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wikani t   i s   w o r k i n g00:06
wikanif I use UEFI and wanna edit kernel params, will grub-update work?00:10
gnarfacei don't think it's any different, i think you just edit the /etc/default/grub file, i don't think you even need to run anything00:11
wikani will see00:12
fsmithredjust run update-grub to generate the new menu00:12
wikanon uefi too fsmithred ?00:12
fsmithredgrub-install for uefi is a little different - don't name the root device00:13
fsmithredbut update-grub is same00:13
fsmithredguess I mean boot device00:13
fsmithredfor uefi the bootloader goes to the efi partition, wherever that is00:14
wikannow i will test if changing resolution unmounts drives on 5.7 kernel00:16
gnarfacewikan: sound doesn't work still?00:16
wikansound is ok now00:16
fsmithredoh, that problem?00:16
gnarfacewikan: so everything is cool with the ceres kernel and everything else is still beowulf?00:17
fsmithredok. I'll wait and see.00:17
wikanceres kernel, ceres pulse and ceres alsa00:17
wikanthanks a lot guys ;)00:18
gnarfaceyou're welcome00:18
gnarfaceyou know it's not advisable to run part of one release with part of another release though, right?00:18
wikanyea i know00:19
gnarfacethis will probably be safe for the time being but it'll probably cause you a headache next time you try to update if you forget you did this00:19
wikanbtw changing resolution still removes external drives00:19
gnarfacethat's weird, is it plugged into AC power at the time, or on battery?00:19
wikani know but i will not udate this os00:19
wikanit must work, my mam wanna listen to music and play games00:20
wikangnarface: dunno. i have no idea how this drive is installed. it is inside laptop00:20
gnarfacehmm you said external drive you meant internal drive?00:20
wikanok, well...00:21
wikan...there is SD card inside and SDD drive00:21
gnarfaceseparate from the boot drive?00:21
wikani used wrong word sorry - internal lub system think it is external00:21
gnarfacewell i can't even know for sure it's not a hardware limitation00:22
wikanit must work on SD for now00:22
wikanwill work slower but i cant do anything00:22
gnarfacedoes seem weird though, maybe check into module options for the harddrive controller or something00:22
fsmithredchanging to any other resolution does it, or just some resolutions?00:23
gnarfaceif you search for that problem online, specifically with the drive controller's model # you might find module options suggested00:23
gnarfaceit could be a known issue in the hardware or firmware00:23
wikani have to learn this :)00:24
wikansearching so deep00:24
gnarfacewikan: did you test if it happens both with and without the charging cable?00:29
gnarfacewikan: based only on what you've said, i can't be sure it's not a symptom of a failing power supply00:30
fsmithredthat was my first thought00:30
fsmithredor gremlins00:31
gnarfacewell, if it's an aftermarket drive it's also possible it's just drawing too much power00:31
gnarfacei suppose that could be a thing00:31
gnarfacethough i've never seen it personally it's theoretically possible....00:31
wikangnarface: sorry i was on another sesktop ;)00:34
wikanwell yes, it is happen with a cable00:34
wikani will check usb stick too ;)00:35
wikangoogle is piece of shit00:42
wikansorry for taht00:43
wikanthose guys even can't write good, fast and good optimized code00:43
wikani like old computers. I can play videos and music on old computers but Youtube and GMail make old computers cry00:44
GetGNULinuxHello. I am GLAT agent. Contact me to purchase a license for GNU/Linux ($99 single user, $49 volume).01:46
* wikan waves02:17
wikanby ./02:17
mcrErr:1 beowulf/main i386 libperl5.28 i386 5.28.1-604:56
mcr  404  Not Found [IP: 2a04:4e42:20::204 80]04:56
mcrErr:2 beowulf/main i386 perl i386 5.28.1-604:56
mcr  404  Not Found [IP: 2a04:4e42:20::204 80]04:56
mcrlooks like a broken archive ...04:57
mcrI used in my apt.sources, so I guess there is a redirect.04:57
furrywolfhave you done an apt-get update recently?04:57
mcrI've been upgrading jessie->ascii->beowulf on an old VM.04:59
mcrfirst two steps went fine.04:59
mcrnot sure where that AAAA is coming from, since I can't find it with dig.04:59
mcr(I'm not finding any AAAA with dig, not sure why)05:00
golinuxtry  the address you're using is deprecated05:01
golinuxUse http not https05:02
golinuxmcr: ^^^05:02
glguyDid Sigyn just remove someone for pasting something OK into chat?05:09
mcrgolinux,  not  argh.05:11
mcrIt feels like the address changes every few months.05:11
golinuxmcr: The infrastructure was reorganized.  It should be stable for some time now.06:11
rrqthe domain "" still resolves to "the old" package server which is about to be decomissioned. the domain "" refers to all the mirror services, since some few months before yesterday06:16
meep_____How can I get a recent version of psi-plus on Devuan beowulf?
se7en-For some reason, when I try to uninstall the firefox-esr, and add ephinity-browser, the intended replacement11:14
se7en-It attempts to uninstall lvm211:14
xinomiloit probably has nothing to do with firefox-esr11:17
xinomilosome other packages you removed before that11:17
xinomilothese are autoremove packages, leftovers from some previous removals..11:18
se7en- apt remove --auto-remove --purge11:19
se7en-Reading package lists... Done11:19
se7en-Building dependency tree11:19
se7en-Reading state information... Done11:19
se7en-0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.11:20
xinomiloanother way : apt autoremove --purge11:20
xinomilobut still, firefox-esr has nothing to do with lvm11:21
se7en-same situation11:21
se7en-I know11:21
se7en-xinomilo: I don't think you know me, but my apt has been wonky for years11:21
xinomiloif you dont use lvm2 , let it go11:21
xinomilocheck sources.list, preferences.d, apt.conf ...11:22
se7en-When I upgraded to ASCII from Jessie, I had to scare golinux11:22
se7en-I do use lvm211:22
se7en-Well, I know I use lvm11:22
se7en-I am unsure if it has upgraded to lvm311:22
se7en-Is there lvm3 now?11:22
se7en-My apt.conf is fine11:23
xinomiloso, manually : apt install lvm211:23
xinomilothen apt remove firefox-esr11:23
xinomilodo you see the same?11:23
se7en-I already tried that11:24
se7en-I'll try it again11:24
se7en-I'm rerunning apt update rn though11:24
se7en-see if that unconks it11:24
se7en-Also, look at the rest of those packages11:25
se7en-Are those all dependencies of firefox-esr too?11:25
se7en-I believe I have the dev packages installed for the image files11:25
se7en-I need sleep11:27
se7en-I shall return tomorrow11:27
xinomiloi need vacation, but i have to work, thanks to grub2 messing up everything..11:28
amarsh04Is there a newer version of firmware-amd-graphics upstream?12:34
brocashelmare you moving to testing or unstable?12:35
amarsh04I have firmware-amd-graphics                        20200619-1 which does not include verde_uvd.bin which is required for running Cape Verde cards with amdgpu from current git head12:36
amarsh04I am running unstable12:36
amarsh04I have sourced verde_uvd.bin from elsewhere but surprised that the newer firmware-amd-graphics apparently isn't in Debian and hence in Devuan12:38
amarsh04back in a while, will leave irc running12:38
xinomilodownload from git then12:39
amarsh04yes, should be at
rabdoolhey guys. Can somebody let me know how to make pulseaudio run at startup on Devuan open-rc?16:19
rabdooli get this error when entering pulseaudio in the console : E: [pulseaudio] backend-ofono.c: Failed to register as a handsfree audio agent with ofono: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.ofono was not provided by any .service files16:20
gnarfaceif rabdool comes back tell him he just needs to install the ofono package16:22
rabdoolis there a service that needs starting to start pulseaudio on devuan open-rc16:27
* gnarface facepalm16:29
gnarfacehe stayed around for all of 24 seconds that time16:29
gnarfacegonna have to be faster i guess16:29
gnarfacethe worst part is, that's not even his problem16:30
masongnarface: Does your IRC client have a /pounce function? I feel you're going to need some automation for this.16:30
wikanwhy it is so hard to find unstable sources.list repos17:48
wikanthird devuan instance is installing now ;)18:00
wikanthird laptop :)18:00
gnarfacewikan: this should be the only line you need: deb ceres main18:01
gnarfacewikan: but you should add this one too in case you want to recompile some stuff later: deb-src ceres main18:02
wikanyea, i found out18:02
wikanib case to recompile i will change distro :P18:02
wikantoo lazy18:02
wikanfck :| unstable dependency hell begun :/18:09
wikancan i force different version as dependency?18:16
gnarfacenot without rebuilding the package18:19
wikandependency is =2.7, i have 2.8 or something like this18:21
wikanwhy ppl cant do >=2.718:21
gnarfacethere's probably a reason18:21
gnarfaceprobably 2.8 breaks something in it and they need to update the code18:21
wikanit is python-minimal18:22
gnarfacethat doesn't change my answer18:22
gnarfacethey would have done >= if they thought it was safe18:23
gnarfacemaybe it's an oversight but probably not18:23
gnarfacethe only way to know for sure is to build it yourself and try it18:23
wikanwhat ever but many dependences are very fucked lol :D18:23
gnarfaceyea you might just have to deal with the old versions until they fix it18:23
wikanxorg installs gnome's icons for example18:23
wikanmosty i use --no-install-recommends to be sure no trashy pkgs will be installed18:24
wikansome pkg installs 70MB of fonts :| who... just whi18:26
wikani always was thinking fonts are for me not ppl who write software :P18:27
wikanbtw... what you doing?18:27
gnarfaceit's a secret18:33
wikani should not update to unstable on this machine18:38
wikannow i have to find out why xorg hangs entire system :|18:39
wikani have repo spagetti now18:50
wikansome unstable pkgs, some stable18:50
wikandamn it is lottery18:50
wikanit back to work but... for how long18:51
wikani cant disable service :|19:33
wikanits seys cant find lsb script19:33
wikannever mind19:33
wikanservice name is not sshd but ssh :|19:33
meep_____Wikan I installed packages without that21:59
meep_____Is there any way to remove all the 'recommended' packages and only install the minimal requirements of the explicitly installed packages?21:59
smplmeep_____; yes, if you want to set it for everything you add the line "APT::Install-Recommends no;" to /etc/apt/apt.conf22:55
smplotherwise a simple apt-get --no-install-recommends will do.22:56
phoggor aptitude -R22:56
phoggif you're an aptitude fan22:56
meep_____Yes but will that remove stuff that already installed?22:56
meep_____Not explicitly22:56
smplphogg; I'll try to remember that one.22:56
phoggmeep_____: no, and AFAIK there's no simple way to know that a package was only installed because of a recommends22:56
phoggsmpl: it has the virtue of being a lot shorter to type22:57
meep_____Isn't there a concept of explicit and dependencies?22:57
smplphogg; true, though I probably wont remember, but I'll know that it exist and look it up in the man page if I need it ;)22:58
phoggthe information exists more or less, but I don't know a way of selecting "the set of packages installed solely because of a recommends". You'd have to do a lot of checking to figure that out.22:58

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