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brolin_empeyJoerg-Neo900: SFTP has at least two possible meanings: Secure File Transfer Protocol or Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol.08:14
Joerg-Neo900brolin_empey: my mimetypes interprete SFTP:// in unambiguous way13:54
Joerg-Neo900I guess nobody nowadays thinks "simple file transfer" when SFTP13:57
Joerg-Neo900though indeed SSH FTP aka SFTP is simpler than classical FTP13:59
Joerg-Neo900see "FTP passive mode" and "NAT"14:01
Joerg-Neo900>>Simple File Transfer Protocol (the first protocol abbreviated SFTP), as defined by RFC 913, was proposed as an (unsecured) file transfer protocol with a level of complexity intermediate between TFTP and FTP. It was never widely accepted on the Internet, and is now assigned Historic status by the IETF. <<  (wikipedia) I don't know what you meant by "Secure File Transfer Protocol", assuming you refer to "Simple" instead "Secure"14:10
Joerg-Neo900there's FTPS which is differnet to SFTP14:10
brolin_empeyJoerg-Neo900: I thought that SFTP = Secure File Transfer Protocol is File Transfer Protocol using SSL/TLS.  I do not remember the details because I have not studied this stuff for years.21:10
enycbrolin_empey: Sftp  is more like sort-of-ftp over ** SSH **22:17
Joerg-Neo900my workstation is pretty much messed up completely, after system upgrade :-/ this will take quite a while to fix22:27
Joerg-Neo900particularly KDE is fubar now22:27
houkimeJoerg, what is the reason behind U1101 exp connecting to a different ground from all other ground pins of this component?22:30
Joerg-Neo900sorry I'm totally out of business, can't even switch windows ATM22:31
houkimeit is because there won't be a split in a groundplane to accomodate agnd and we're using star instead?22:31
Joerg-Neo900yes, sounds like a reasonable explanation as far as I can follow22:33
Joerg-Neo900we have some chips with both AGND and normal GND22:33
Joerg-Neo900however pad should connect to one of them22:33
Joerg-Neo900there shouldn't be a component that has all GND pins on one GND and only thermal pad on a different GND22:34
Joerg-Neo900the data sheet needs to advice which GND to connect exp to22:35
Joerg-Neo900or leave it completely unconnected22:35
enyc'AGND = audio ground?22:35
houkimeI will also try out Arch with KDE once they figure out Wayland. Should be quite resource saving since xorgless (ancient clunky monster xorg).22:35
houkimedatasheet says to connect it to the same gnd as other pins - agnd22:36
houkimeJust thought you invented some optimisation or have other reasons to go usual gnd for exp22:37
Joerg-Neo900no, not afaik22:38
houkimething is that you won't be able to do thermal vias if you don't have aunderlying agnd then22:38
Joerg-Neo900what is this chip?22:39
houkimeheadphone ampli22:39
houkimemy thought for audio was to have a whole region for agnd on the gndplane22:40
Joerg-Neo900doesn't it have both AGND and digital/common GND? ut has I2C, no?22:40
houkimeand concentrate stuff together22:40
houkimeit has i2c22:41
houkimehowever recommended layout in datasheet uses only one gnd22:42
houkimewhich given this is an ampli should be agnd22:42
Joerg-Neo900we use a different layout if we have a I2C GND on this chip22:44
Joerg-Neo900sory this makes no sense. This KDE is total shit and I can't do anything to really help right now. I need to fix my workstation so I can work again (also for PIA)22:45
Joerg-Neo900I hope this won'T take the anticipated 2 weeks22:46
Joerg-Neo900but as it looks right now, it might22:46
houkimebtw what os you are trying out?22:46
Joerg-Neo900I just upgraded22:46
Joerg-Neo900which included KDE4 -> KDE522:47
Joerg-Neo900which in turn nuked *everything* I got configured on my desktop during almost 20 years22:47
houkimemy first reaction when shit like that happens - recompile problematic stuff from sources.22:48
houkimeusually saves the day22:48
Joerg-Neo900this is a config issue, recompiling stuff won't help22:49
Joerg-Neo900also I couldn't even open a terminal right now22:49
houkimecan you open a file manager?22:50
houkimeor the terminal is broken itself?22:52
Joerg-Neo900the desktop is broken22:52
Joerg-Neo900I can't even reach the menu bar of my IRC client22:53
houkimeon occasions like this (which I had), i have an emergency usb stick with a live medium22:53
houkimelive medium for arch allows you to chroot into system.22:54
houkimeprobably other also have sth like that22:54
Joerg-Neo900I jave ctrl+alt+F122:55
Joerg-Neo900but... what then?22:55
houkimelast time I did it I cleaned up problematic stuff from shell. You can purge your config files and reinstall kde probably22:58
houkimeso that you can have a default kde again.22:59
houkimeit is also possible that kde has a special CLI command to restore defaults.23:18
Joerg-Neo900ok removed the top-of-screen panel and added task manager to bottom panel, now (after session restart) I see window title bars again and also buttons in taskswitcher23:28
Joerg-Neo900what the hell??? is this new systemd "session" concept that every app loses connection to internet when you switch to a new X11 session?23:54

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