freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-08-05

torvn77Hello! I installed the Steam store client on Devuan, but many games do not work as there is no 32 bit version of the vulkan library. You could not compile it, otherwise you only have a library for 64 bits in your distribution.00:00
gnarfacetorvn77: you need to enable multiarch00:03
gnarfacetorvn77: (then run apt-get update and the 32-bit stuff will also show up in the repos)00:03
gnarfacetorvn77: and make sure you used the steam client package from the non-free section of the repo, not from valve's site00:04
gnarfacetorvn77: "dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update"00:06
torvn77$ apt list | grep i386 | grep vulkan00:11
torvn77WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.00:11
torvn77libvulkan-dev/stable 1.1.97-2 i38600:11
torvn77libvulkan1/stable,now 1.1.97-2 i386 [installed,automatic]00:11
torvn77mesa-vulkan-drivers/stable,now 18.3.6-2+deb10u1 i386 [installed]00:11
torvn77nvidia-legacy-390xx-nonglvnd-vulkan-icd/stable 390.138-1~deb10u1 i38600:11
torvn77nvidia-legacy-390xx-vulkan-icd/stable 390.138-1~deb10u1 i38600:11
torvn77nvidia-nonglvnd-vulkan-common/stable 418.152.00-1 i38600:11
torvn77nvidia-nonglvnd-vulkan-icd/stable 418.152.00-1 i38600:11
torvn77nvidia-tesla-418-nonglvnd-vulkan-icd/stable-backports 418.152.00-1~bpo10+1 i38600:11
* gnarface sighs00:11
gnarfacethis all seems very familiar.  did i have another conversation with him about this that ended the exact same way?00:14
wikanwhat is a good alternative to devuan?00:42
wikani have huge problem on one computer00:42
nemowikan: gentoo00:42
wikandevuan doesn't work well on this laptop00:43
gnarfacewikan: if you're having driver issues try the beowulf-backports kernel00:44
nemowikan: bit more detail might help too00:44
nemocomputer model, nature of problems..00:44
wikanthree problems i have00:46
wikan1. buildin wifi - connection and receiving ip address takes about 1, 1:30 min00:46
wikan2. no sound. alsamixer says about two devices, but no controls. pulseautio is not reachable00:47
nemopulseaudio + beowulf might be that bug... is it fixed yet? the config file thing00:48
nemowifi... is that at startup or from inside X using wicd gui?00:48
wikan3. when i was changing screen resolution... /home partiton was disapearing. No files, no device in lsblk. Moved files to / part00:48
wikanwifi isnt working via installer. Only wicd somehow can connect00:48
wikannemo: I don't care about pulse. I may use alsa. Need sound :)00:49
wikanbut no audio is available00:50
nemo /home partition vanishes when you change *Resolution* ?????00:50
gnarfacewikan: those all sound like problems that are highly likely to be fixable by upgrading to the beowulf-backports kernel, however the harddrive issue might be hardware failure... only one way to find out00:50
wikanyes. logs says - disconecting usb :D00:50
nemowikan: just saying. devuan uses pulse by default, so that should be fine, but there's a known bug in pulse on beowulf that I have no idea if it is fixed00:51
wikani have SD card - (system), and SSD disk00:51
wikanssd was /home00:51
nemowikan: huh. would never have put home on usb personally, but to each their own00:51
wikanand probably it is connected via USB bridge :D00:51
nemowikan: how are you mounting the USB? anything that, say, gnome/mate automounts might be screwing with?00:51
wikanit is inside00:51
wikanhave no idea wtf00:51
wikanSD card originaly was for Google Android00:51
wikanSSD for Windows00:51
nemojust wondering if screen res thing (not sure what you were doing there) triggered X restart00:52
wikanmagic lol00:52
nemowhich might've caused their automounter to get involved00:52
nemomaybe crashed something ☺00:52
nemowhat desktop env?00:52
wikani was changing resolution for 5 times00:52
nemognarface: do you remember what config file was that pulseaudio/systemd thing fsmithred talked about? I keep forgetting00:52
wikanevery time drive was getting disconnected00:52
nemowikan: any clues in X log? crashes? restarts?00:53
wikanUSB devices go down00:53
wikanand back00:53
wikanand SSD is originaly installed that way00:54
wikanmaybe it is not usb socket but somethowe it affects ssd too00:54
wikanssd is not important but sound and wifi00:56
wikani will try install kermel from backports00:56
gnarfacenemo: /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter00:57
gnarfacenemo: replace with pam_elogind.so00:58
AgrisPam doesn't want anything to do with you dwight01:37
filipdevuan_Devuan ceres is great!!!!02:31
bsd4mefilipdevuan_: have you been running ceres very long? I'm thinking about moving up from chimaera.03:26
gnarfacehe's gone already03:27
bsd4meoh, ok. thanks03:27
nemognarface: huh. neither of those sound like the setting he'd described03:45
nemobut I'm blanking on what it was03:45
nemognarface: but I guess I should do them too03:45
gnarfacenemo: maybe i'm thinking of a different conversation03:52
ShorTie  doesn't work any more ??03:59
nemo  no?04:01
gnarfaceshould be afaik04:04
ShorTielookin for the sources for the packages04:04
gnarfaceif you're looking for debian packages look on debian repos04:04
gnarfacethey're served via redirect, only the forked packages are on the actual devuan servers, and it's not many04:04
gnarfacecompared to the total04:04
gnarface"apt-get source [package name]" should still work though as long as your sources.list is right...04:05
ShorTieno, no, lookin for like debootstrap_1.0.123+devuan2.tar.gz04:05
ShorTieuse to work .. :/~04:06
Agris» <bsd4me> filipdevuan_: have you been running ceres very long? I'm thinking about moving up from chimaera.04:08
Agriswould not recommend doing that. It's just Sid at this point04:08
filipdevuan_@Agris well 2 weeks04:12
filipdevuan_But everything is running perfect so far, kde plasma or xfce as well as i304:13
filipdevuan_web browsers as well, pretty neat04:13
bsd4meAgris: Yes, I know :)  But years ago, I ran sid long before they moved to systemd.04:13
filipdevuan_Agris: sorry i meant to send Agris: not @ ;d04:15
filipdevuan_yeah ceres is neat04:15
bsd4meglad to know that04:16
bsd4meI've also ran opensuse tumbleweed and arch, so I'm familiar with occasional hiccups :)04:17
bsd4meAgris: loved the clip :D04:26
tuxd3vhello all05:15
tuxd3vmy sources.list are of type:05:15
tuxd3vdeb beowulf main contrib non-free05:15
tuxd3vbut when I do a apt-get update I get:05:15
tuxd3vdoes I have to put there a 'stable' string for sure?05:18
golinuxtuxd3v: Run apt update and answer "yes"05:19
tuxd3vgolinux, nice, it realy asks with apt update :)05:20
tuxd3vmany thanks ;)05:20
golinuxtuxd3v: We built the isos before we made the change.  It will be fixed in the 3.1 point release05:44
tuxd3vgolinux, ok05:45
tuxd3vI saw this page:05:45
tuxd3v66-devuan :)05:46
golinuxLimping along on one leg05:46
golinux(no pun intended)05:46
golinuxI haven't see the dev in maybe a year05:47
golinuxHaven't seen you in a while either.05:47
tuxd3vit points to the old url, before the migration..05:47
golinuxOh!  Good catch!!05:47
golinuxMoving git caused more than a few linkage breaks05:48
tuxd3vyeah but gitea is very nice, it was a good choice :)05:49
tuxd3vI didn't knew it was so developed, as it is05:49
golinuxYes, I like it quite a lot.  I wish it had more user info in admin though.05:50
openbsdtai123I managed to instal devuan wiht 40kb/s speed internet10:01
openbsdtai123the problem is tat the layer of networking on linux is very poor and unstable. linux has the poorest networking compared to apple, bsd and windows.10:02
openbsdtai123openbsd and netbsd works amazingly well on all net situations.10:02
openbsdtai123so I wrote a little how to :
openbsdtai123note the mkfs.ext3 and installer are bit buggy. needs a fix.10:03
meep_____openbsdtai123: why is linux networking bad?10:29
openbsdtai123wpa supplicatns disconnects and firmaware arent as good as bsd10:31
openbsdtai123slackware works better. it disconnects much less.10:32
openbsdtai123bsd never disconnects10:32
openbsdtai123well, everyone know about linux will to get as good as bsd for  networks.10:32
openbsdtai123a fix... there is not really a possile fix. wait that linus creates an additional layer in linux kernel.10:33
meep_____Sounds like a hardware problem openbsdtai12310:55
meep_____Firmware is the same10:56
meep_____That gets loaded into the card itself10:56
meep_____Wpa_supplicant shouldn't be disconnecting you unless there's a hardware problem10:56
meep_____Try disabling power management?10:56
meep_____I thought you were talking about the TCP implementation10:56
meep_____And also openbsdtai123 use ext4 not ext310:57
meep_____Is there a reason your using ext3 instead of ext4?10:57
meep_____Maybe that's why your network speed is so low11:00
meep_____There's an option you may need to configure, wpa_supplicant will disconnect by default from a station if the bitrate is too low11:01
meep_____You can see this option exposed in wicd-gtk11:01
meep_____You may need to adjust that option manually if your not using wicd11:01
meep_____But i take it if your internet is 40k you don't have the funding or ability to obtain better hardware11:02
buZzare there any exynos based targets for devuan?12:38
buZzi just got a XC503C32 exynos 5800 chromebook12:38
buZzsupposedly nearly completely supported in mainline nowadays12:39
klaushi folks13:34
fsmithredbuZz, looks like it:
buZzoooo nice! tnx13:59
fsmithredI should have said 'maybe'14:00
fsmithredI have no idea what to do with any of that, but you might fin a compatible installer image14:00
buZzi think the 'normal' method is just a rootfs on SD14:01
buZzthere's some uboot in rom that boots a uboot in flash that might be able to boot kernel from SD14:02
fsmithredyeah, you can go up a level or two and poke around in some other directories14:02
buZzmaybe #devuan-arm could help, but its idle now ;)14:02
buZzalmost as idle as #linux-exynos , but ah well14:03
buZzi'm just impatient14:03
fsmithredthere's a u-boot directory, but I don't see any chromebooks listed14:04
fsmithredno 'chrome' anywhere in the installer-arm* trees14:05
fsmithredyou might try making an image with arm-sdk, but I have no idea how much work that would be14:09
buZzi could wait till parazyd is awake, he might know some tips :)14:09
fsmithredacer and veyron chromebooks are listed14:11
tocsaHi fellas, I'm in a deep doodoo19:50
tocsaYesterday I did a full-upgrade because more and more packages were kept back19:51
tocsaAs a result wicd got uninstalled!!!19:51
gnarfacejust install it again19:51
tocsaWhen I try 'apt install wicd' it fails19:52
gnarfacewith what error message?19:52
tocsaBecause it depends on python2 2.7.17-219:53
tocsaBut I have python2 2.7.18-219:53
tocsaI'm typing this on my phone since I cannot connect on the faulting box19:54
tocsaSo: "the following packages have unmet dependencies:"19:54
gnarfaceyou shouldn't have a conflicting newer python version unless you did something wrong19:54
gnarfacethis is beowulf?19:55
tocsa"python: PreDepends: python-minimal (=2.7.17-2) but it is not going to be installed"19:55
gnarfaceright, but you have 2.7.18-219:56
gnarfacethat's most likely caused by user error19:56
tocsa"Depends: libpython-stdlib (...)19:56
tocsaI think the problem is that I'm half on ceres19:56
gnarfaceoh, i see. yes that's definitely the problem.19:57
gnarfacethe only solution upstream supports in this case is to complete the upgrade to ceres19:57
tocsaI have both Beowulf and Ceres in my sources.list19:58
tocsaFor a long time now19:58
gnarfaceyea, you should not have done that.  that was a high risk behavior.19:58
gnarfaceyou should have used beowulf-backports if you needed newer stuff, or compiled the chimera or ceres packages yourself19:58
tocsaMy bad19:58
gnarfaceif you're patient and careful you might be able to repair it by removing the ceres packages and installing the beowulf versions19:59
gnarfacei don't know of a automated way to accomplish that19:59
tocsaI cannot remember exactly how I got there. Thanks for your help19:59
gnarfacesorry that's all i can do for you, good luck19:59
tocsaIf I manually rewrite all the Beowulf entries to Ceres then apt update may fix it?20:00
tocsaI'll get to a wired connection20:00
gnarfacewell, you'll be on ceres then but yea that will "fix" it20:00
gnarfaceapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade20:01
tocsaThe wicd packages are still on my system somewhere (in rc state) maybe I can force install it somehow?20:01
gnarfaceif the packge is still in /var/cache/apt/archives/ sure20:02
tocsaAll right thanks, I'll report back20:02
gnarfaceyou might even be able to just downgrade that python version directly with something like "apt-get install python-minimal=2.7.17-2" but no guarantees20:03
tocsa@gnarface I managed to get internet access through USB tether. I'm about to do dist upgrade to be fully on ceres, however when I look at 'lsb-release -a' it already says I'm on Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimera/Ceres)20:34
tocsa'testing/unstable' :)20:35
tocsaSo I'm not sure where a dist upgrade would bring me20:35
brocashelmtocsa: that's normal :)20:45
gnarfacetocsa: it would bring you matching package versions for everything, is what it would bring you (on a good day anyway)20:51
gnarfacetocsa: that lsb-release thingy isn't as smart as it appears20:52
tocsaSo the dist upgrade didn't install too much, like 6 packages, upgraded node to v 1221:12
tocsaI don't see ceres-updates or ceres-security repositories configured in my sources.list though, I had those for Beowulf (now it's commented out by the dist upgrade)21:13
Agristocsa: why are your running node?21:14
gnarfacetocsa: *-updates and *-security are only populated for stable21:14
gnarfacetocsa: sounds like you were mostly on the way to a complete ceres install anyway21:15
tocsa@Agris I'm a software engineer I'm doing a smorgasbord of things. Probably that's why I fast forwarded to Ceres (unintentionally somehow) while I supposed to do Beowulf backports21:30
csaba_I'm writing this from my devbox through USB tether21:32
csaba_So I suppose (?) I'm fully on Ceres now. I try "apt install wicd", but it fails, because that depends on "wicd-client". wicd-client is a virtual package, I need to select gtk, curses or cli version21:33
csaba_I'm trying wicd-gtk, but that depends on python (2.7.17-2). And with ceres we don't have python but we have python2 (2.7.18-2).21:34
csaba_Oh, tocsa = toth csaba21:35
csaba_Maybe on ceres wicd has a different package name and I'm just hammering on the wrong packages, barking at the wrong tree?21:38
csaba_Is there anyone here with Ceres and could peek at what's the wicd package versions and names? Or the wifi handling daemon and related package names if it's not wicd?21:39
gnarfacecsaba_: well, it might just be that python2 version was just updated and wicd hasn't caught up yet.21:39
gnarfacecsaba_: when you're on unstable this type of thing happens normally21:39
csaba_@gnarface Oh boi. I thought that could happen only with nightly21:39
gnarfacecsaba_: unstable basically is that21:39
gnarfacecsaba_: it's continuously updated on no schedule21:40
brocashelmyes, still waiting on python and a few other packages; they've been held back for now21:40
gnarfacecsaba_: with unstable, usually the best solution is to just wait a day or two for them to fix it.  sucks that this is right in the middle of your upgrade.  bad timing.21:40
brocashelmi am starting to realize rolling releases are better21:41
brocashelmhaving much better experiences with ceres than chimaera or beowulf21:41
brocashelmfor desktop/hobbyist use, it's pretty stable21:42
csaba_@brocashelm, I'm not sure if "python" as a package name will exist, there's already a python2, I guess when the wicd comes out it'll depend on that21:42
brocashelmcsaba_: youtube-dl is already giving me problems if python is removed21:42
brocashelmcsaba_: so what i did was copy all my python files back to /usr/bin and it works again21:43
csaba_@brocashelm: Are you using wicd? If yes, what version? Or you are just having it as held back together with python?21:43
brocashelmcsaba_: nope, networkmanager. it's held back together as part of my usual updates. i noticed packages like jack are also purged if i remove the held packages (due to version conflicts)21:44
csaba_@brocashelm: that's great news for me. Since wicd is resisting I install networkmanager. Now I just need to figure out a GUI plugin for it for Xfce4. Are you using Xfce4 by any chance or some other window manager system?21:47
csaba_Worst case scenario is a CLI script like I use for USB tethering anyway21:48
brocashelmcsaba_: yes, i use xfce. it's the only truly usable DE in my opinion21:48
csaba_So what GUI plugin I can have for NetworkManager?21:49
brocashelmcsaba_: there is the gnome gui of it21:49
csaba_Gotcha, I installed that21:49
brocashelmcsaba_: i come from mint, so i only really have it 'cause it's what i'm used to. alternatively, you could try connman as another gui method to connect to the internet21:50
csaba_brocashelm: Where does the network-manager-gnome places itself in the menu? I cannot see it anywhere21:51
csaba_Or it's "just" a plugin?21:51
csaba_brocashelm: Looks like I may need to logout/in for it to show up? Without that I don't see it in the Panel Items to add, and I don't find any executable either21:54
brocashelmcsaba_: i think you have to then remove or disable wicd and start the service21:54
csaba_brocashelm: the service started and I see a wlan0 device in ifconfig21:55
csaba_brocashelm: the Xfce4 logout/login worked. A panel item now shows and I could connect to wifi!22:00
csaba_gnarface: Thanks for all the guidance (not the first time BTW, I remember your name form my earlier carnages)22:00
* gnarface claps excitedly22:00
gnarfacecsaba_: no problem, enjoy your ceres22:01
csaba_So TL:DR; ceres wicd is not ready for python2 yet. I installed NetworkManager and network-manager-gnome and I'm using that with Xfce422:01
brocashelmcsaba_: nice22:01
csaba_I'll stay with this until NetworkManager breaks, in that case I'll either fix it or return to wicd, whatever works22:02
brocashelmcsaba_: recommend checking out the arch wiki's page on network manager. i also use it with openvpn22:02
csaba_Developer life, living on the edge. Ceres worked well for me for more than half a year now I think BTW. Probably I wouldn't recommend it to anyone faint hearted since things like this can happen (although I know it was partially my fault), since it unstable22:04
csaba_brocashelm: thx22:05
brocashelmcsaba_: it's totally worth it because it challenges you as a gnu/linux user, rather than having everything handed to you22:06
brocashelmcsaba_: as long as you are careful, make backups, check the list of changes/bugs, etc., you are able to make the most of it22:07
csaba_brocashelm: true. I love to know more about the system. The best is if I'd use VMs. I'm too overconfident after 2 decades that I'll be able to overcome issues. This was sort of steep, but could have been worse.22:14
premobosshi dudes. someone is skilled in i2c protocol? i have some chips on i2c to drive. I installed 12c-tools and the utility there works pretty well (i2cset, i2cget) but those utilities are limited to a SINGLE byte to address the internal space of the chip. i can control a RTC 1307 (une byte to address the device + one byte to address the internal space) but those commands fail to drive a eeprom 24LC128 because it needs TWO bite to address internal space and22:27
premobossi2cset and i2cget does not allows to use more than one byte to address internal space of the device. LONG TORI SHORT: someone knwos some i2c commands more flexible than who prestn into i2c-tols package?22:27
djphi2c addressing is ONE byte.22:51
djphafter that, it's all data (at least in the protocol)22:51
premobossdjph, no, 24LC128 (16KB eeprom) needs TWO address byte.22:53
gnarfacehmm. i see something on stackexchange about using a c api to read more than one byte at a time, but it seems to suggest the only magic part is not passing a "stop" byte between the two bytes.  maybe the command-line tools just can't do that and you need the c api?  alsa shit is like that sometimes.22:54
premobossif you write, you need: command+MSB+lsb+data22:54
premobossif you read, you need: command+MSB+lsb (and eepro reply with one byte of data)22:55
gnarfaceeh, it's over my head.  maybe they'd know in #kernel?22:55
premobossgnarface, do you know  if may exyst something i can copy, compile, use? im not deep into C programming :-(22:55
premobossi will try #kernel, tanks.22:56
gnarfacepremoboss: no, sorry all i know about it is what i just skimmed off that stackexchange post22:56
gnarfacepremoboss: not sure even, but it seemed sorta related:
gnarfacepremoboss: someone has to know how to do this, you just gotta ask the right people22:57
premobossgnarface, thanks for your effort.23:01
gnarfacepremoboss: sorry it's all i got on this one.  the only other guess that comes to mind is maybe it's a japanese device and it expects 16-bit characters?  i don't even know if that's possible in the i2c protocol23:02
gnarfacepremoboss: but you know, if it's expecting one character instead of one byte then maybe you can just change your shell locale and pass 16-bit characters23:03
premobossgnarface, on the datasheet of 24LC128 (produced by microchip) is reported that to access for write you need command (1 byte) + address (2 byte) + data (1 byte). in general, all EEPROM that has more htan 256 bytes of internal space needs MORE than one byte to address them.23:05
gnarfacepremoboss: i follow the math part about why you need more than one byte to address more than 256 bytes of memory, but the only other thing i know about i2c is that it is always coming up as a requirement for fan/voltage/temperature sensors23:08
premobossgnarface, there is a plenty of i2c device out there, manu of tham are "easy" and need only command+address (if you read) or command+address+data (if you write) but many others are more complex and needs longer stream of byte to correctly address the internal behaviour.23:10
djphpremoboss: yes, where the "command" byte is the device address + rw23:10
djphyour i2c controller should be sending command + data (addr_MSB) + data (addr_LSB)...23:11
premobossi can pmoint you to datasheet of RTC_1307 (easy: command+address) but lso to more complex as SHTC3 (temperature and humidity sensor) thant need longer stream to be correctly managed.23:12
djphor rather START + Command + ADR_MSB + ADR_LSB + Data + STOP23:12
premobossdjph, yes, it SHOULD be. but id can do only if the software allos to do, and i2cset/i2cget allow ONLY to send 3 bytes: device_addres + command + internal_address. i cannot send an internal_address done as MSB+lsb23:14
wikanhi. updated kernel and firmware to backports23:14
premobossthat is the probme that i am facin.23:14
wikanno way to make sound and wifi working23:14
wikani really need alternative for devuan for this machine23:15
djphpremoboss: well, then the library is shot.23:16
premobosshere the bit stream to write one byte:
gnarfacewikan: it might not work on ANY distro at all... you'll have to identify the device model to even find out23:17
wikangnarface: it works on mint23:18
wikangnarface: but every ubuntu based distro is a huge software mistake23:18
gnarfacewikan: in theory you could just use the mint kernel on devuan... it'll work with at least most the software for sure23:18
gnarfacewikan: what you should do is find out what the mint kernel has that neither of the kernels you've tried had.  maybe it's in ceres, or maybe it will need a kernel rebuild.23:19
gnarfacewikan: the only other thing i could suggest would be arch or gentoo probably, where you're basically building everything by hand anyway23:19
wikani think about alpine23:20
brocashelmif you go with arch, artix is one of the non-systemd ones23:20
wikani have never used arch befora23:20
wikani need os for my mam23:21
brocashelmthere are different distros based on devuan23:22
brocashelmfor different purposes23:22
brocashelmhere's a public list:
wikani don't know how it is possible MINT is so HUGE and need so many resources. There is nothing but base services.23:22
wikanbrocashelm: based on distro that doesn't work for me? :)23:23
wikani have one deBian - works fine, one deVAan works fine23:23
brocashelmmiyo (make it your own) and refracta are some of the popular ones23:23
wikanbut this one computer is... eehhhh23:24
brocashelmthen try using the mint lts kernel23:25
brocashelmas gnarface said, it's possible23:25
gnarfacewikan: if you're gonna reinstall anyway, try upgrading it to ceres first just as a test23:26
gnarfacewikan: maybe you just need something even newer than backports23:26
wikanso... the best way is just add mint repo and install kernel?23:26
wikanor just hard-replace the file? but then modules...23:27
brocashelmstick with devuan repo only if you can23:27
gnarfacemeh... there's no way to do it clean.  choose your fate.23:27
brocashelmtry upgrading to ceres before you do anything else and see if kernel 5.7 works23:27
gnarfaceif you're up for making a mess you could just install the ceres kernel23:28
gnarfacethat would be cleaner than installing the mint kernel at least23:28
brocashelmceres = unstable23:28
gnarfaceit might be enough, but ceres has newer everything and it might matter23:28
wikannow i am using 5.6 kernel from testing23:29
brocashelmironically more stable than beowulf in my experience23:29
gnarfacewikan: i don't recall you ever telling me what this command output: "lspci|grep net -i"23:29
brocashelmi was having some freeze problems with chimaera (runit), but that subsided as soon as i upgraded to ceres packages23:29
wikangnarface: you did23:30
wikan2 days ago ;)23:30
gnarfacewikan: please paste me the output from that command23:30
gnarfacewikan: oh, it's this usb thing?  Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0bda:8152 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8152 Fast Ethernet Adapter23:32
wikanyea - it works but connects 1 min23:33
wikansometimes i need to retry 2 times23:34
gnarfacewell i found the latest version here, but i suspect i see the update you need specifically mentioned in 5.7
gnarfacewikan: admittedly, i don't now anything at all about it, but this looks suspicious:
gnarfacewikan: (titled "ETHTOOL_COALESCE_USECS only appeared with 5.7-rc1, not 5.6")23:36
wikanshould I upgrade to cereb?23:36
wikanentire os?23:36
gnarfacewikan: well, maybe.... though this is also looking like a really simple 1-character fix...23:36
gnarfacewikan: it would be as easy to build this version of the driver as it would be to patch and replace the one you already have23:37
gnarfacewikan: it would be easier to upgrade to ceres, probably, but i get ya... the whole distro seems a bit much23:37
wikanyea but i need sound23:38
brocashelmwikan: create backup before you do23:38
wikanthere is more issues than wifi23:38
wikanthis system has 2 days23:38
brocashelmok, fine. then upgrade anyway23:38
gnarfacewikan: oh hey you should know something though before you do anything else...23:38
wikani was working few years on debuan unstable23:39
gnarfacewikan: i think they put kernel 5.7 in beowulf-backports probably mere hours after you tested it last23:39
wikanunstable is much more stable than stable release is23:39
brocashelmso you should know what it's like!23:39
brocashelmyeah, i agree23:39
wikani installed kernel from backports 15 minutes ago23:40
gnarfacewikan: maybe i'm wrong then23:40
wikananyway... it system will work as unstable23:41
wikani will install it from iso - it any23:41
wikanbecause I would like to install system on SSD23:41
wikanSD is much faster until you dont do many I/O23:42
brocashelmyeah, i just change the repository and go to console to update and check everything before doing 1-2 reboots23:42
wikanthe it is much slower23:42
wikanok it is downloading... it will take about 2 h :|23:43
wikanlast time I was configuring linux so long was my Gentoo I compiled a week23:43
wikanhow can I UPGRADE single package?23:44
wikanI use debian for more than 10 years but I dont know :D23:45
brocashelmyou just want to upgrade a specific package, regardless of what apt update says?23:46
brocashelmif so, that is apt install package=version23:46
brocashelmapt show package -a (lists all instances of the package so you can choose the version you need)23:47
wikani did apt upgrade thanks ;)23:48
wikani meant - thanks23:49
wikan"i did" was previous not deleted message23:49
wikanthanks for package=version solution ;)23:49
wikanupdating kernel23:49
wikanwifi works fast23:53
wikanstill no sound23:53

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