libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2018-06-19

houkimeJoerg-Neo900: what is the reason behind using DGK package instead of RUG (QFN one) for U1105 comparator?03:08
houkimeDGK is like 6mm vs 1.5 mm RUG03:10
DocScrutinizer51I don't know off top of my head03:10
DocScrutinizer51sounds HUUUGE03:10
houkimeIt really is. And it is just a dual comparator03:10
DocScrutinizer51somebody made a mistake03:11
houkimelook at the datasheet, they are all there03:11
DocScrutinizer51I beleive you without datasheet03:13
houkimeWill open issue for now since  it needs another footprint which is not here yet.03:19
houkimenap time03:56
galivenExcept that it tries to copy the styling of github, the notabug issue tracker is nice.  Unfortunately I don't understand enough to really make sense of it :-(05:20

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