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TwistedFatemy devuan install keeps mixing the partition ID's, one partition is sometimes sda1 and sometimes sdb3 for an example..01:58
TwistedFateis that normal?01:58
masonTwistedFate: That's strange. Discovering disks in random order isn't wildly unusual, but you should never see partitions confused with each other unless you have some sort of odd race condition with labels.02:13
systemdletefstab file?   How are you mounting the partitions?03:27
systemdleteare you using software raid?   Lvm?03:30
fsmithredprobably just device names03:30
fsmithredinstead of uuid or labels03:30
systemdleteOne thing you could try is fdisk -o Name,Size,Type,UUID /dev/sd?03:30
systemdleteMake sure that there isn't duplicate UUID's or the like from some former configuration, idk.03:31
* systemdlete is trying to be helpful today03:33
systemdleteactually, try:  fdisk -o Device,Name,Size,Type,UUID /dev/sd?03:37
gnarfacewell if they're removable disks like USB keys or something, all bets are off then03:55
gnarface(even if they're always all plugged in at boot, sometimes)03:56
gnarface(the reliability of the detection order of such things tends to vary more by hardware than by software)03:57
JCluhi, bootin devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_RC_amd64_minimal-live.iso in qemu64 v.3.1.0 => kernel panick08:32
JClu[    9.935464] List of all partitions:[    9.935997] No filesystem could mount root, tried:[    9.936053][    9.936408] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)           [    9.937010] CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 4.19.0-9-amd64 #1 Debian 4.19.118-2            [    9.937168] Hardware name: QEMU08:33
JCluStandard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996), BIOS 04/01/2014[    9.937506] Call Trace:              [    9.939832]  dump_stack+0x66/0x90    [    9.940022]  panic+0xe7/0x24a        [    9.940187]  mount_block_root+0x2c2/0x2e6[    9.940377]  ? do_early_param+0x8e/0x8e[    9.940474]  prepare_namespace+0x130/0x166[08:33
JClu9.940586]  kernel_init_freeable+0x208/0x218[    9.940687]  ? rest_init+0xaa/0xaa[    9.940780]  kernel_init+0xa/0x10d[    9.940875]  ret_from_fork+0x35/0x40[    9.942177] Kernel Offset: 0x3e00000 from 0xffffffff81000000 (relocation range: 0xffffffff80000000-0xffffffffbfffffff)[    9.942846] ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount08:33
JCluroot fs on unknown-block(0,0) ]---as seen tryin,g to get a partition? not found, not happy, panick... a live???(sorry for craply formatted txt)08:33
JCluthx for any hints/help/explanation08:33
rrq32 bit host / guest emulator ?09:15
* rrq can't read09:17
rrq64 bit host?09:20
ErRandirdid the iso download ok? does the md5sum match? Are you using qemu-system-x86_64? Try booting a 64 bit guest09:52
JCluall 64b (tinycore 10 64b with qemu 64b v.3.1.0) and the iso isevuan_beowulf_3.0.0_RC_amd64_minimal-live.iso09:55
JCluas for the sha256sum : OK10:04
openbsdtai123what is the point to replace all tar.gz by "xz" type packages?11:17
openbsdtai123even the has xz nowadays. :(11:18
JorilMore compression?11:33
openbsdtai123is it really important to change all gzip to xz in whole linux?11:39
openbsdtai123As soon as there is a shinning thing, linux runs for it. This makes more work.11:39
JorilWell it looks like xz is at least 12 years old11:42
onefangWell it looks like this conversation isn't about Devuan support, so it belongs in #debianfork.11:44
rknopWhat's wrong with xz?12:00
masonIt's all "tar xf" to me.14:11
masononefang: We should spin up a different offtopic channel. I wouldn't send anyone to #debianfork. Too many lunatics.14:11
* yeti thinks the offtopic channel should have a name starting wirh #devuan too... like #devuan-catchalltopics because #debianfork looks too unrelated...15:33
MinceRi thought devuan _was_ a debian fork :>15:33
yetione ... ubuntu is one too15:33
MinceRtopics make the connection clear :>15:34
yetidont expect adults everywhere  :-Þ15:34
FrapeXhi, is there like an official statement of what devuan beowulf i386 should run on (does it run on CPUs without SSE2)?16:18
nemoFrapeX: I'm not the only one on 32 bit without SSE2 yay! 😃16:25
nemoFrapeX: the only intel machine still in my house is a 32 bit Intel Atom server that I bought as a complete machine for $9916:26
nemoFrapeX: that said, it is running gentoo so regrettably cannot help you with your question16:26
nemolemme poke fsmithred  - he knows everything16:26
FrapeXnemo: thats too bad. I think 32-bit Atom does support SSE2 (check /proc/cpuinfo)16:27
bgustavI have neither SSE nor SSE2. Beowulf runs fine, but kate dies when trying to edit an XML file (and complains about SSE)16:28
HurgotronFrapeX: I'm curious... what CPU is that exactly?16:29
FrapeXbgustav: and what about Firefox / Thunderbird? I know rust/rustc (firefox is compiled with rust/rustc) just assume every CPU has SSE2.16:29
nemoFrapeX: hm. are you sure? I got an SSE2 error just the other day trying to emerge rust (was tagged as a dependency of the gentoo ebuild so I ended up using rustup to emerge Seamonkey)16:29
nemoFrapeX: I asked rust folks. SSE2 is *not* a requirement of rust16:29
bgustavFrapeX: they run fine, but crawl, because of the old CPU16:29
FrapeXnemo: no I am not sure. /proc/cpuinfo should give you that info :-) There are all sorts of Intel Atoms16:29
nemoFrapeX: hmmmm. it's in the flags though! you're right!16:29
nemoFrapeX: no. I never looked. I trusted gentoo. *rage*16:30
nemobut. it might be my fault. I might've misconfigured things long back16:30
nemohm. no. I have sse/sse2 in my make.conf too.   ok. time to emerge rust again16:31
nemoFrapeX: I do know this model is not vulnerable to meltdown/spectre apparently 😃16:31
FrapeXnemo: well the rust folks have their own definition of i686, according to them every i686 has SSE2. which is not true. They know that though.16:31
FrapeXbgustav: that great news to hear. also the latest firefox update, 68.8.0esr?16:32
FrapeXHurgotron: Its a AMD Thorton, 2400XP+16:33
nemobgustav: hm... Firefox works decentish for me on old CPUs16:33
bgustavFrapeX: give me 2 mins to start that machine and check16:33
nemobgustav: is this about slow scrolling? 'cause there's a fix for that16:33
FrapeXbgustav: great! thanks a lot16:33
HurgotronFrapeX: Thanks. - Just for fun, or something productive?16:34
FrapeXHurgotron: like AMD Athlon XP2400+, model Thorton16:34
Hurgotrongot that16:35
FrapeXHurgotron: want to do something useful with it, still my main computer. It just can't trash the thing.16:35
FrapeXHurgotron: guess I am a bit oldskool nowadays :P16:36
Hurgotroncool. And I thought I was stcking to old things with my 10 year old AMD64 :)16:36
FrapeXnemo: atom doesnt have Intel MEI, which is a good thing.16:37
FrapeXHurgotron: I wanna run it till it blows up / breaks down.16:37
HurgotronFrapeX: I have a hard time trashing still functional technology, I think it's a waste of ressources. But one also has to consider energy efficency for daily use16:38
FrapeXHurgotron: thats true. I'll try to not run it 24/7 then ;-)16:40
nemoFrapeX: oh yeah. forgot about that one ☺  all good things all around16:42
nemoFrapeX: isn't too bad power consumption-wise either for such an ancient machine. main issue is the spinning rust, so I do have replacing it on this summer's todo list16:43
openbsdtai123what is the most official FTP for the sources.list (e.g. in US or UK)?16:43
nemo(I've got nothing against spinning rust usually, but his is a really tiny amount of spinning rust 😃)16:43
bgustavFrapeX: firefox 68.8.0esr and thunderbird 68.8.0. Also, please note that I use LXQT and it runs fine without any SSE, but I can't say anything about other DEs16:43
bgustavnemo: no, they are slow because the CPU is slow (850 mhz)16:44
FrapeXbgustav: firefox and thunderbird work? :D great!16:44
bgustavyes, they are up to date and they work16:45
nemobgustav: ok... I mean, that's slow but not crazy-slow.  I use firefox just fine on my first generation raspberry pi16:46
nemobgustav: I was just wondering if it was maybe
nemowhich can be tested with an about:config change16:47
nemobut obv everyone has different standards for slow ☺  also I do use NoScript and uMatrix so I'm sure that helps tons16:47
FrapeXbgustav: thanks for testing. Guess its time to migrate from Windows XP to Devuan16:48
FrapeXnemo: like in hard drive spinning rust?16:50
nemoFrapeX: yeah ☺16:56
FrapeXnemo: you keep the spindles running 24/7?16:56
nemoFrapeX: yes16:56
nemoFrapeX: improves reliability long term, and the machines are in fairly active use16:56
nemoFrapeX: the cost of electricity is not as important as reliability and my time recovering from backups16:57
FrapeXnemo: I did that before, and the hard drives became very noisy.16:57
nemoFrapeX: spinning rust has gotten more efficient over time though16:57
nemoFrapeX: hm... noisy is not necessarily a good sign. unless this was like a decade ago when everything was noisy16:57
openbsdtai123nemo: for the rpi3b, I may recommend you sarpi3, it is damn fast:   <- how to.16:58
FrapeXnemo: well drives had regular ball bearings, not liquid drive bearings16:58
FrapeXnowadays if drives run quiet they probably have liquid drive bearings, less wear16:59
nemoFrapeX: could be.17:00
masonopenbsdtai123: Only issue there is that there's no minimal install from which you can build, meaning there are going to be size issues (as they note) with anything but large SD cards.17:00
openbsdtai123well, it works. I can install about 500 mb install base system on it, maybe less would be possible.17:01
masonopenbsdtai123: You using custom tagfiles for that?17:02
masonopenbsdtai123: Anyway, the trick from there is adding in things as you find you need them, without having any sort of even manual map of dependencies.17:03
openbsdtai123just setup and after bit of custom in the terminal17:03
fsmithredwas Thorton before or after Windsor (I have one)17:36
FrapeXjust noticed, s/liquid/fluid/  my bad :P17:36
FrapeXfsmithred: Thorton was before. Windsor is Athlon 6417:37
fsmithredyeah Athlon X2 64 - 0h, yours is 3217:38
fsmithredbeowulf should work. It has 686-pae kernel in the desktop-live, and 686 kernel in minimal-live17:38
FrapeXyea, so what would be best, pae or non-pae?17:39
fsmithredwhichever boots should work ok - if you get it to boot, you can change the kernel later17:40
FrapeXyea ok17:41
fsmithredFrapeX, CORRECTION: The i386 live isos (both) have 686 kernel17:49
fsmithredno pae17:49
fsmithredI did that for you17:49
fsmithredthen forgot17:49
FrapeXfsmithred: haha, thanks17:55
fsmithredthe minimal-live used to have the 586 kernel in ascii, but debian dropped that kernel.18:05
FrapeXwasnt planning on installing devuan on my pentium 100 anyway :P18:06
APicHi. I want to install scratchbox on Devuan beowulf. I added „deb [trusted=yes] hathor-r1 main“ to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ but i get loads of Errors like — „apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install scratchbox-core“ does not help. How can i force an insecure Download please?18:25
fsmithredAPic, apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install <package>18:30
fsmithredmaybe download the deb package in browser or with wget and then install with dpkg18:32
APicYes, i am doing that now, but it is a Hassle18:34
APicI need „scratchbox-core scratchbox-devkit-apt-https scratchbox-devkit-autotools-legacy scratchbox-devkit-debian-squeeze scratchbox-devkit-doctools scratchbox-devkit-git scratchbox-devkit-perl scratchbox-devkit-python-legacy scratchbox-devkit-qemu scratchbox-devkit-svn scratchbox-libs scratchbox-toolchain-cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7 scratchbox-toolchain-cs2007q3-glibc2.5-i486 scratchbox-toolchain-host-gcc“ as18:35
APicdescribed in
APicWhatever. *shrug*18:35
APicYes, the Maemo-SDK is very dated18:43
sixwheeledbeastYes Squeeze or there's a Ubuntu Lucid.18:51
sixwheeledbeastIt's probably better to have a separate dev virtual environment for maemo builds?18:53
sixwheeledbeastit will have all the dependencies you need.19:13
darylkHi All, I have a project where I need to build a iso in vm for old hardware. Wanted to try out live-sdk-master but see some old dates on the last updates. That and the commands fail. Repos marked public are asking for login.... Is this project supported any longer?20:58
darylkSince sign-ups are not working I am guessing no. I’d like to use sysvinit and avoid systemd with a linux build. Do you have any other tools that are capable or making custom live-iso files?21:26
plasma41fsmithred: ^^^21:33
fsmithredseven minutes21:38
fsmithreddarylk guessed wrong.21:39
fsmithredand live-sdk is still supported21:39

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