freenode/#maemo/ Thursday, 2021-07-29

joergthere are friendly methods to remove USB plug and there are very failure-prone methods00:33
joergthen there are usb-cable plugs that are very hard to unplug, and others that are "run in"00:35
joergwhen a hard-to-unplug plug comes to a "unfriendly" removal method, it's probably 100s of times more likely to break the USB receptacle00:36
joergto start with, you need to grab the plug on the small sides to unplug it, *not* on the large flat sides00:37
sixwheeledbeastI gently filed the locking pins slightly on the charger I use for N90000:45
sixwheeledbeastprobably not advised but WFM00:45
joergI used a tad of pencil graphite on the plug sleeve and inserted and pulled the plug (halfway) a maybe 100 times while watching a movie. Also worked00:54

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