freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-06-20

* tuxd3v thinks that what crashoverride is saying could be dangerous, you can be cauch while mounted in the tree =D00:40
tuxd3vhello somebody here running openbox? anyone? :)05:54
tuxd3vI believe that I have ported successfully the obamenu to lua5.3 :)06:18
tuxd3vpreviously it was failing on me to present a menu with icons06:19
tuxd3vlater it was failing to start because alteratives were not set to python206:20
tuxd3vnow it will start.. crossing fingers, as I will test it :)06:20
devuanhexchat at start asks to join the default chanel( debian ) o.O06:30
devuanSo majority of category icons are in place06:31
devuanbut not for Settings :(06:31
devuandoes any body knows of a category icons that include settings ?06:31
gnarfacedevuan: not sure what you mean by cateogory icons, but i'm sure that default hexchat channel can be changed06:34
devuanhexchat in the .desktop file as a name:06:34
devuanName=Open Safe Mode06:35
devuanit should be06:35
gnarfacethe default values in those .desktop files are often stupid, and i change them without remorse06:36
gnarfacei recommend you do the same06:36
gnarfaceand all of these issues you've listed are Debian's fault06:37
gnarfacewe can't really do anything about them here06:37
gnarfaceif you can clarify the category icons issue i might be able to help you find a missing package though06:37
gnarfacedevuan: ^06:39
gnarfacedevuan: also, welcome aboard06:39
devuangnarface, thanks :)06:40
devuanthe issue is related with the Category "Settings"06:40
devuanI was trying to find a icon for it06:41
gnarfacecategory settings where though, in xfce main menu?06:41
devuanbut Adwaita theme doesn't have "Settings" category icon :S06:41
gnarfaceah hmm, annoying06:41
devuanI I have a entry in openbox menu that doesn't have a icon, maybe there are some set of icons that does include "Settings" Category :)06:42
gnarfaceanyone else here using the Adwaita theme seeing this issue? ^^^06:42
devuanbut I don't know of anny06:42
gnarfaceyou might have to add one yourself06:42
onefangIs tuxd3v this new devuan person?06:43
devuanadwaitta has "System" category icon but not "Settings"06:43
gnarfacedevuan: here, try this: apt-cache search 'icon\-theme'06:43
gnarfaceonefang: i assumed this was a new devuan but i guess i didn't ask06:44
devuanyeah, I will create a symlink from some other place to adwaita theme with applications-settings.???06:44
devuanonefang, yes I am, on my desktop sbc version :)06:45
devuanI just finished the porting of obamenu to openbox, and it works06:45
devuanbut the theme is a bit ... o.O06:45
devuannot so many luck06:46
devuanI will do a symlink06:46
devuanyeah , my user if the default of the distro "devuan"06:46
devuanI am in a arm machine :)06:46
devuanwell, not I am :)06:47
devuannot -> now06:47
devuandon't know a good strategy to generateautomatically the applications menus06:48
devuanI mean individually for each item06:48
devuanI have the Icons name, but they are spreaded across several paths.06:48
onefangThat'll be one of those horrid FDO specs you need to read.  It's complex.  I've written code many years ago for it.  Trying to forget it.  lol06:49
devuanonefang, yeah, my menus are floating o.O06:56
devuanone time Internet is the first06:56
devuanother time Development is the first one, and so on..06:56
devuanI need to fix menus names alphabetically :)06:56
devuanbut I am taking a lot of time to generate the menu06:57
devuanmaybe around 0.3 seconds..06:57
devuanI will try to decrease that somehow06:57
onefangTry Luajit if you are doing it with Lua.06:57
devuanyes I am06:58
devuanI finhished the port moments later of obamenu06:58
devuanit was fiving me some weird warnings, and I installed python 3.706:58
devuansydenly it started to complain with lots of things..06:59
devuanI realized that even they saying in the manpages that it is compatible with python >=3.0 its not true for python 3.706:59
devuanSo I portyed it :)06:59
devuanportyed -> ported it07:00
onefangI would to.  lol07:00
onefangLua is one of my favourite languages.07:00
devuanI will speed it up til I can, but I must say, this is chalenging, the about of structures, and the relations between them..07:00
devuanabout -> amount07:01
devuanfirst I tried a python Lua conversion, and it started doing something but not quite yet, then I started thinking in Lua , and everything went easier after that :)07:01
devuanLua is a very nice language :)07:02
devuanI am running it now in a dual core cortex-A7, so its a very small machine =D07:02
onefangLuaJIT is a very fast version of Lua.  B-)07:02
devuanbut it doesn't seems slow, I am the one asking for more B:)07:02
devuanI read about LuaJit, maybe it could do miracles here07:03
devuanbut I don't know if Lua 5.3 is supported already ?07:03
devuanI tried not to by too much excentric, so that maybe it will be able to run in..let's say LuaJit, but I don't know for sure :)07:04
devuanonefang, how does you run core from Lua in LuaJit, its the same way?07:05
devuanor I need to compile it first or so?07:05
onefangSame way, you just use the luajit program instead of the lua one.07:06
devuanonefang, it finished the generation in around half the time.. I am impressed :)07:15
devuanwithout errors B-)07:16
devuananother interesting fact ..07:18
devuanthe menus before were floating07:18
devuanthey should be ordered(I need to fix that in the code..), and now they are almost ordered totally without floating07:19
devuandevelopment i now the first category and is always B-)07:19
devuani -> is07:28
devuanneed some sleep lol :)07:28
systemdleteok, here's a good one.  I am trying to set up a (temporary) dhcp server, just for testing.  I can set the ip address manually, and I can ping nearby devices.  What I can't do is seem to get a dyamic IP from the udhcpd server!  /etc/udhcpd.conf:
systemdlete*just for testing a client requiring dhcp10:39
systemdletemy client is on network10:40
systemdleteIs my config ok?  (prob not)10:40
systemdlete(and, yes, ethr2 really IS the name of the interface to listen on, just fyi)10:41
systemdleteI can even see the requrests coming over the wire (tshark)10:44
systemdleteI see no response going back though10:44
systemdleteI should have mentioned, this is on ascii (not beowulf)10:58
rrqlines 86 & 88 ?11:01
systemdletestracing udhcpd, I can see that it just waits on select (after being bound to port 67)11:01
systemdletedns and router are correct -- they are on the network, yes11:03
systemdleteis that not permitted here?11:03
systemdletethe point here, rrq, is that I can see that udhcpd is not answering the queue11:04
systemdleteand udhcpd does not seem to support -v11:05
* ShorTie cornfused, is it network or network11:07
systemdlete55 is the network that the client is on.   56 is another network where my dns and router (gw?) are11:08
systemdleteI think that's just info passed to the client; the dhcp server I wouldn't think cares11:08
systemdlete(but I might be mistaken; idk)11:09
ShorTiedon't think you can do that, gotta all be on the same network11:10
systemdletebut what if they are not?11:10
ShorTiethen it don't work11:10
systemdleteI'm pretty sure that I've had clients on different networks.11:10
systemdletewell, the issue here is not the config so much as the fact that udhcpd is just listening on the socket (port 67).  It never breaks from the wait to process a request.   But wireshark shows me that it is indeed sending requests over the wire.11:11
systemdleteI just remembered something.  I think I have all packets from the interface forwarded elsewhere.... lol!11:11
ErRandirif you want to separate the .55 and .56 networks you have to use a netmask kof /2311:12
systemdleteOk, never mind my groaning and kvetching.  Forget everything I've said here for the past 20 minutes.11:12
systemdleteMY BAD11:12
* systemdlete waits to be "crowned"11:12
* ShorTie gets his 2x411:13
* systemdlete thanks goodness it is not a 2x6 !11:13
onefangBTW, you can use a DHCP relay to bridge a DHCP server over different networks.11:13
systemdletethose hurt 50% more11:13
systemdletethat would be nice, onefang -- I will look at that.11:13
systemdleteBut I think I have another approach in mind, now that I realize where those dhcp requests are going...11:14
rrqsystemdlete: the point was that the 55 network client doesn;t know how to reacjt the 56 network router without an additional routing rule .. but that's old stuff now :)12:10
rrqreacjt = reach12:11
systemdleteI believe the default route is added when the interface is put up12:11
rrqthat's unusual .. default route to where?12:17
systemdleteif you run "route" you should see a route entry for each interface, plus an additional entry for the default gateway12:24
systemdleteany packet it cannot route to the interfaces with the masks specified goes to that default gateway12:26
premobosshello dudes. i tried alone and with google but i failed, so i ask here if someone can help me. long story short: i have a matrix of numbers on datasheet (libreoffice calc), each number is in range 0-65535 (16 bit). i want to convert each number into a colored pixel of an image (png, bmp, etc, does not matter). so if i have a matrix of 200x200 numbers, i will get as result a image of 200x200 pixels. i need this kind of conversion12:26
premobossso I can have in a single "blink of eye" the general situation of the data.12:26
premobosssomeone have a clue how to do?12:27
systemdleterrq:  You were right.  The router does have to be on the same subnet.  I was thinking of dns, which I am pretty sure doesn't have to be, so long as the routing can reach it.13:02
systemdleteI'm not an expert on this stuff.  I try to configure it once and leave it the heck alone.13:03
systemdleteIn my case dns server and the default gw router are on different subnets13:04
systemdleteit works, so I did that much right.13:04
rrqI don't know udhcp in particular, but you might be able to add a host route for
rrqvia ethr213:17
systemdletenah, I got it.13:21
systemdletebut thanks13:21
systemdleteit's all working.  I repointed the default route to 192.168.55.something  (i forget now) and it works13:22
systemdleteIt didn't matter at that point, as you said.  I was just trying to get the dhcp server itself to work -- and that was due to some other issues, including a bad usb-ethernet dongle.13:23
frabbitgnarface: i have another hdd here where i have the same problem, as with the other one, where i could run dd on for overwriting data only to a specific point.16:28
frabbitif u do not remember:
gnarfacesame model?16:28
frabbitso im running that badblocks line u gave me since >13 hours now and i already got 29 errors16:28
frabbita hitachi16:28
gnarfacesomething else must be wrong then16:29
frabbitwait i paste hdparm -I16:29
gnarfacewhat's your dd command again?16:29
gnarfacespecifically, what are you using for if=?16:29
frabbitdd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/DEVICE status=progress16:29
gnarfacedoes it work if you use /dev/zero instead?16:29
frabbitdunno i didnt tried and i dont want to stop badblocks atm xD16:31
gnarfaceoh 29 errors, sorry i missed you said it already hit errors16:31
gnarfacewell that's a bummer16:31
frabbithdparm -I /dev/sdb ->
gnarfacethe first one, did it turn out to have bad blocks too?16:32
frabbitwhat do u mean?16:32
frabbitwith turn out16:32
gnarfacei mean the other hard drive16:32
gnarfacedid it have errors too?16:33
frabbitno the other one was without errors16:33
gnarfacei see16:33
frabbitwhat do the errors mean?16:34
frabbitand does badblocks fix them?16:34
gnarfaceyou set badblocks to output to a file, right?16:37
gnarface-o bad_blocks.txt16:38
gnarfacesomething like that?16:38
gnarfacethe errors mean unrecoverable physical damage to those sectors16:38
gnarfacethey're done16:38
gnarfacethe idea is you output the list of bad blocks to a text file, then later feed that to the mount command so the filesystem simply avoids those blocks16:38
gnarfaceif too much of the drive is bad, it might not be worth it, but 29 errors is trivial16:39
frabbityes to file16:39
frabbitoh done... =(16:39
frabbitnot good then16:39
frabbitu said its a bummer16:40
frabbitwhat now =)16:40
gnarfaceit's not many16:40
frabbitok =D16:40
gnarfacecheck the fstab man page16:40
frabbitfstab? why16:40
frabbitah for mounting otion with that file?16:40
gnarfacefor syntax on how to pass the bad blocks file in16:40
frabbitbut i want to use it via usb as backup device...16:41
gnarfaceyou might need to look at the mount man page gtoo16:41
frabbitbut yeah i can wirte it there too16:41
frabbithm nothing about using a file in fstab16:43
frabbitim searching in mount now16:43
gnarfacehmm, badblocks maybe?16:43
gnarfaceoh my bad nevermind16:44
frabbitsorry forgot to write that16:44
gnarfaceit's not a mount options, it's a format option probably16:44
frabbitfor mkfs?16:44
gnarfacemaybe so16:45
frabbitand filename16:45
gnarfacethere's a note about block size16:45
frabbitcool thats easy =)16:46
gnarfacemake sure not to ignore it16:46
frabbiti was scared that i will have to spend hours again on that issue xD16:46
frabbitthe block size?16:46
frabbithuh? i didnt know mke2fs16:47
frabbitwhat is that for when mkfs.ext4 and so on exists?16:47
doubledutchGood morning16:47
frabbitdoubledutch: Good afternoon =)16:48
doubledutchI started drinking last night and woke up with Devuan installed on an eLVM on my internal eMMC16:48
doubledutchSo I guess I'm part of the community now16:48
frabbitan example on how easy installing devuan is?16:48
doubledutchActually yes.  Doubt you want my life story.16:49
doubledutchDevuan is the best16:49
frabbitno, no lifestory please...16:50
radDevuanHi. Is there a way to have mtp devices fuse mounted on the filesystem? I know that in Mint for example when you mount them with Caja, they show up under /run/user/1000/gvfs but this doesn't seem to happen with Devuan.16:50
frabbitgnarface: mkfs.ext4 -c /dev/sdb i could have run this16:52
frabbitbut what is ment with blocksize used by mke2fs?16:53
frabbitblocksize used by badblocks i would unerstand16:53
frabbitthats 512 here16:53
doubledutchfrabbit: if it's not already marketed as such, I'd compare Devuan with Android_x86, Ubuntu 18.04 and Raspbian16:53
frabbitok as it seems mkfs.ext4 and so on are commands that come with mke2fs16:54
frabbiti didnt know that16:54
doubledutch...sounds blasphemous, but of the 15+ distros I was spinning up last night on SD cards, usb cards, and trying to install to internal memory... these were the four that would reliably let me manage mmcblk0 and my two 4M boot sectors16:55
frabbiti need mkfs.ext4 to write blocks with the size of 51216:55
frabbitdoubledutch: dont install an os to a portable flash16:56
doubledutchSo I think Devuan has some cool ability to be installed to SMALL embedded storage with no prior fanagling16:56
doubledutchfrabbit, my internal HDD is an eMMC device16:56
frabbitit will slow down after some weeks and then not starting anymore16:56
doubledutchI've got Alpine and LinuxBBQ on SD cards16:57
doubledutchI keep them inserted and they're my main OS on this laptop16:57
doubledutchJust wanted to put encrypted devuan at the core16:57
doubledutch:.(   thought y'all'd love that16:57
frabbitdoubledutch: since now i used always hdds but when i install beowulf (hopefully in some days) i will use a ssd and a seperate /home partion on a hdd16:57
doubledutchLike,.... maybe I could barely update it?16:57
doubledutchThis way I can eat my SD cards16:58
doubledutchand have a blank barely used encrypted OS on the FLASH MEDIA DEVICE THAT IS BOTH MY HDD AAAAAAND IS SOLDERED TO MY RAM AND CPU  :D16:58
frabbitdoubledutch: u would need to seperate nearly everything where write is happening16:58
frabbitvar tmp....16:58
frabbitconfigs in etc?16:59
frabbitglobal configs i mena16:59
frabbitor minimum /usr/local/bin16:59
doubledutchThanks for the advice16:59
doubledutchI'll keep a log going16:59
doubledutchAnd monitor write performance and more16:59
doubledutchI'm qualified to control the variables16:59
frabbitwhen u write new scripts or change existing scripts often (like i do)17:00
doubledutchBut I'm not going to use this much17:00
doubledutchMaybe mount the /dev/devuan when I need17:00
doubledutchand store it... while using OS on the other drive17:00
doubledutchBut thanks I'm happy to be a part of this shstorm of fun17:00
doubledutchand I'll be on forums or something17:00
frabbitgnarface: mkfs.ext4 -b 512 -l badblocks_errors_file.txt /dev/sdb17:01
doubledutchI also am going to copy my current setup with rsnapshot etc-  lots to do, I know what I'm doing17:02
frabbitcorrect? =)17:02
doubledutchthanks all thanks frabbit17:02
frabbitdoubledutch: happy hackin then =)17:05
doubledutchthanks!  ^_________________^17:06
frabbitgnarface: gone?18:21
Guest26672i see 3.0 came out. great! i will isntall asap.19:09
frabbitgnarface: badblocks is now at last pattern i think 0x00 and runs very slow (3% in 2 hours...) also the cpu has heated up to >89 degree! normally it runs below 60...20:51
frabbitim worried20:51
frabbithas nothing to do with dust or something, i cleaned the computer ~a week ago20:51
frabbiti cant remmeber that behaviour when i runned badblocks on that previous hdd20:52
frabbiti have stopped xserver and the only things running here now are: badblocks on tty1, watch cat /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal on tty2 and screen with irssi on tty320:54
frabbitgnarface: dunno when u are back, but if i will get a disconnect, please answer as well, i will read the log on website then later20:56
frabbitdamn the cpu doesnt cool down, its constant on 88 degree....20:57
frabbiti want to stop badblocks, but then over 18 hours were just wasted time... =(20:57
frabbitholy shit!21:00
frabbitbadblocks still shows 29 errors, but the output file has 2843448 lines!21:00
frabbitcan anyone please give me an advice_21:01
frabbitbefore the actual pattern started that file contained 29 lines21:01
frabbitone line per error21:02
buZzfrabbit: check the smart logs of your harddrive21:03
frabbitbuZz: where to find them_21:03
buZzsmartctl is a tool to read them21:04
frabbitok and it can run while badblocks is running on that device?21:04
systemdleteI would let the tool run to completion.  Don't stop it.  Let it run at least one full cycle.21:04
* ShorTie Thinkz, new hard drive maybe ??21:04
frabbitsystemdlete: normally i would but thats an unusually behaviour and im reallz worried about my cou21:05
frabbitShorTie: no its old21:05
systemdleteThe ~possibly~ good news is that -- from my own experience -- sometimes running badblocks will spare the bad blocks for the drive.  Then running the test a second time will show no errors, and you have a good disk again.21:06
ShorTiei mean time for maybe21:06
systemdleteBut from the sounds of it, you might be looking at replacing the drive.21:06
systemdlete(no guarantees)21:07
systemdleteI've seen some bad drives here, and badblocks (depending on the drive) can restore what seems to be a bad drive back to a working drive.21:07
systemdletewhat is the rated capacity of the drive?21:08
systemdletefrabbit: How big is the drive?21:11
systemdletehmmm.  18 hours is a VERY long time for a relatively small disk like that.21:12
ShorTieoh my21:12
systemdletefrabbit:  is there any important data on it, and do you have backups?21:13
frabbitnah alreadz done21:13
* systemdlete is not really sure why he asks 21:13
frabbitbut i wanted to wipe it and while that failed with dd i sarted badblocks21:13
frabbitthe plan was to use it as a backup device21:14
ShorTiepaper wieght ??21:14
frabbitor as device for a from thessd seperated &home partition21:14
frabbitShorTie: err.. what_21:14
systemdleteThis sounds more like a mechanical drive to me21:14
frabbitsystemdlete: State Solid Drive21:15
specing> rabbit | badblocks still shows 29 errors, but the output file has 2843448 lines!21:15
systemdletewell, then never mind what I said.21:15
specinginto the garbage bin21:15
specingalso offtopic21:15
frabbitsystemdlete: i dont run badblock on that ssd =)21:15
frabbitspecing: not oft21:16
frabbitsystemdlete: i run badblocks on a hdd21:16
frabbitconnected via sata to usb adapter21:16
systemdleteso why did you say it's a SSD?21:17
frabbiti didnt21:17
* systemdlete totally confused21:17
frabbitplease read before post21:17
systemdleteI did...21:17
frabbitnot well as it seems21:17
systemdleteI thought you were saying it was a SSD.21:17
systemdleteOK, now this makes sense.21:17
frabbit21:14 < frabbit> or as device for a from the ssd seperated /home partition21:18
systemdleteI think it is safe to say that you should be planning a funeral for it.21:18
frabbitpartition /home on hdd, other partitions on ssd21:18
systemdleteIs there some reason it is worth saving/restoring to health?  If not, I'd get another one.21:19
frabbiti cant translate funeral atm21:19
frabbiter.. yes.. spare monez for example21:20
systemdleteWhat I meant is what specing said, above21:20
specinggolinux: frabbit needs rebooting21:20
systemdleteinto the trash...21:20
frabbitspecing: reboot?21:21
frabbitbuZz: in the repos theres only gsmartcontrol21:23
buZzapt install smartmontools21:24
frabbitis smartctl in some other called package? (i cant search with firefox atm, caused im scared the cpu will getting verz hot agian and computer shuts down)21:24
frabbitbuZz: thx =)21:24
frabbitthe device isnt visible anzmore...21:26
frabbitlsblk gives me only /dev/sda ...21:27
frabbitalso the adapter led for access is off, onlz led for power is on21:27
frabbitsomething died there, or the adapter has a loose contact21:28
frabbitbut whz the heck badblocks is still running on /dev/sdb?21:28
frabbit>=( it probablz IS that adapter. i stopped badblocks, pull out the adapter on both sides and plug it back in and it shows "access" again...21:31
frabbitman i didnt touched that thing or anything close to it21:31
frabbiti better run badblocks again on second computer inside the sata drive with live system21:32
frabbitswifteek once told me that these adapters are cheap shit...21:33
frabbitspecing: who swiftgeek?21:34
frabbitsurely not21:34
frabbitspecing: why?21:35
frabbiti mean at Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 i was21:35
specingbecause you are trying to make a dead hdd rise from the dead21:35
frabbitspecing: u dont reading21:35
frabbitit isnt dead21:36
systemdletenot just any hdd, either21:36
frabbitthe adapter is shit21:36
systemdletean old, tiny (120GB?) hdd21:36
frabbitit cuts the connection21:36
systemdletean old, IDE hdd!21:36
specingIDE? don't tell me its 3.5" too21:36
frabbitno 2,5"21:36
frabbitand doesnt matter if it is old when its still do its job21:37
frabbitbadblocks gave 29 errors what is normal as gnarface told me21:37
systemdletespecing: At least it keeps his house warm in the winter.  Not so good in summer tho21:37
frabbitafter that the adapter fucked up the connection21:37
frabbitsystemdlete: it is not warm21:37
frabbitmaybe 25 degree21:38
systemdleteI thought you said your CPU was getting hot21:38
frabbitbecause the adpater broke the access connection and badblocks was trying as hard to find /dev/sdb that wasnt connect anymore21:38
systemdleteI thought you were saying its IDE, but I guess it is actually sata after all21:39
frabbitthe first 17 hours of the > 18 hours my cpu was under 60 degree as usual21:39
specing120GB is 3 eur worth of HDD in today's prices21:39
frabbitsystemdlete: wtf?! specing said that!21:39
specingyou are wasting everyone's time for 3 eur worth of useless POS hdd via a useless POS adapter21:39
specingat least put it inside a computer21:40
frabbitsystemdlete: can u please stop writing "frabbit said foobar" if ur not sure?21:40
systemdleteYou confuse me, sorry, frabbit.21:40
lunarioprobably he wasted 3€ of electricity bills running that badblocks thing for 18 hours, given Germany's energy prices. lol21:40
frabbitspecing: im wasting no ones time21:40
systemdleteprobably language translation/barrier21:40
specinglunario: definetely21:40
frabbitsystemdlete: no probably not well reading on ur site...21:40
systemdlete"not well reading..."21:41
frabbitspecing: lunario lol the kids coming out? =)21:41
systemdleteit's ok... my german is nicht so gut21:41
frabbitlunario: yeah side then21:41
frabbitlunario: get a life21:41
lunarioi am not the one making his life ridiculously difficult by causing articial problems like the one you keep bugging us with here21:42
lunarioso much for "get a life". lol21:42
yetiok... fight that out in some nondevuan channel21:43
frabbitlunario: i ran that command with the same adapter on another hdd before in it also tooks over 18 hours. that hdd is fine and its still in use21:43
frabbityeti: nah21:44
frabbitnot interessted i will just block these...21:44
frabbiti mean that specing that first protects child rapers in #debianfork and later protects that antisemitic bsat... i should have block specing days ago21:45
yetimäään... das hätte schon lange in einen anderen kanal gehört21:45
yetinichts daran ist devianspezifisch21:46
frabbitgnarface: i will try running badblocks again on that hdd while it in sata slot and report that result21:46
lunariofrabbit, wenn deine angebliche blockliste immer länger wird und du mit jedem hier streit hast, vielleicht könnte das problem dann ja auch bei dir liegen und nicht bei specing/bsat/mir/wemauchimmer...21:46
lunario(and not back to English and BTT)21:46
frabbityeti: ich habe nicht mit diesem bashing shit begonnen21:46
yetischon der ganze HD test war kein debianproblem21:47
frabbitdie hatten nichts gescheites zu meinem problem beizutragen und kotzen hier nur ihren nervigen muell aus21:47
yetiirgendwann reichts21:48
frabbitach echt warum hat gnarface  mir dann geholfen? hier21:48
golinuxPlease take this nonsense elsewhere as yeti suggested21:48
frabbitgolinux: i wont, caused i already block both "users" and i wasnt the one who triggered that drama...21:49
yetithin skinned21:49
yetiTHAT'S MY JOB!!!!!21:49
tatsumaruhey guys, quick question I just installed devuan. I've heard it's not a good idea to install ubuntu packages on debian and vice versa, but what about installing debian packages on devuan?22:04
buZzyes not recommended22:04
buZzit might look like it works first22:04
buZzbut before you know it, it will pull in systemd and break your system22:04
golinuxtatsumaru: devuan already serves all the debian packages that are compatible22:05
buZzi assume its from the windows mindset22:05
golinuxubuntu might give you a frankendevuan22:05
buZz'i googled up a random .deb and want to install it'22:05
golinuxtatsumaru: Read carefully22:08
fsmithredtatsumaru, was there something specific you want to install?22:08
tatsumaruI just now that some third-party tools like Discord for example have packages for debian on their website but not Devuan so was wondering how to address cases like this, maybe compile from source?22:09
fsmithredyou can usually use the corresponding debian package22:09
tatsumaruyeah but buZz said not to do it22:10
fsmithredit's safer to download .deb packages than it is to add new sources22:10
tatsumaruno, I meant compile from source, however in this case this will not be available since it's not open source22:10
fsmithredso you know exactly what you're getting from the third-party22:10
buZzwell, a .deb from discord.whatever.commercial isnt a 'debian package'22:11
buZzits a package -for- debian22:11
buZzbut not -by- debian22:11
fsmithreduse the buster version for beowulf22:11
tatsumaruah I get it now22:12
tatsumaruso packages for debian are safe, but debian and ubuntu packages are not safe?22:12
fsmithredubuntu packages might not be safe22:12
buZzwell it depends, its not so easy to say22:12
fsmithreddebian packages already make up most of your devuan system, just be sure to always take them from devuan22:13
fsmithredwith apt or your favorite package manager22:13
tatsumarubtw I am trying to adduser to sudo and it says adduser command not found22:13
fsmithredif you add a foreign source to sources.list, you run the risk of pulling in incompatible libraries22:14
fsmithredroot's path has changed22:14
fsmithredif you use 'su'22:14
tatsumaruyeah I use su22:14
fsmithreduse 'su -'22:14
fsmithredand you'll get root's full path22:14
yetiI really dont see why users should not see stuff in sbin22:15
fsmithredother way is to use 'su' and then call the command with its full path, which I think is a pain in the ass.22:15
yetiplain silly22:15
fsmithreduser's generally don't run stuff from sbin, and looking there every time you run a command will slow you down22:16
fsmithred(so you can hurry up and get to the next red light in your web browser)22:16
yetihave bin 1st22:16
lunariohow can i keep devuan away from creating the Desktop directory? i don't use any DE (dwm instead) and have no entries in xdg's user-dirs.default22:17
fsmithredupdate-user-dirs or something like that22:18
lunarioi already ran that22:18
fsmithredassuming you commented out Desktop in /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults22:19
fsmithredrm -r ~/Desktop22:19
lunariomaybe some program i am running is created it automatically?22:19
fsmithredff will make Downloads, so it's possible that something else is doing similar22:19
lunarioyes, i run rm -r on Desktop every day basically, but it still pops up after a while. i should try to systematically find out *when* it does.22:19
lunarioyeah no i've already set palemoon's download dir to ~/22:20
fsmithredmake sure enabled=True in /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf22:20
lunariothere is nothing like strace on a folder right? lol22:20
lunarioyes i have enabled=True there22:20
fsmithredor set it to False and delete whatever you don't want, and maybe it won't come back22:20
lunariohm, i could try that. ok.22:21
lunariothanks so far, if the problem persists i'll report back22:21
fsmithredone more possible 'fix'22:22
fsmithredset DESKTOP= to someplace where you won't see it22:22
lunariocould i just do export DESKTOP="$HOME"?22:23
tatsumaruhmm I keep getting 'username is not in sudoers file, incident will be reported' when I try to use sudo. I went into su - and did adduser username sudo, but it still doesn't work22:28
buZzlog out and log back in22:28
buZzor just reboot your machine22:28
tatsumarutried, didn't help22:28
buZzdid you log out of the X sessions aswell ?22:28
tatsumarui just closed terminal and did a reboot22:29
buZztry 'id' as user22:29
buZzuid=1000(buzz) gid=1000(buzz) groups=1000(buzz),20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(floppy),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),102(input),103(netdev),110(bluetooth),111(lpadmin),114(scanner)22:29
buZzshould be something like that22:29
tatsumarusudo is there22:30
tatsumaruany other ideas?22:37
yetiis the "%sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" line uncommented by default?22:44
tatsumarui fixed it I am an idiot - I deleted the % by mistake22:45
yetihit shappens!22:46
fsmithredyay for the freedom to break.22:50
tatsumaruhow can I install the 32bit version of and
LatrinaGood evenign23:26
tuxd3vtatsumaru, type 'id' with your user..23:36
tatsumarutuxd3v if this is regarding sudo I solved it23:37
tuxd3v'usermod -a -G sudo your_user' as root will put you in the sudo group, then logout and login again23:37

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