libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-07-08

houkimechecled. seems like rerouting wlan generates more problems than solves.00:11
houkimetemporary switching attention to UPPER.00:15
houkimeBOB general placement - done (esd pending, but surely possible, needs some sch changes)00:17
houkime*current status:00:17
houkimeBOB-LOWER sync - done00:18
houkime(reassigning connector pins pending)00:18
houkimeLOWER preliminary placement - done.00:20
houkimeLOWER-UPPER sync - done (pin reassignment pending)00:21
houkimeUPPER preliminary placement - current.00:23
houkimePin reassignments - planned00:24
houkimeBOB routing prep - planned.00:24
houkimeLOWER routing prep - planned.00:24
houkimeUpper routing prep - planned00:25
houkimeBob routing.-planned00:25
houkimeLOWER routing - planned.00:26
houkimeUPPER routing.00:26
houkimerouting does not include full routing of impmats.00:26
houkimethey will remain excessively large dummies.00:27
houkimesomewhere before routing pcb house needs to be excplicitly chosen.00:29
houkimesomewhere amidst routing chat with pcb house should be established (earlier if they don't list their limitations on website.)00:31
houkimesth like that.00:32
houkimei believe it can be done _before_ august since most of the real problems were already addressed I HOPE.00:35
houkimebut one never knows00:35
houkimeI mean, at least there shouldn't be anythiung that can't be fixed with extra layers anymore.00:37
houkimeplacing of Bob and lower seems semi-reasonable. I have some doubts about audio but it will most like be ok one way or another. Worst case a bit more noise.00:39
houkimeprobably the most suboptimally placed is nfc subsystem.00:41
Joerg-Neo900NFC is a PITA, yeah00:59
Joerg-Neo900atk: how would I check out houkime's branch? I urgently want to give it a peer review to catch anything we might have missed to communicate clearly enough or otherwise slipped in01:01
atkgit fetch and then git checkout origin/houkime/layout01:08
Joerg-Neo900ooh that simple?01:22
houkimeoops. noticed part of N900 original bob silhouette was displaced (in an obvious manner luckily)01:28
houkimefixed that01:28
houkimeproblem is drawings can't be "locked"01:29
houkimeyou can only disable them completely01:29
houkimekicad really could use some groups and group locking.01:30
houkimedisclaimer: positions of elements now are not really exact and not always optimised. Subassemblies shouldn't move much though (except for maybe io expanders because their real connections will reveal on pin reassignment)01:44
houkimepre-routed stuff is mostly from metacollin. I didn't preroute subassemblies en mass.01:50
houkimebecause they are not static enough yet01:51
houkimeThere are erroneous vias under modem (looks like unintentional vias-in-pad. wrong pad.). Metacollind did this section, probably some shift happened.01:54
houkimelooks like it can be fixed though without terrible size changes.01:55
houkimefps for rf taps are temporary. They are non standard unfortunately and need hand-crafting. I did include the scaled picture of the tap itself though.02:00
houkimeBOB-LOWER CON-1601 seems a little tiny bit off. However it might be due to the strange kicad behavior when tasked with relative positioning of assymetrical fps02:06
houkimeNeed to recheck this because bob dimensions themselves i have checked multiple times.02:08
houkimeand this kicad behavior i noticed only when synced cams between lower and upper02:16

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