libera/ Sunday, 2018-10-07

Joerg-Neo900quite quiet :-)00:34
mabynogyhello Joerg-Neo90022:25
Joerg-Neo900hi mabynogy23:07
mabynogywhat's up?23:07
Joerg-Neo900good question :-) I'd like to know as well23:08
Joerg-Neo900mabynogy: there's a channel log for what has been up, see /topic23:09
mabynogyis it something made by freenode or bot?23:11
Joerg-Neo900it a bot independent of FreeNode23:12
mabynogyyou're on your neo900 I guess lol23:16
Joerg-Neo900alas not, the project is stalled due to lack of manpower/contributors23:23
Joerg-Neo900needs a restart based on a more contemporary hw design and business concept23:24
mabynogyI probably know postmarketos23:30
mabynogyyo sorry23:41
mabynogyyou (!)23:41
mabynogywhat is it cantelope ? the kiwiirc logo?23:43
mabynogythat one is nice
mabynogyok I got it with the previous logs23:50

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