libera/#neo900/ Monday, 2018-06-25

houkimeok... seems like I finally figured out how lay out jack.sch audio.00:54
galivenThanks atk!01:24
Joerg-Neo900kicad supposed to release licad5_rc3 tomoorow, and a stable releast in maybe a month22:04
enycJoerg-Neo900: what does that mean for eeshow (if anything?)22:16
Joerg-Neo900not sure22:18
Joerg-Neo900to be checked22:18
Joerg-Neo900anyway, built eeshow for leap15:
houkimelast time i checked eeshow failed to show kicad5 sch22:31
houkimewpwrak said that he won't do anything till kicad5 is released.22:31
Joerg-Neo900yeah, we should keep schematics on kicad4, they are forward-compatible to kicad522:37
Joerg-Neo900means: any edits absolutely needed in schematics that can't get done by sed need to get done by kicad4, even when for layout kicad5 is used22:38
Joerg-Neo900anyway added repo and I hope I can install from it as soon as kicad5 nightlies are finished building22:39
Joerg-Neo900gosh, seems they build the armv7l and armv6l on target platform23:31

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