libera/#maemo-meeting/ Friday, 2022-02-18

eLtMosenconfirm test21:41
joerg test confirmed21:41
joergthe *.txt files are still there, just not visible anymore21:42
reinoboh, I just noticed halftux was there. All clear :)21:46
joergas good as it gets21:49
ilmanowarJoerg then if I make a script to monitor that page I can get notified from new messages here, is it?21:51
siceloNotified where? :-)21:52
ilmanowarBecause monitoring directly the IRC channel has some complications more.21:52
joergilmanowar: yes. the "latest" link is stable and gets updated once per minute21:52
ilmanowarWell, in my mailbox. Sending an email21:52
siceloThere are irc clients for almost every OS out there, and they have native notifications21:52
ilmanowarYes, but they require a device on21:53
ilmanowarInstead, I change devices often and my email is everywhere with me21:53
joerg^^^ *nod*, depends on device/OS-flavor but actually the device might cut through battery like mad when you keep it always-on21:53
joergilmanowar: you may also scan the same URL minus the ".html" tail21:55
grythanks all21:56
ilmanowarI see, a nice feature. I realize that if that log name will change every time maybe I should see for a solution like what sicelo told.22:00
siceloOr connect here via a matrix client :-P22:01
siceloThey're 'free' bouncers/znc in a way22:01
joergilmanowar: see "index" "latest" - doesn't change, it's stable22:18
joergor use but please not too frequently22:19
ilmanowarI think monitoring would do the trick. But also I will check the matrix client.22:21

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