freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2020-06-25

tom_Is the nftables service missing from Beowulf?02:02
tom_rc-service nftable start02:02
tom_on systemd it's systemctl start nftables02:02
saivinobaHi I'm trying devuan in virt-manager. I'm having issue with sound. Each time I have to do pulseaudio --start to get sound working on firefox. How can I make it permanent?09:49
DPAsaivinoba: See the section "Pulseaudio" in the release notes:
saivinobaDPA: Thank you. Have made changes as per release note. Will reboot and check.10:56
saivinobaDPA: Works perfectly. Thank you. Got to make it a practice to read release notes :-()11:11
openbsdtai123this command does not work under devuan, but it works under BSD.  wget ; tar xvpfz mutt-1.7.2.tar.gz ;  cd mutt-1.7.2 ; make clean  ; ./configure --with-ssl --enable-imap  ; make    (ssl not found)19:57
djphare you missing the openssl-dev package?19:58
zatumilapt build-dep mutt19:59
zatumilno it seems debian uses gnutls20:08
openbsdtai123welll... it will fetch the whole debian repository...?20:08
openbsdtai123 autoconf automake autopoint autotools-dev comerr-dev debhelper dh-autoreconf20:08
openbsdtai123  dh-strip-nondeterminism docbook-xml docbook-xsl dwz gawk gettext20:08
openbsdtai123  intltool-debian krb5-multidev libarchive-zip-perl libassuan-dev20:08
openbsdtai123  libfile-stripnondeterminism-perl libgc1c2 libgmp-dev libgmpxx4ldbl20:08
openbsdtai123  libgnutls-dane0 libgnutls-openssl27 libgnutls28-dev libgnutlsxx2820:08
openbsdtai123  libgpg-error-dev libgpgme-dev libgssrpc4 libidn11-dev libidn2-dev20:08
openbsdtai123  libkadm5clnt-mit11 libkadm5srv-mit11 libkdb5-9 libkrb5-dev libp11-kit-dev20:08
sixwheeledbeastpastebin it when sigyn lets you back on20:09
fsmithredguess I didn't need to do that20:30
helios21Alpine3C in LXC 7 MiB RAM, Debian10 in LXC ~90 MiB RAM,  Devuan10 40 Mib RAM. Difference systemd :)21:25
kreyrenIs there an official dockerimage for devuan?21:48
helios21not sure. But there is an Devuan Ascii and Beowolf image for LXC21:49
helios21Above figures are with LXC, not Docker21:49
kreyrenI need docker gitpod is not cool enough to use LXC~21:49
divansantanaSoo... Can one install anbox on devuan. It requires snap. Wonder if that works on beowulf.22:51
divansantanaWant to be able to run android apps on a devuan system.22:51
Atari-FroschThat sounds interesting.22:54
Atari-FroschBut … snap?22:54
Atari-Froschsnap/stable 2013-11-29-9 amd6422:54
Atari-Frosch  location of genes from DNA sequence with hidden markov model22:54
Atari-FroschI guess you mean something else ;-)22:54
golinuxdivansantana: snap is a banned package on devuan22:59
divansantanagolinux: For which reason? requires systemd?22:59
divansantanawhich I hate.22:59
divansantanaI just googled and see23:02
golinuxsystend, of cours23:02
divansantanabeing lazy23:02
divansantana should work23:11

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