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ankokukishiwell im gonna go get a LITTLE sleep, i gotta go do some stuff later00:05
ankokukishiand i need to kinda be alive to do this crap00:05
ankokukishithansk for helping me with all this stuff getting refracta up and running, ill definitely be back lol00:06
ShorTieif any body wants to play with libreswan, they just push my Devuan patches to github00:20
ShorTieso it should build ok00:21
vernonWhy would I want to use libreswan over openvpn?00:45
meep_____I really do not like how every other program I install in Beowulf installs avahi-daemon and dconf-daemon despite being able to work fine without04:51
meep_____As well as policykit04:51
meep_____I keep having to apt purge those programs and apt autoremove --purge04:51
MinceRmaybe disabling installation of Recommends by default would help04:54
meep_____I've never done that before04:54
meep_____How would i do that?04:54
MinceRor pinning avahi-daemon, dconf-daemon and policykit so they're never installed04:54
MinceRnot sure, i've never done it either04:54
MinceRiirc pinning was used to keep systemd from being installed, presumably the same method would work in this case04:57
MinceRby some people, i mean04:57
MinceRmaybe devuan includes it too, despite amprolla filtering out the packages04:57
* enyc meows05:05
* MinceR meows05:11
* meep_____ skreees05:11
meep_____I'm setting up DRM05:12
* enyc wonders what changin in devuan lately05:12
meep_____Finally getting around to switching to it from i305:12
golinuxI figured that had to be a typo.05:13
enycmeep_____: not used einher seriously myself - how do those compare.. .some related video online halks bout then movnig to xmonad ;p05:14
enycare these all   suckless / etc   type  window-managers ??!?05:14
meep_____Dwm 6.2 does everything i need from i3 but with only 1000 or so lines of portable C05:15
meep_____With only a single patch05:15
meep_____For the systray05:15
MinceRwell, there's a Direct Rendering Manager, iirc05:15
meep_____Yeah since gnome went to shit lots of people are switching to window managers not tied to redhat or gtk305:16
enycMinceR: yes I was thinking of drm, that sort of mess i've had bugs with on ati rs480 lately ;/05:17
systemdleteMaybe nothing; but maybe something.  I just upgraded my main PC to 32GB RAM.  I had 16GB previously, and I was using almost all of it up, and frequently saw swapping/paging activity.  Now, after the upgrade, I am seeing anywhere from 50% to about 66% of memory in use at various times.  I am running more VM guests than previously, yet I am still seeing a few 100MB of swap activity even though there is far more than that10:23
systemdleteavailable in main memory.  I assume this is normal, but why?10:23
systemdleteascii running on hardware.  FX processor (8350 I think) 8 cores.10:24
systemdletethis is not too worrisome; I just find it interesting.10:24
gnarfaceit's because /proc/sys/vm/swappiness defaults to 60 on debian10:26
gnarfaceyou can adjust that10:27
sixwheeledbeastCertainly on Ubuntu I see this happen as after a bit of uptime all of the RAM is in use as cache. I swappiness is the way to minimise it.10:27
gnarfaceset it to 0 to avoid swap10:28
gnarfacevalid values from 0-99 i think?10:28
sixwheeledbeastI have mine on 9 which seems fine until your total RAM usage is up in the 90%10:29
sixwheeledbeastalso FX but with 16GB BTW10:30
systemdleteso, when RAM gets to 60% or so in use, it begins to swap, saving RAM for cache and buffers, etc?10:31
systemdletethanks for the explanation.  I might play with it... slightly though.  I don't mind the swapping that much.10:33
sixwheeledbeastyou can change it in a way that persists a reboot or temporary10:35
gnarfaceyea the configs go in /etc/sysctl.conf or /etc/sysctl.d/10:36
systemdleteto start, just temp.  Actually, sixwheeledbeast, I don't reboot my host much.  I prefer to let it run; I've discovered that my disk drives are lasting longer by avoiding the daily cycling.10:36
systemdletebut I'm getting OT now10:36
gnarfacei think that one you can change on the fly without any reboot10:36
gnarfacemaybe it needs to be set at boot, maybe i'm wrong.  but i thought it takes effect basically immediately10:37
systemdletesysctl -w kernel.whatever=7010:37
sixwheeledbeastI don't reboot much either, or spin down.10:37
sixwheeledbeastyou can do it either way i cant remember, I have a bash alias for it.10:38
systemdleteI just had a 2010 Hitachi drive die on me; granted it was not in use for about 4 years.10:38
systemdleteThe -w option to sysctl does the same thing as editing /etc/sysctl.conf10:38
systemdlete(makes it permanent)10:38
systemdleteBefore I began the practice of keeping the box running 24x7, I was losing drives left and right10:39
systemdleteanyway.  Very interesting, and I may play with that option in the coming days or so.10:40
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDhow do I suspend the laptop on lid close without systemd?11:14
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand also call i3lock11:14
gnarfacetry installing the pm-utils package and acpid11:17
gnarfaceor maybe just task-laptop11:17
lxsameerhey folks, it's kindof a silly question, but how compatible is devuan with debian? can i install those deb packages that has nothing to do with systemd14:00
djphlxsameer: it's identical, with the exception of shoving systemd down your throat14:01
lxsameerdjph: cool, so it still uses packages from debian repo right ?14:01
djphexcept where debian is suboptimal14:02
ShorTiethey not in apt ??14:03
djphShorTie: "they" what?14:04
lxsameerdjph: thanks mate14:05
debdogin other words: the vast majority of packages are directly taken from debian. exceptions are the ones modified by the devuan project to circumvent the requirement for systemd and its dependencies14:06
cronoliohi, is here a right place to ask about sysvinit ?15:53
Garb0cronolio, yeah, what's going on?15:53
cronolioi have strange custom environment, without mounted /proc /sys /dev and when i run poweroff it says15:56
cronolioshutdown.c (514): Function not implemented15:56
Garb0cronolio, try halt -p15:57
cronolio(541) sorry15:57
cronolio looks like that15:58
Garb0if that also doesn't work, you've botched something bad and i don't have enough info, you're probably better off backing up and reinstalling15:59
cronoliohalt -p - the same result15:59
Garb0did you build sysvinit yourself or something15:59
cronoliosysvinit in lfs like system but with musl16:00
cronoliowithout any init scripts yet16:00
Garb0oh yeah, isn't fprintf part of glibc stuff?16:00
Garb0keep in mind that musl is not a drop in replacement for glibc, like libressl for openssl.16:02
Garb0let me check if musl has fprintf16:02
cronoliomeybe just `setuid(geteuid());` returns error16:03
Garb0it seems that musl has no fprintf16:04
cronolio not that ?16:06
Garb0hm, i couldn't find that in the musl source code, i must be retarded16:06
Garb0it's definitely not seteuid/setuid because if that was the culprit it would break at 54016:07
systemdleteinit is not reaping children16:09
systemdleteascii with all the latest updates applied16:09
systemdletekernel is 4.9.0-1316:10
Garb0cronolio, strerror also exists, why the hell did it stop at that line16:11
Garb0you should just post this on sysvinit's issue page16:12
cronoliomaybe fprintf wants some /dev/.... or /proc/....16:13
cronoliowill try later after writing some system initital scripts and booting up with it16:15
cronolioi able to poweroff -f :)16:19
tuxd3vcronolio, you are in a typical install of devuan + sysvinit?16:29
tuxd3vOr you are experimenting with lots of external stuff?16:30
Garb0he's on musl, absolute mad lad.16:30
cronoliofully custom system16:33
leafwizHey, I see that I can support Devuan thought paypal. And I would like to donate, but it would also be cool if I could buy some t-shirts / merk. Is there an official t-shirt I can buy?17:10
leafwizJust thought the official site I could not see any merk17:11
wikanhi :)17:13
wikani have sound and wifi issues17:14
wikanwifi connection takes very long17:14
wikanpavucontrol is "connecting" to server but nothing happens17:14
systemdletedowngraded to kernel 4.9.0-12 and things seem a little more sane again...18:07
aaron_Im just a linux user and i installed devuan to explore it and i cant figure out how to get X to work21:19
aaron_amd thames 7500m/7600m21:19
gnarfaceaaron_: probably just missing some packages.  the packages shouldn't be any different from the debian names though...21:20
aaron_umm let me see what iv installed21:20
gnarfaceaaron_: i don't know if we have a devuan version of this information, but it should all be the same except for the repo urls:
aaron_iv installed  amdgpu and ati driver and radeon driver21:21
gnarfacedid you remember the non-free firmware?  newer ones need non-free firmware, not sure exactly which versions though21:22
gnarfacealso you'll need Mesa21:22
aaron_um iv installed no firmware that i am aware of21:22
aaron_um let me paste a copy of the Xorg log21:23
gnarfaceaaron_: try installing "mesa-utils" and "firmware-amd-graphics" if they're not already there.  (firmware-amd-graphics will be in non-free, which you may not have enabled by default)21:23
aaron_ill try that quickly thanks gnarface21:26
aaron_gnarface, wow thanks, it worked!21:30
aaron_gnarface, it had me really stumped. i come from ubuntu land21:30
aaron_theres no network manager!21:33
aaron_wicd how interesting!21:33
aaron_thanks again take care and keep up the amazing work on devuan21:34
* gnarface would have welcomed him but was afk21:53
brocashelmah, he'll be back; he did say he came straight from ubuntu21:58

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