libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2018-06-27

houkimeF1601 footprint is incorrect.01:46
houkimepads need to be 2.8 mm wide but it is only 2.301:46
houkimealso length is 4.1 and not 4 for some reason.01:47
Joerg-Neo900oh you say metacollin added a incorct footprint? well. just fix it, no?01:56
houkimeWill. Just a debug log.01:56
houkimefunny it is from same C_XXX series of footprints as giant caps of unknown model.01:58
Joerg-Neo900maybe - if possible - add a "comment" to same meaning ro tge kicad project itself (too). Like addubng to Comment3 of the schematics component, and/or verbose-renaming of the component file01:59
Joerg-Neo900to the*01:59
Joerg-Neo900do this schematics edit with sed, to not convert schematics project files to kicad502:00
Joerg-Neo900or use kicad4 for schematics editing02:01
Joerg-Neo900or just create (augment?) the on-project changelogs file02:38
houkimesome parts in sch are reflow-only, so i guess that's the answer about soldering process.16:26
houkimeneed to check if everything complies though.16:28
houkimeeverything needs to comply to a single soldering process before placing can be completed.16:29
Joerg-Neo900and that process is "reflow" (or, equivalent, VPS)17:42
* enyc meows18:15
Joerg-Neo900actually for VPS you need the least courtjard afaok. For hot air reflow still not *that* critical. For IR reflow you get massive troubles with shadows (literally), afaik IR is deprecated19:16
houkimeok, it starts to approach the stage when everything is *SORT OF* in place, although not quite in place.20:38

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