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brocashelmi can't wait for it to be the next stable release00:00
MinceRlol @ debian being stable00:01
JTechnoI just wanted to check it out, I'm not going to stick with ceres00:01
brocashelmfair enough haha00:01
onefangDebian and Devuan "stable" are stable, just like "unstable" is exactly what it says on the tin.00:05
yetisid = still in development = sid is dangerous00:53
yetiwhat about ceres?00:54
yetia recursive acronym ... creativity on!00:55
onefangCareful 'Ere, Really Experimental Stuff?00:56
yeticeres exposes Really Experimental Stuff?00:56
brocashelmjust reading those debian codenames makes me nostalgic00:56
* yeti still misses "best debian ever" (debian6)00:57
yetithe decline started with wheezy00:57
Unit193YYMV I guess, unstable and especially testing have always treated me pretty well.  Though I'd guess this is more a discussion for -ot. :)01:12
yetishortly after freeze testing can be really ugly when all the held back stuff from unstable comes in like a tsunami...01:15
yetihiccups in unstable come more often but in smaller doses...01:15
yetiok... need a walk in the dark... and fresh O₂   _o/"01:16
Wafficuscould I ask an nginx + gitweb question if I'm running Devuan on a VPS?01:54
* rrq thinks it's a bit early in the day for metaphysial reflections02:05
bgstack15Wafficus: the first rule of irc is the first rule of irc02:39
bgstack15The second rule is, don't ask to ask. Just ask.02:39
WafficusI'm trying to figure out how to host a Gitweb instance on port 80 on Nginx, and have been through like 4 different guides in doing so02:42
Wafficusthe closest I got was to run it on a different port, like 4321, which is OK I guess but not desired02:43
Wafficusmy goal: be able to run the gitweb instance when I visit '' or ''02:43
Wafficushowever when I go to either of these sites, I get the 'Welcome to Nginx' page02:43
Unit193Wafficus: I don't mean to misdirect, but have you looked into cgit?  I believe it to have a nicer UI, and it is faster.02:53
rrqWafficus: look up "Search Results02:55
rrqWeb results02:55
rrqNGINX Reverse Proxy02:55
rrq.. that's copy-paste :)02:55
Wafficusso I have to use a proxy?02:56
Wafficusyou mean this right?
rrqif you want an nginx front-end, yes02:57
rrqthe second example should work for you02:57
rrqand then you can firewall that "gitweb port" if you want to avoid people gpoing directly02:58
bgstack15Wafficus: it sounds like nginx is using the default settings and showing you the generic welcome page. You probably need to set a Location or document-root value. Those are the Apache httpd (apache2) terms.03:04
bgstack15Hopefully that will get you researching the right direction.03:04
bgstack15But frankly it'll probably be easier to set up rather than, but of course anything is possible. I'm just supposing that it'd be easier just to add it as a virtual subdirectory03:04
WafficusI gotcha, appreciate the ideas03:05
Wafficusthanks I'll see03:05
WafficusI think I figured out the issue03:09
WafficusI have both an ipv4 and ipv6 address enabled for those sites03:09
Wafficushowever I don't have the ipv6 referenced in the nginx based configs03:09
WafficusI have no idea how to add this, but at least I found the root cause of why I'm not able to see the site03:09
roo^yi started my Mele PCG35 Apo with Beowulf 24hrs ago, after I'd installed updates & shutdown. After idling, it went to the black screensaver I'd previously set. I couldn't "wake it up" from this state, & killed X. I turned off the screensaver altogether, which has fixed this teething problem. I'm not having any issues turning the screen off with command 'xset dpms force off' & waking it again09:21
roo^yLike ASCII, I won't be surprised if in the future, some process will barely let the screen "sleep/hibernate", randomly/constantly "waking it up"09:25
gnarfaceroo^y: which screensaver are you using, exactly?  is it the "just blank screen" feature of xscreensaver, or something else?09:38
gnarfaceroo^y: dpms should function normally without needing a screensaver at all, but xscreensaver can tie into it, possibly causing some bad interaction if the video driver does something unexpected09:39
gnarfaceroo^y: but xscreensaver can also i believe black the screen without dpms, just simulating it visually but not actually activating any power saving feature of the display at all.   it's important to know exactly the distinction09:40
gnarfaceroo^y: the fact dpms is working fine when you engage it manually does strongly suggest either that dpms is a red herring here, or that there's an untracked 3rd variable still09:41
roo^yjust checked. I believe it was 'Blank Screen Only' ..I didn't think I'd need a PW, but perhaps toggling to this makes it wanting to be woken with PW09:42
gnarfaceroo^y: well, the xscreensaver preferences panel should actually have a checkbox somewhere for that too, for whether to lock the screen too09:43
gnarfaceroo^y: if it's actually xscreensaver you're working with, that is.  if it's something else i don't know.09:43
gnarfaceroo^y: (it would be "xscreensaver-command --prefs" or something like that09:44
gnarface... xscreensaver-control maybe?)09:44
roo^y(I definitely didn't check the box for 'Lock Screen After' x minutes09:44
gnarfaceit shouldn't be locking then09:44
gnarfacethat you are even able to kill x means the whole thing didn't I/O lock, too09:44
gnarfaceso this seems to be something specifically related to Xorg09:45
gnarfaceand dpms seems a strong suspect, but the evidence is pointing to it not being the issue09:45
roo^ycan confirm was using stock XScreenSaver09:45
gnarfacemaybe try a different screensaver09:45
gnarfacethe "space" one never locked my shit up09:46
gnarface"just blank screen" seems like it should be pretty safe but we're running out of other things to try09:47
roo^ybefore installing updates, as I've mentioned sort of, stock settings had the screensaver running 'random', all sorts of built-in "screensavers"09:47
gnarfaceah, yea don't do that.  they're not all safe with all video drivers, as i've previously mentioned09:47
gnarfacesadly you have to test each one individually for performance profile and stability09:47
gnarfacewhat is "heavy" or "unstable" to some hardware/driver combinations may not be to others09:48
gnarface(in general just avoiding the opengl ones like i said before is a pretty good start)09:48
roo^yi see09:49
roo^yan obvious experiment would be to use 'Blank Screen Only' again, to see if I can repeat the fail, or if it was a once off (i'll wait to a convenient time)09:50
gnarfacethere's even some 2d ones that show of some early 2d acceleration features like rotoscoping and stuff that can be curiously heavy for stuff like cpu use and battery drain on some more modern hardware due to driver inefficiencies or just lack of native support for older APIs and falling back to software emulation09:50
gnarface*that show off09:50
gnarfaceyea, that would be a good test too, you always need at least more than one data point to draw a straight line09:51
gnarfacei feel like the city of Melbourne needs to donate some money to fixing these ancient screensavers as some sort of apology for allowing their name to be used by those domain hijackers for years09:52
gnarfaceit's sad that we've got the same screensaver problems in the same exact screensavers as we have had for decades but that is just the state of the world09:52
roo^yMelbourne AU or US?09:54
gnarfacethere's been a company impersonating a domain registrar named after their city that's been spearphishing domain holders for years with fake expiration notices09:57
gnarfaceit's got nothing to do with them, but if they have the money to throw at shit like the art project "Priate Baby's Cabanna Battle" then i think they could also maybe stop some international crimes being perpetrated under their name09:57
gnarfacethey hit me up every few years to try to catch me off guard but i guess they don't expect me to read email headers09:58
roo^yif it's the popular domain register, i send them a bunch of money to hold onto domains i have yet to use recently expired, & i missed the emails. I'm afk for a while10:02
gnarfacesigh... yea it's those guys.  they're not a real registrar.10:02
gnarfacethey're just an international crime gang10:02
gnarface(they might also be actually incorporated though)10:03
ham5urgIs this a gnome3 without systemd3 as it should be?
buZzham5urg: all devuan apps dont depend on systemd14:34
ham5urgthank god14:35
ham5urgI believed gnome was so deeply dependend on systemd that no human being could use it anymore.14:35
buZzwell we arent human14:36
buZzwe're aliens trying to save the human race from lennard14:36
* gnarface barely even counts as a life form14:36
ham5urgand 40 billions trying to destroy foss14:37
ham5urgand from*14:37
ham5urgI'm sorry, 34 billion14:38
onefangI was gonna say we ain't gods, but you can thank us mere mortals anyway.14:38
ham5urgAs virt-manager is not willing to squeeze all performance out from qcow2 (no support of l2-cache-size), has anyone here a best practice to use disk-images with nearly baremetall speed?14:42
ham5urgneither libvirt supports l2-chache-size14:43
buZzlvm thinpool is cute14:43
ham5urgI will take a look14:43
buZzstorage doesnt really get faster from a bigger l2 cache though14:43
buZzbcache is cool for increasing speed of spinning rust storage14:44
gnarfacei still recommend shell scripts14:44
buZzrun a bcache for your raidpool on a raid0 of NVMe's :P14:44
onefangI gave up on virt-manager and just write qemu shell scripts.14:44
gnarfaceyea, it's really better at a certain point14:45
brocashelmis it normal if you switched to chimaera, but inxi is telling you you're using chimaera/ceres hybrid?14:45
gnarfaceyou just outgrow virt-manager at the point that fixing it is harder than writing the commands by hand14:45
bgstack15I thought virt-manager was "deprecated" because of web-frontends now?14:45
brocashelmmy sources.list only points to chimaera repos14:45
bgstack15I'm sure it's the fdo people responsible...14:45
ham5urgonefang, gnarface, I just started the same, scripting qemu.14:45
gnarfacebrocashelm: testing is sorta peeled off unstable after the previous testing goes stable; yes that's expected behavior14:46
brocashelmgnarface: nice, just wanted to be reassured i followed the dist-upgrade steps correctly14:46
brocashelmso far, it's stable as expected, only now with xfce 4.14 8-)14:47
brocashelmmy sources.list includes chimaera, chimaera-updates, and chimaera-proposed-updates repos only14:49
gnarfacehmm, i'm not sure you want chimaera-proposed-updates, and i'm pretty sure chimaera-updates should be empty or not present14:49
gnarfacefor testing you should typically only need the first one14:50
gnarfacesame goes for unstable actually14:50
ham5urgI have to handle some shitty windows application, which stores its stuff into a local file (some DB I don't know). I'm never sure if the file is opened or closed, at the moment I start rsync which connects to the windows-machine and syncs the data. Because of this, I thinking of using a VM with this software and backuping snapshots. Due to this I need qcow2 AFAIK. How would you guys handle such win-software?14:51
onefangChimaera-proposed-updates and chimaera-updates are basically empty at the moment.14:51
gnarfaceham5urg: i'm not sure a vm is gonna actually help the problem you're having14:52
gnarfaceham5urg: the program doesn't provide it's own db access?  does it have any way to force triggering the synching of the data to disk without exiting?14:52
brocashelmonefang: i'll disable those repos14:53
gnarfaceham5urg: i wouldn't be using such a program in the first place, probably, but for the problem of databases needing to be backed up in general, what i'd do is use the database's own backup mechanism separate from the filesystem backups14:53
ham5urggnarface, AFAIK it does not have a way to synch to disk. It's some 25 year old piece of software.14:54
gnarfaceham5urg: (sometimes i'd bundle THAT serialized dump into the filesystem backup itself but i wouldn't bother trying to capture the raw database image)14:54
ham5urgA the moment I sync at night time in the 'hope' that no IO is happening14:55
gnarfaceso you just wait a long time, basically14:55
gnarfaceeh, qemu disk image file might work then14:56
gnarfacerunning "sync" on the host might even help trigger the flush (long shot but i don't know)14:56
gnarfacedon't forget to xz your disk images14:56
gnarfacethe backups i mean14:56
ham5urgI see, xz is good.14:57
ham5urgYes, the backups.14:57
gnarfacethe only other thing i could think of is trying to snapshot the ram contents directly while it's running but that seems like a pain and a messy hack14:58
gnarfacehmm, maybe if it will run in a VM with very low ram allocated, you can make it write to disk more often14:59
gnarfacethat's a less messy hack, if it works14:59
gnarfaceif there's less free ram available than it takes to cache a database query, then it has to go back to the disk every time, in theory...15:01
buZzyou can do snapshots with a -lot- of different filesystems15:02
buZzbtrfs and ocfs2 are two15:02
buZzoh you're using msdos, yeah no clue then15:03
hevydevy1hello, just testing if i set up weechat right?16:01
hevydevy1looks to be good, not used irc for a long time.16:03
supercharizardhi everybody20:10

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