libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2018-05-30

sn0wmonsterenyc, was there news to articulate?18:21
enycsn0wmonster: good question, houkime taking over some parts and succeeeding with placemnt?   are there particular roles we want to shout-out for help on, .... ??20:16
houkimethe thing is it is hard to tell if it is a real success unless the whole thing is done(20:18
houkimeI would like to have some collaborative layout efforts and discussion but there are two problems.20:21
houkimethe first one s a closed-source model for layout that is now temporarily enabled by joerg.20:22
houkimethe second one is the fact that kicad can't really fully befriend git as it is now.20:22
houkimethus problems with merging branges are REAL.20:23
enyci'm thiknig  (a) risk-managment you want bugs-shallow, no disaster in proto board  (b) making prokect believable complet-able.20:23
houkimeand the third one is the fact that right now it is all on an internal git server which is not really a comfortable place (unlike github for example) to coordinate and manage stuff.20:25
houkimeabout other jobs - the whole project (except for NextStep) is now basically depending only on a prototypes being made, so besides layouting there is not really much to do.20:29
enychoukime: do yu have any idea how far through layouting you are ?20:34
houkimeIt is said that a correct layout is 90% placement and 10% routing. Right now I would say I'm at 40%-ish of placement (as far as it is applicable to puzzle-solving where your mistake can linger for a long time before ruining everything).20:38
houkimethat BoB took a long time20:38
houkimebecause there was a mistake in initial design documents20:39
houkimethat overlooked the fact that connectors on Bob collide with USB on LOWER.20:39
houkimewhich made the initial considerations on layout basically trash20:40
houkimeand i was learning stuff for a month or so to find a way out of this20:41
houkimeand I'm still unsure about it tbh20:42
houkimebut at least it is sth.20:42
houkimeLuckily metacollin has already made some subsystems assembly so basic bricks are more or less there.20:44
houkimebut they need to be rearranged because situation changed20:44
houkime(he overlooked that conflict as well and a few other things)20:45
houkimeso now I'm looking into how the hell to fit everything and for board not to be noisy as hell.20:47
houkimejoerg and team weren't minimalistic in schematic design to say the least.)20:51
houkimeTons of features, tons of them.20:51
houkimehave you ever used your headset plug as a video IO? It looks like you will now have this ability.20:53
enycas old composite-video?20:53
enycthe n900 has video-out type option somehow20:55
houkimeIDK who uses that tbh.20:55
xmnyup, n900  has video via the headphone jack, use it the other day for testing20:56
enycxmn: i wonder if that works booting maemo-leste alpha images20:56
xmnif you have the cable it should be an easy test20:57
xmnI'm not brave enough to test the leste alpha20:57
sixwheeledbeasti use it a fair bit. better than carrying a projector around21:24
ravelohoukime: regarding tons of features21:29
raveloIt might be reasonable to remove features21:30
raveloThat are not widely used21:30
raveloI'd propose a more pragmatisch approach21:30
raveloMaybe Joerg could decide in this direction21:33
houkimemaybe if tests fail/layout fails he will consider this. Now very unlikely.21:42
houkimeIf you want sth pragmatic I believe there were guys on Hackaday that were planning sth.21:43
raveloHm ok21:45
houkimeWell, at least I remember there was one such guy. Probably not doing progress though.21:45
houkimeoh, and there also are projects on other GTA-family devices.21:46
houkimethe idea of Neo900 prabably was to have multiple boards to accomodate tons of hacker stuff/security so that's how it is different.21:48
houkimein Goldelico there are tests on a single-board GTA04, and it is pretty straightforward21:49
houkime*tests now going on21:50

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