardware/firmware/software03:51
frabbitok i runned "apt -t ascii-backports install linux-image-4.19.0-0.bpo.8-amd64 xserver-xorg-video-nouveau" and reboot the pc. now after decrypt my ssd i get "input signal out of range" from my monitor04:15
gnarfacefrabbit: what happens if you try this?  "apt-get -t ascii-backports install nvidia-driver"04:22
gnarfacefrabbit: also try this:  "dpkg -l |grep nvidia -i" ...the nvidia driver comes in a bunch of packages.  first you gotta make sure they're all the same version before moving on to check the xorg configuration (which isn't strictly required anymore but sometimes is still needed)04:26
gnarfacefrabbit: also, to be clear, you should have got xserver-xorg-video-nvidia instead of xserver-xorg-video-nouveau04:28
gnarfacefrabbit: (and the nouveau driver needs to be blacklisted before you reboot to the nvidia one)04:30
frabbito_0 phew...04:31
gnarfaceone step at a time04:31
gnarfaceuh... if you want me to read any pastes, please use paste.debian.net04:32
gnarfacemy paranoia.  please just humor me, it's too long of a conversation to justify04:32 isnt https04:33
gnarfaceyea but it also doesn't have ads04:33
frabbiti dont want to support http sites04:33
gnarfaceif you're too paranoid for just /msg it to me04:33
frabbitpaste2 also hasnt ads04:33
gnarfacei've gotta step away for a bit.  please don't panic while i'm gone04:33
frabbitok seems like has https now (long time ago since i used it) but the sites loads forever and i got timeout...04:43
frabbitand theres flattr in the site04:46
frabbit"Invalid format for name (no special chars, max 10 chars)" ... -.-04:48
gnarfacefrabbit: did you remember to add contrib and non-free to the ascii-backports line in your sources.list?05:06
gnarfacefrabbit: (that's my assumption as to the cause of that error if this is an otherwise clean ascii install with no 3rd party packages/repos/distros mixed in)05:07
* gnarface sighs05:10
gnarfaceif frabbit comes back, someone tell him to fix his sources.list and try it again05:10
frabbitok thats really weird... i restored the system to the point where i installed the xserver. then i only installed the kernel "linux-image-4.19.0-0.bpo.8-amd64" and reboot. now the font size is small as on my laptop (it was huge before on the tower pc) and "startx" works... o_005:18
frabbithmm.. but as it seems the drivers are still neccessary, cause minetest (a game; minecraft clone) runs with 10 fps in full screen.... the card has more power for sure (i run it under windows 7 for gaming too)05:21
furrywolf<gnarface:#devuan> if frabbit comes back, someone tell him to fix his sources.list and try it again05:24
frabbitfurrywolf: what?05:25
furrywolf<gnarface:#devuan> frabbit: did you remember to add contrib and non-free to the ascii-backports line in your sources.list?05:26
furrywolf<gnarface:#devuan> frabbit: (that's my assumption as to the cause of that error if this is an otherwise clean ascii install with no 3rd party packages/repos/distros mixed in)05:26
furrywolf��� SignOff frabbit: #devuan (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)05:26
frabbitfurrywolf: gnarface said only non-free, so no, no contrib there.05:27
frabbitok ive checked that, also with contrib i cant install "xserver-xorg-video-nvidia" or "nvidia-driver"05:30
masonfrabbit: If you include non-free, you generally also want contrib.05:31
frabbiti dont want contrib nor non-free, but i have no choice x)05:34
frabbitanyway it doesnt work05:34
gnarfacefrabbit: it should have worked.  i can guarantee those packages are installable unless you screwed something else up previously.  i can only guess as to what though.  it's a package conflict that usually comes from mixing in stuff that isn't from the distro, or isn't from this version of the distro05:50
gnarfacefrabbit: trying it with aptitude instead might be worthwhile, it's usually pretty good at sorting out the simpler types of conflicts05:51
frabbitgnarface: but i didnt do anything like that... i installed devuan 2.1 my standard way: minimal base install via expert installer, then minimal xserver and dwm and stterm, nothing more... =(05:53
gnarfacefrabbit: dpkg -l |grep nvidia -i05:53
gnarfacefrabbit: you can literally see what's wrong with this ^05:54
frabbittheres no nvidia stuff installed05:55
frabbiti cant even install it05:55
gnarfaceyou ran "apt-get update" first?05:55
frabbit oh common...05:55
frabbita list of all packages on the computer atm05:57
gnarfacedoesn't really help me05:57
gnarfacedoesn't really help you either05:57
furrywolfI missed the start of this.  what's the problem?  and is it a problem that apt-get install aptitude && aptitude install whatever isn't figuring out?05:58
gnarfacefurrywolf: he's got a geforce 1030 on ascii, so he needs the backported nvidia drivers and can't seem to get them installed05:58
frabbitfurrywolf: i installed devuan 2.1 on a tower pc with a geforce 103005:58
furrywolfdoes apt-cache show <package> show the version of the package you want?05:59
gnarfaceapt-cache -t ascii-backports show <package>, i think you mean05:59
gnarfacenot sure though05:59
gnarfacei just did this about a week ago and it worked06:00
furrywolfI thought apt-cache would list all available versions?06:01
gnarfaceactually probably06:02
gnarfacejust don't know off the top of my head06:02
gnarfacein fact it would even list installed versions that are no longer in the repo i think06:02
gnarfacebut he's got 0 nvidia packages... suggesting something went wrong somewhere prior06:02
furrywolfalso, as I hinted at above, aptitude is my favorite way of trying to figure out odd package conflicts.06:03
masonShockingly, grub-common and friends gave me a usable ZFS root config.06:03
gnarfacefrabbit: can we see the sources.list you're using?  have you pasted that?  just as a sanity check.  there's some outdated info floating around06:03
furrywolfit's often exceptionally annoying, but it tends to be correct, while apt-get seems to mis-identify the cause of problems.06:03
gnarfacefrabbit: furrywolf's suggestion to use aptitude is also a good one at this point, but your sources.list needs to be right, and using current info (note that is deprecated and has been replaced by
frabbitgnarface: a sec06:04
gnarfacefrabbit: also your synopsis of the install doesn't exclude the possibility you have an extraneous cdrom line in there choking things up06:05
frabbiti have three lists atm in sources.list.d06:07
gnarfacefrabbit: ok actually i can shortcut this for you.  your /etc/apt/sources.list should look exactly like this, minus the ascii-backports line which you should not leave uncommented except when updating the driver and kernel:
gnarfacefrabbit: anything else you have in there is probably harmful06:09
furrywolfdoes apt-get update show any errors?  does it show it fetching the backports package list?06:10
gnarfacefrabbit: you might need contrib and non-free on all lines for it to work06:10
frabbiti thought only for the backports06:12
frabbitwill try this06:12
gnarfacei just don't know for sure.  you should make sure you're fully updated first (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)06:12
Jjp137you do need contrib and non-free on all lines b/c nvidia-installer-cleanup is a dep of xserver-xorg-video-nvidia which has no backports version06:13
gnarfaceah, good to know, Jjp13706:13
gnarfacethere's only two causes for this error.  either it couldn't find something it needs, or it found something too new in the way.06:14
frabbityes now the installation works, but it gave me a conflict with the nouveau driver package and said that the easiest way to fix this is a reboot. ill rebbot now06:15
furrywolfoh, and at some time around that time another friend found some christian-themed non-violent doom clone that was hilariously awful that we played for laughs.06:17
furrywolfgrr, wrong window06:17
frabbitok booted again, but minetest has still +-10 fps...06:18
frabbitdpkg -l | grep nvidia -i ->
frabbithello =)06:33
tuxd3vdoes any one has firefox installed?06:33
tuxd3vWhen I open firefox with no tab open06:34
frabbiti have firefox and firefox-esr06:35
tuxd3vit establish a connection to a 'AkamaiGHost' without my permission06:35
tuxd3vopen it with no tabs, also close all connections you have..06:36
tuxd3vtype this in the terminal:06:36
tuxd3vlsof -nP -i4tcp06:36
tuxd3vin my case:06:36
telst4rtelemetry "feature" or a plugin.06:36
tuxd3vfirefox-e 23074 tuxd3v    3u  IPv4 774377      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)06:37
tuxd3vI am always navigating in private mode06:37
tuxd3vtelemetry feature...its a proxy06:38
tuxd3vtomorrow I will cann the abuse email of my ISP provider..06:40
tuxd3vcann -> call06:40
tuxd3vthe conection is always stablished in http06:41
iv4nshm4k0vtuxd3v: See also and
frabbitsorry, but did i miss something? the driver(s) somehow not working as it seems06:53
frabbitminetest with 10 fps on a 4x2,44GHz, 4gb ram, ssd, geforce 1030 tower isnt something that can be correct...06:55
frabbitdo i need otehr nividia packages too? or do i need to configure the drivers?06:57
frabbitim not familiar with that dedicated gc stuff under linux06:57
tuxd3viv4nshm4k0v, interesting... so we try to not be tracked( enabling the "Do not track me" button ), but in the end, our traffic is filtered is a someplace server in the web06:59
tuxd3vwithout even open a site..06:59
gnarfaceif frabbit comes back, tell him that yes, he's missing literally dozens of nvidia packages, and to stop logging out07:18
gnarfacehe's missing dozens of packages including the specific one i repeatedly told him to actually install07:19
gnarfacei told him to install that one specifically because i knew off the top of my head it would pull in at least most of the other ones as dependencies07:24
onefangI think frabbit is rebooting to see if the latest changes work.07:25
gnarfacewell it's been a long time for a reboot, and the paste of the packages he left earlier ( leaves no doubts that it won't work07:26
gnarfaceto me it looked more like he gave up without waiting long enough for a response07:28

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