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houkimeofftopic: is there a good FOSS p2p music client out there?17:46
houkimeI find it very annoying to stay on some platforms just for music (17:48
Joerg-Neo900no idea17:51
houkimeatk: maybe you know?17:51
^7heoguys, I can't find the answer anywhere, I thought I may ask here17:52
^7heoif I want to use two power supplies that are randomly on/off for a circuit that should be on as soon as at least one PSU is on17:52
^7heois it enough to put diodes on the anode or cathode (both the same) of both PSU outputs?17:53
Joerg-Neo900in theory yes. In practice it depends of your power needs accurate voltage17:55
Joerg-Neo900a normal diode has 0.7V drop, a schottky stll 0.3V iirc17:55
^7heoah yeah right17:56
^7heosince the trafos are simple and not smps ones... I think I'm fine.17:56
^7heoits' two simple coils with different ratios17:56
Joerg-Neo900err, this only works for DC17:56
^7heoah right it's DC transfos17:57
^7heoit can't be just coils.17:57
* ^7heo needs to refresh his electronics "knowledge"17:57
^7heoI mean, AC -> DC transfos17:57
^7heoI wonder how to know if it's smps or a circuit using a diode bridge.17:58
atkhoukime: know what?17:59
atkp2p music client?17:59
^7heothe one I have now in front of me is definitely a using a diode bridge, I don't see why it would need those 4 diodes otherwise17:59
atklike napster?17:59
atkbut not 20 years out of date and open source?18:00
atknot sure18:00
houkimeatk: sadness is real. I've read through history of this stuff.18:00
houkimehorrible deaths18:01
houkimefor no real reason18:01
^7heothanks a lot Joerg-Neo90018:01
houkimein the world where sth like d-tube based on blockchain and ipfs exists not having such a thing  brings sorrow.18:06
atkI need to find some place where I can get nice epubs/mobis of all the books I own18:06
atkI'm considering getting the BQ cervantes 4 as an e-reader18:06
houkimelast time i ned this i used b-ok over tor to get sth rare. And it was a nice epub.18:10
houkimebut know it seems thay have very strong ip restrictions18:10
houkimefor no particular reason18:11
houkime*now it seems18:11
atkhoukime: cool, thanks18:20
sixwheeledbeast^spotify? p2p musoc18:37
sixwheeledbeast^well if streaming and not torrenting18:37
houkimehmm...looks like if I'm to write such a thing myself sth like i2P-Snark is a good base.19:08
houkimeanonymous torrent19:08
houkimespeeds around 20-100 kbps per file ususally. but without good music sharing application yet.19:09
houkimecould be working like there's a constant-size cache for seeding19:12
houkimeand music you listen to stores in this cache to be torrented in parallel even afer you stopped listening.19:13
houkimeold stuff gets removed as size hits cap. easy.19:14
houkimeno real servers and nobody goes to jail since it's I2P19:15
houkimewill probably use nuclear for now.20:28
houkimelidarr seems like a thing. But it is crappy like hell and in c#. Unusable22:43
houkimewhen people stop doing networking apps in c# i wonder?22:44
houkimeesp. sth with a server component22:44
houkimewith wonderful Microsoft Security thingies.22:44
houkimealso "like" how people write opensource things in java. What for? Cross-platformity of opensource is nice cmakefiles.22:50
houkimeesp. when using npm which almost never does his thing at the first try without tinkering.22:52
houkimeand bloats disc with stuff you already have22:53

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