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HumI just installed dwww and my lighttpd doesn't give me access to /dwww though I did restart it. Any hints?08:02
meep_____It's probably missing systemd-accesscontrold08:12
meep_____hum make sure that /dwww is owned by the webserver08:20
masterviito whom can I ask a few questions?08:59
ShorTiejust ask, i guess09:00
Hummeep_____: I tried chown -R www-data:www-data dwww/  but it didn't change anything. I run lighttpd-enable-mod for cgi and debian-doc and did a restart09:13
Humfor lighttpd09:14
meep_____I don't know09:14
meep_____Hum, if your still having trouble i'd reccomend the quark webserver09:14
HumI like lighttpd. If I want less work I could install apache because it is the default...09:15
gnarfacemastervii: just ask the questions to nobody specifically, and patiently await an answer.  irc etiquette can be weird.09:20
HumMaybe I should have done a _forced_ reload in firefox earlier. At last I added an alias.url in 90-debian-doc.conf for /dwww => /var/www/dwww09:21
Humnow it works09:21
talbergorHi guys! Thanks for a fantastic distro ! :)10:38
talbergorone question, how do i intsall multimedia codecs in devuan ? :D10:39
masterviiI need the most simple programs, where can I add them?10:51
ruenoakHey talbergor they way I do it is to add contib and non-free to my sources.list then install the codecs I need from synaptic10:52
masterviidebian repository or11:04
mastervii]deb beowulf-security main non-free11:05
mastervii deb-src beowulf-security main non-free11:05
masterviithis is my repository11:05
ruenoakmastervii i was answering  tallbergor question11:17
ruenoakmastervii what simple programs are you looking for, you could use synaptic to search for them11:18
meep_____Sounds painful11:40
talbergorCan i download Deb packages just as normal here or should i be careful?11:42
djphcareful of ... what?11:43
talbergordon't know, just asking?11:43
djphlong as you're using the repos, there's not much to be overly careful about (barring non-free, because that software is not necessarily "free as in speech" [aka "libre"], which may be something you don't want for reasons)11:44
talbergorbut i mean, can i download for example discord as a deb package from their website and use?11:45
djphshould be able to.11:46
talbergoroki thanks man, i'm quite new to this as you may understand haha11:46
talbergorjust curious of what i can't do and can do comparing to normal debian uknow11:47
djphit's basically identical, just sans-systemd11:48
talbergorDo you know a terminal command to easily check which init system i have btw?11:49
djphin devuan?  drfault is, IIRC, sysvinit11:50
talbergoralright man thanks =)11:51
zatumilreadlink /proc/1/exe11:53
masterviigeany or  netbeans webstorm?11:53
ruenoakmastervii geany is in the repos  not to sure about netbeans or webstorm12:04
masterviino have geany ....12:05
Humthe solution was using /dwww/ instead of /dwww12:06
masterviiroot@devuan:~# apt search geany12:06
masterviiSorting... Done12:06
masterviiFull Text Search... Done12:06
masterviithis is all12:06
ruenoakmastervii what version of Devuan are you using12:15
ruenoakmastervii Full Text Search... Done12:15
ruenoakgeany/testing 1.33-1 amd6412:16
onefangGeany is installed on my Devuan ASCII, so it is there.12:16
masterviiI want to say that I am very pleased with the speed of the system and I hope it does not change that. it would also be nice to run these programs in repositories12:23
gnarfacemastervii: your sources.list is probably incomplete, or you forgot to run "apt-get update"12:24
gnarfacemastervii: here is what your beowulf sources.list should look like:
gnarfacethat's my guess anyway12:26
talbergorhow do i enable tlp in devuan ?12:28
gnarfacetalbergor: probably just "apt-get install tlp"12:30
talbergoryes but i have to enable the service right?12:31
talbergoror im i wrong :P12:31
masterviiruenoak, gnarface12:33
masterviithank you for help12:33
ruenoakmastervii :)12:34
zatumilupdate-rc.d tlp disable|enable12:34
talbergorokey so thats the general command for disable enable services ? :)12:36
talbergorappriciete it12:36
gnarfacetarzeau: i have no idea whether it is enabled by default.  most packaged services do but not all12:37
gnarfacetarzeau: check the update-rc.d man page, yea.  (ignore the part about how it says it's deprecated and shouldn't be run by hand)12:38
gnarfacetarzeau: ignore that12:38
gnarfacetalbergor: ^ these three lines were supposed to be to you12:38
talbergorthank you @gnarface12:39
gnarfacetalbergor: also check any tlp man page if it exists, and /usr/share/doc/tlp if not12:40
gnarfacetalbergor: (if it's not enabled by default, usually instructions are in there)12:40
gnarfacesometimes it takes more than just running the init script12:40
masterviino have systemctl :D12:40
talbergorhaha :)12:41
talbergoris the default mirrors in europe?12:44
onefang will tell you where the mirrors are located.12:45
glat-agent2Your GNU/Linux copy is not genuine. Purchase a license for $99 now.18:10
masonglat-agent2: It's not $99, it's $100:
glat-agent2Your GNU/Linux copy is not genuine. Purchase a license for $99 now.18:19
bgstack15I wrote a translator script for systemctl which turns the invocation into a real service command. Of course it's gross, but it makes running ipa-client-install (from freeipa) possible without crazy hacks.18:43
bgstack15If anybody wants it, let me know.18:43
golinuxDidn't Jessie Smith already do something likte that?18:48
golinuxAbd isn't it in the repos?18:48
Xelraawhy is netsurf not in the repos?18:53
Xelraawhat other lightweight graphical browser does it have18:53
Xelraasomething lighter than chrome or ff18:54
golinuxbgstack15: Converting systemd units to init style shell scripts18:54
onefangI was just about to head to bed, but NetSurf is in ASCII at least.  And Dillo, and a few others.  I have them installed.18:55
* onefang leaves you in golinux's capable hands and nods off.18:56
bgstack15Alas, some tools seem to have systemctl commands embedded in them. It's about the interface to the services, not how they're implemented.19:12
fsmithredsurf - Simple web browser by suckless community19:13
fsmithredXelraa, ^^^19:13
fsmithredlinks2 is pretty good. Makes the web look like 1995.19:14
FrapeXlol more like BBS19:16
FrapeXooo you are right, in X mode it does look like 1995 :P19:18
fsmithredkinda refreshing, isn't it?19:20
Xelraaok I see thats because I use beouwulf19:25
fsmithredyeah, I'm in beowulf19:26
Xelraadillo will do fine19:26
fsmithreddillo is another lig...19:26
HumIs there a markdown plugin installed in the dokuwiki of friendsofdevuan? I didn't find any hints how to check as user, only as admin.21:15
Hum<markdown>MD text</markdown> didn't work. doesn'T seem to be installed. Could be one of them please installed?21:27

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