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TwistedFateany chance we can get this into official repo?
Guest71527default login and password01:16
Guest71527for star 3.0.001:16
Guest71527thank you01:17
gnarfacei think it's root:toor, no?01:17
Guest71527i tried it but didn't work01:19
frabbitim trying to get a usb sound card to work.01:27
frabbitlsusb -d 0d8c:0014 -v ->
gnarfaceGuest71527: try devuan:devuan01:28
frabbitalso i can choose the card in alsamixer but i cant get any sound01:28
gnarfaceGuest71527: whatever it is, it should be mentioned in the README or in the release notes01:29
Guest71527gnarface:i'll try it thank you01:30
gnarfacefrabbit: is it on this list?
gnarfacefrabbit: i only see one usb device on there, but i can't tell if it's yours from the paste01:32
frabbitthats alsa01:33
frabbitgnarface: err..01:34
frabbitok gota find out my chipset01:34
frabbithmm but how? ^_^01:34
frabbitthats were i got it from01:36
frabbitit says: Chipset: C-Media CM11901:37
frabbitthats not on taht list... o_001:37
gnarfacefrabbit: yea, that means nobody else got it working either, or nobody else has even tried.  you might want to take this one to #alsa or the alsa-devel mailing list01:38
frabbit"Compatible with all recent GNU/Linux distributions" - yeah thx vikings... -.-01:38
gnarfacefrabbit: also, just search online a bit for that model # and linux support01:39
gnarfacefrabbit: maybe you just need a fix that's only in the backports kernel, or maybe you have to manually load the generic usb audio module and apply some non-default module parameters at load time01:39
frabbitgnarface: ok. whats that module called? usb_generic?01:41
frabbitlsmod gave me some usb stuff but im unsure01:42
gnarfaceit's probably snd-usb-audio01:43
gnarfaceor whatever the other ones on the wiki that are supported by this brand are using01:43
frabbit─Łnak this module is loaded by default here01:44
gnarfacehmm, then the only other thing i could suggest besides asking #alsa for help is to just try the backports kernel to see if there's already a fix01:44
frabbitok thx for ur help01:44
gnarfaceif you can fix it you'll be the hero though01:45
frabbitalso i didnt know that theres a alsa channel01:45
frabbitgnarface: lol sure x)01:45
gnarfaceyea alsa and pulseaudio both have their own channels here on freenode01:45
klalofuHi, guys! Does somebody use wine on Beowulf? I get segfault with all versions.11:51
klalofuI have tryed strace it, and i see, that maybe its crashed after representation: ugetrlimit(RLIMIT_STACK, {rlim_cur=8192*1024, rlim_max=RLIM_INFINITY}) = 011:52
klalofuuname({sysname="Linux", nodename="beowulf", ...}) = 011:52
klalofu--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0x1000000} ---11:52
klalofu+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++11:52
klalofuSegmentation fault11:52
gnarfaceklalofu: even with just running wincfg on an empty prefix?12:36
gnarfacethat's the regular wine package in that's in the repo?12:37
gnarfacewhich one, exactly?  the one just called "wine" right?12:37
gnarfaceor wine-development?12:38
gnarfaceif they both fail, maybe try the wine-staging one from winehq.org12:39
gnarfacebut i can't reproduce it here, so it's probably something you did wrong or an issue particular to a driver you have that i don't12:39
gnarfacelooks like it's complaining about ulimit thoug, which should be trivial to change...12:40
gnarfacei dunno12:40
gnarfacelibrary version mismatch, distro mixing, bad ram... too many possibilities12:41
gnarfacegotta narrow it down somehow12:41
klalofui have tryed dev and stable, both are crashing12:50
klalofumaybe its cause i have 5.7.6 kernel?12:50
klalofui have copied all libraries, which wine missed in strace.12:51
DPAFrom where to where did you copy libraries?13:04
DPAklalofu: ^^^ ?13:04
klalofufrom system. just find / -name and copy <wine missing dir>/
DPAklalofu: What was <wine missing dir>? Did you copy 64bit libraries to the location for 32bit libraries? That certainly wouldn't work.13:13
DPAGenerally, if a binary is not in /usr/local/* or /opt/*, it shouldn't be messed with.13:13
DPAStuff in /bin/, /lib/, etc. should be left to the package manager, or it will break eventually.13:13
klalofusorry, my notebook stacked haphazardly. i have reload it into 5.6.0. same situation with wine.13:16
DPAklalofu: You can search for the package containig a file using `apt-file update && apt-file search /path/to/file`.13:28
DPAIf you still know which libraries you copied to where, search and (re)install the correct version from the correct package.13:28
DPAIf those are 32bit libraries, you may need to add that architecture `sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386`.13:28
klalofuWine has seek all libs in ../i686/ folder, so i have got them from ../i386 system folder. I have add i386 architecture in begin of adventure.13:31
klalofuOn apt-file search i have got huge list of files, but what i can do with it?13:35
DPAklalofu: I don't understand why it would look in i686 for This seams strange...14:11
klalofuopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/lib/wine-development/../i386-linux-gnu/wine-development/tls/i686/sse2/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = 314:13
klalofuopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/lib/wine-development/../i386-linux-gnu/wine-development/tls/i686/sse2/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = 314:13
klalofuopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/lib/wine-development/../i386-linux-gnu/wine-development/tls/i686/sse2/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = 314:13
klalofuopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine-development/tls/i686/sse2/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = 314:13
ham5urgAre there install-isos for testing? Or is debootstrap the way to go?14:30
gnarfaceham5urg: probably install stable then upgrade is the best approach, but debootstrap would work too15:10
ham5urggnarface, yes, thanks, I will install stable, then upgrade15:11
brocashelmcurious to check out refracta. what makes it different from devuan? just some essential tools thrown in?19:02
golinuxMore personalized to the developer's taste.19:07
systemdleteshame on me for not knowing this, but I have forgotten:  Is there a way to "trace" the init process?  I am using the default init (not openrc) on star linux, which I think is sysvinit.  I'm using the latest star, which appears to be based on beowulf.  Thanks to anyone who knows this.20:13
systemdletebtw, this might be a vbox-related issue, since I am seeing this on my adelie RC1 VM also.  Of course, there are differences between Adelie and devuan/star to begin with (mostly musl).20:14
systemdletenvm.  I think I see the problem.20:14
fsmithredbrocashelm, refracta is mostly without metapackages, so if you want to remove a package it won't take the whole desktop with it.23:07
fsmithredoverall it's a little bit lighter weight system than pure devuan with a full desktop23:08
brocashelminteresting. that was a problem i had with devuan (such as removing slim affecting mount/umount permissions in ascii)23:18
brocashelmalthough beowulf has been a huge improvement and i'm completely sold now23:18
fsmithredif you start with a minimal install and add stuff that you want, it's easier to customize. If you exclude Recommends it helps avoid cruft.23:45

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