libera/#maemo-meeting/ Friday, 2022-03-18

siceloNow that we're reviving things, we should do something about council (maybe once the board issue is fully resolved)10:07
eLtMosenWhat was that a crap yesterday...Customer complains about 17:00 a complete delivery as I just wanted to go home.10:27
eLtMosenDirectly switched to panic mode because I must not lose the customer and prepayment, another 6 hours sushi produced and delivered.10:27
eLtMosenI get home around 23:00, open the computer to the next near cardiac arrest as I realize to have missed the GA... Signed minutes from 2017 sent in snail mail to Roger now. Dunno what to say else, at least wanted to explain...10:27
macros_Thank you very much for sending the minutes so quickly!10:37
joerg>>Signed minutes from 2017<< WTF?!14:20
joergthat's even time-barred (verjaehrt)14:22
juicemejoerg, are you registered GC for the maemo group hierarchy?14:48
juicemeCould you arrange cloacks for the new board?14:48
joergthat's my duty14:49
juicemethanks. I think we should probably follow the same kind of format we had on freenet14:49
joergthough eV board never had cloaks. Which cloaks would you want?14:49
juicemelet me search a bit14:51
joergmaemo had cloaks for council. eV board isn't anything special really14:52
juicemeas a council cloack I had "Maemo/community/council/juiceme"14:54
juicememaybe "Maemo/community/board/juiceme" would be OK14:55
juicemeand similarily for other board members14:55
joergthere's literally nothing the eV board was particularly qualified or entitled to speak about. The council on the other hand is the conduit between maemo council and the eV(-board) so council had cloaks to make clear they are the ones any maemo community member wants to talk to about anything that needs help from council14:56
joergwhat would be the purpose of such cloak for MCeV board members?15:01
joergif anything, it would be maemo/eV/board/juiceme15:11
joergjuiceme: please make sure the users who want a cloak are online, identified to nickserv and send an individual request for cloak  maemo/MCeV-board/<username> in #maemo-admin15:21
juicemejoerg, thanks. the cloack you are suggesting sounds OK.15:26
joergalso please note that cloaks are usually not granted to accounts that are newer than 3 months15:28
joergthis changed in libera (vs freenode) for generic user/<name> cloaks15:29
juicemeI think my account is aged about 5 months. (since at that time I moved to Libera)15:31
joergthe 3 months are a soft limit. No problem15:48

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