libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2018-06-06

brolin_empeyWhy does it matter in practice if Microsoft owns/controls GitHub?08:30
Joerg-Neo900for the same reasons why it matters who owns skype or whatsapp08:31
Joerg-Neo900eventually decisions about changes in provided services and applicable policies will depend on that08:32
brolin_empeyOK but does that matter in practice in the context of the Neo900 project?08:37
brolin_empeyThen why does the Neo900 project need to discontinue use of GitHub?08:39
Joerg-Neo900Neo900 project never used github for all I can tell08:40
Joerg-Neo900I always been aware of the risk that comes from centralization of gitblub, and so all genuine Neo900 stuff is self-hosted08:41
Joerg-Neo900I'm trying hard to not sound condescending or arrogant, but: it once again been the ignorant masses that thought free-as-in-beer was a normal thing and smart to use. Like with whatsapp, like with facebook, like with google mail etc pp08:44
brolin_empeyOK, I guess this is my misunderstanding.  I was replying to:08:44
brolin_empey<houkime> Microsoft acquired Github, so it's time to move my code outta there.08:44
brolin_empeyI guess I incorrectly thought that houkime was hosting Neo900 work in GitHub.08:44
Joerg-Neo900I don't know what houkime is hosting, and where08:45
Joerg-Neo900I also don't know to which "my code" he was relating when writing this08:45
Joerg-Neo900she? they* - dang, this still happens to me08:47
brolin_empeyIt seems that many computer users are not strongly interested in the technology itself but are primarily interested in its benefits or applications, like with many consumer applications of technology.09:10
Joerg-Neo900of course, and that's normal and probably a good thing09:35
Joerg-Neo900technology never is a value in itself - except for geeks - and always should be a means to an end09:36

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