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houkimeS901: 1v8 decoupling is missing. Also looks like inappropriate number of decouplers for so many spacially separated pins00:02
houkimeinappropriate decoupling is a problem throughout several sensors on neo900 it looks like00:04
Joerg-Neo900add decoupling as you see fit00:04
houkimefilled a bit my new issue tracking page.
houkimeit was just some blocks on UPPER using GND (from LOWER) for some reason instead of default GND3.06:28
houkimefixed that06:28
houkimeHowever there is a thing with microphones using GND3 on LOWER for some reason.06:29
houkimethey are digital mics, so no real reson for them to have a separate ground i guess?06:30
houkimealso, I doubt thhey can work on S2.06:31
houkimein simsw.pdf there is a picture of a spacerframe relating to a slit for sim holder in it06:32
houkimehowever, it needs to cut into a case to have an orifice for simcard low enough, it is all in the docs.06:33
houkimeSo if we put a mic on S2 instead of, say, bottom surface of UPPER06:33
houkimemic will be facing not spacerframe but mostly a case wall.06:34
houkimewhich is a case in the current sch.06:35
houkimeeven more interesting thing is with the "scrutiny LEDs"06:35
houkimeThey are also supposed to be on S2 near spacebar area but will face a case.06:36
houkimethere is spacerframe a little bit higher but they will be facing the case. At least it seems like based on simsw,pdf06:37
houkime*seems like it06:37
Joerg-Neo900you're right. You found a "bug" there. for mics we either drill/cut a hole or get a slot of 0.8mm width and a few mm depth into UPPER06:44
Joerg-Neo900for LEDs we need to review06:45
Joerg-Neo900spacer frame has a rim that goes a bit further down to S2 than the edge of black plastic case06:45
Joerg-Neo900good find06:46
Joerg-Neo900btw same for fancy LEDs as well06:47
Joerg-Neo900scrutiny LEDs are actually not that big an issue, they are meant for the hackers and the paranoid, those will have no problem modding the black shell to see them. Regular users might rather feel annoyed by the scrutiny LEDs06:49
Joerg-Neo900btw I almost managed to get 30% of my WS system running again06:50
enycJoerg-Neo900: hooray =)07:37
Joerg-Neo900bbl, 42.3 -> 1511:03
houkimeok NOW all 3 boards + adapter are correctly separated and don't have common nets.17:22
houkimebeautiful, but still a mess.17:33
enychoukime: i think the world is a mess ...17:41
houkimefor world it is ok to be mess. You can;t put people to order really and I believe with some technical progress towards autonomous space dwellings it will be possible to be both government-less mess and prospering civ.17:44
houkimebut neo900 should be in order and beautiful17:44
houkimeJoerg-Neo900: what is with a moster -through-hole testpoint for BQ_PGM (TP301)?17:57
houkimeis it needed so large?17:57
houkimeI remember I swapped some tp-s from through-hole stuff to usual ones back then17:58
houkimeprobably forgot one17:59
DocScrutinizer51BQ PGM is high voltage programming18:02
DocScrutinizer51the larger it is the safer and simpler programming in a lab in testrig18:03
houkimeok, so it needs to be like that. Ok, one more sacrifice to the ancient fuel gauge. It is both sides too... oh.18:04
DocScrutinizer51shrink as you think is needed18:05
DocScrutinizer51it's no religious dogma18:05
DocScrutinizer51prolly nobody ever will want to program bq2720018:05
DocScrutinizer51maybe you find a nice otherwise useless free space for placing TP, e.g. under SIM holder in a hole or window of holder18:08
houkimewhat are the frequencies of high-voltage programming18:20
DocScrutinizer51iirc +9V18:20
houkimechecked datasheet it is a 21v pulse18:31
houkimerises and falls are 21 v per 0.5 - 1.5 ms18:32
DocScrutinizer51well, 1ms is almost DC ;)  Anyway I thought the programming was via I2C and the Vpgm was only needed as long as flashing happens18:35
DocScrutinizer51no need to pulse it, I might be wrong18:35
houkimePulse seems to be a single time thing (length 10-100 ms) to enable pgm state.18:36
houkimeelectrically edges are sth like 20-40-ish kHz equivalent for 1v8. Not much.18:38
Joerg-Neo900bq27200 indeed needs a ~50ms pulse of 22V on PGM for each of the 10 bytes19:36
houkimecondensed this into issue for future use
Joerg-Neo900THE fSCK, I've set konqueror as default browser but seems in suse15 some of my minetypes or whatever are totally messed up, andway when I click this URL, I have a 200 konqueror windows after only 15s and my only chance is ctrl+alt+F1 log in as root and killall konqueror20:43
Joerg-Neo900konqueror <thinking>: "HUH I'm smart, I got a file here and it looks like HTML, so let me see what the app for rendering HTML is. AAAH it's konqueror so let's invoke it"20:45
houkimecurrently using falkon(former qupzilla)+pcman-fm-qt. Never used konqueror. Funny effects of having fm and a web browser as a single app.21:12
houkimeprograms that are trying to bee too many things at once is a receipt for disaster i guess.21:19
atkkitchen sink design22:08
Joerg-Neo900well, konqueror uses plugins, so it's just (literally) a frame and arbiter around most stuff22:11
Joerg-Neo900actually I think Firefox "does more" a  lot, than konqueror core22:12
Joerg-Neo900e.g. konqueror has no own form varables and passwords store22:13
Joerg-Neo900FF does22:13
Joerg-Neo900konqueror usually used wget for download. Firefox download is built in22:14
Joerg-Neo900err kget22:14
Joerg-Neo900same with pdf, svg...22:27

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