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xrogaanglat?! ^^'00:16
Unit193It's spam, ignore it.00:19
arminoh wow, one can select the init system between sysvinit and openrc in 3.0?01:05
arminhow nice is that01:05
arminfinally a distribution who's serious about init-freedom (hello, artix friends, too!)01:05
arminthat's awesome01:06
brocashelmarmin: you can even use runit (which i am using right now)01:11
arminbrocashelm: well the installer offers 2 options but not runit01:12
arminbrocashelm: that being said, i'm a huge fan of void and runit, too, yes.01:12
refreshguiarmin - antix also has runit version...perhaps others, cant remember01:18
brocashelmarmin: you can install runit-init very easily in devuan01:19
golinuxIIRC runit will be available in the installer with the point release01:21
Bjornnthanks everyone that replied to my issue earlier. I don't know why but I tried the install again a hour later and everything was fine01:59
WafficusI'm trying to run 'cmus' from the standard repo, but its not loading07:11
WafficusI'm using 'alsa' not pulseaudio if that helps07:11
WafficusVersion of cmus: cmus v2.7.007:11
gnarfaceWafficus: any error messasge?07:24
gnarfacedamn, too slow again07:24
brocashelmi use cmus (2.8.0) and it works just fine09:44
Bjornnhow to tell which sound driver you have?11:11
JorilBjornn: I'd say lspci -k11:31
JorilOr better, lspci -k | grep -A2 Audio11:32
brocashelmhow to get around the xfce keyboard layout limit of four?11:47
fsmithredbrocashelm, fork and rebuild the plugin or switch to lxpanel that has a keyboard layout handler that will take more than four layouts.13:04
fsmithredthat first one is a guess. I don't know if you can rebuild one plugin.13:05
absintheHello, it seems to have an issue with dnssec-keygen's manpage.  Supposedly working algorithms aren't actually working.  Not sure if it's a devuan issue ?17:22
fsmithredabsinthe, check debian bug reports. I don't think we fork that.17:34
absinthewill do, thanks17:37
bsd4meI am trying to upgrade to chimaera from Linux refracta 5.6.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.6.14-2~bpo10+1 (2020-06-09) x86_64 GNU/Linux. Anything I need to do besides updating my sources.list to chimaera? TIA20:57
* ShorTie Thinkz, cross your fingers ??21:01
bsd4melol, well, will see how it goes.21:03
bsd4mehope this isn't too many lines:21:06
bsd4meThe following packages have unmet dependencies:21:06
bsd4me libc6-dev : Breaks: libgcc-8-dev (< 8.4.0-2~) but 8.3.0-6 is to be installed21:06
bsd4meE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.21:06
fsmithredbsd4me, here are my upgrade notes:
bsd4mefsmithred: thank you! Will follow them and report back :)21:28
bsd4mefsmithred: changed sources.list, then ran update and upgrade. First thing is to upgrade 593 packages, so doing that now21:32
fsmithredbsd4me, I don't know if that's the best procedure. That's just how I got through it the one time I did it.21:41
bsd4meok, well, will see how it goes :)   At least we'll know if the procedure is good general instructions.21:43
fsmithredstill downloading stuff21:44
bsd4meinstalling them now21:46
bsd4me13%  :D21:46
bsd4mefsmithred: full-upgrade gave me same error, so following your procedure.22:33
bsd4meback to second apt full-upgrade22:34
LinuxAgentHello. I am GLAT agent. Contact me to purchase a license for GNU/Linux ($99 single user, $49 volume).22:38
brocashelmfuck off22:41
bsd4methanks for the laugh22:41
brocashelmit's not even funny anymore; these shills just keep coming back22:42
bsd4meoh :(22:43
Akulimaybe do that on debianfork too, if you haven't already done that22:46
fsmithredI don't have ops there22:46
brocashelmthere should be a way to automatically kick anyone saying they are a GLAT agent with an irc bot script22:46
Akulisomeone else did it :)22:46
fsmithredthey usually do get kicked automatically22:47
Akulifyi: it's a bad idea to copy/paste a spam message on irc22:47
fsmithredI was surprised that this one stayed22:47
Akulia friend did it and got auto-banned from freenode22:47
fsmithredposting too many lines at once can do it, too22:48
brocashelmi don't get the point of coming into irc channels for free/open-source operating systems and "offering" to sell expensive licenses for the same kernel that everyone is already using22:49
brocashelmthese people need to face reality22:49
Akulii wonder if this is a bot, a botnet or actual people22:52
brocashelmone instance of this nick actually did respond directly to someone shitting on it22:54
brocashelmso it could very well be shills paid to pester online communities22:55
brocashelm(let's discuss this in #debianfork)22:55
bsd4meapt full-upgrade went well. Now going through apt autoremove23:07
bsd4mefsmithred: I have to change apt install libgcc-8-dev=8.4.0-4 to libgcc1 : Depends: gcc-8-base (= 8.3.0-6)23:13
fsmithreddid something change?23:14
bsd4mejust followed your procedure23:15
bsd4mecopy/pasted most lines :)23:15
fsmithredI vaguely remember something about libgcc123:16
fsmithredisn't that an older package?23:16
bsd4me libgcc1 : Depends: gcc-8-base (= 8.3.0-6) but 8.4.0-4 is to be installed23:18
bsd4meall I know23:18
fsmithredwhy do you have libgcc1?23:18
bsd4meno idea. sorry :(23:18
fsmithredI don't have it here23:18
fsmithredI think I removed it23:19
bsd4mehmmm, wonder if something I installed required it.23:19
bsd4melet me see what response when I try remove it23:19
fsmithredlibgcc1 is a ceres package. Not in chimaera.23:20
fsmithredI'll see if that's true after an update23:20
bsd4meok, seems safe to remove it. Nothing else to be removed with it.23:20
fsmithredstill ceres only23:20
bsd4meI haven't installed anything from ceres that I'm aware of :(23:21
fsmithredok, it's also in ascii and beowulf23:21
bsd4meok, just removed it.23:21
bsd4meNow I can  apt install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`23:22
fsmithredcool. I checked my command history, and I did not remove libgcc1 manually. It must have gone out with something else.23:25
fsmithredI added a note to remove libgcc1 before installing build-essential. Thanks.23:27
bsd4meyw :)23:28
bsd4meok, installing sshfs23:28
bsd4meok, going to reboot and see how it goes :)23:31
bsd4meRETTY_NAME="Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimaera/ceres)"23:35
bsd4meNAME="Devuan GNU/Linux"23:35
fsmithredcheck to see if ssh works - see if you can log in from another machine23:37
bsd4meno other machine here right now :(23:39
bsd4mewill make a note to try when have another machine available. Just using my ideapad right now23:40
fsmithrednm, it works23:42
fsmithredI had trouble getting into a beowulf VM today23:43
fsmithredbsd4me, did you look at diffs of config files as they got upgraded?23:59

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