libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2018-07-12

houkimewhat's with p2401?18:06
houkimeit needs to go to bb-xm s-video but it doesn't seem like it has any direct b2b for that18:07
houkimeso it will be sth like hacky connection where you have a normal cable on vbbx-m side and 2 pins on neo900 side?18:09
Joerg-Neo900  "4.11  TV output"20:21
Joerg-Neo900houkime: ^^^20:23
Joerg-Neo900was this a comprehensive answer to your question?20:24
houkimep2501 - pin1 in the wrong place. Looks like fp needs to be mirrored.20:57
houkimeit is facing downwards correctly, but in order to connect pin1 to pin1 on bb-xm in needs to be mirrired20:58
houkimehowever it is quite hard totell whether it was already countered on the pin assignment level or not21:15
houkime*to tell21:15
houkimerechecked using bbxm System reference manual.22:01
houkimeyep, pin1 as it is assigned right now should go to pin122:02
houkimeof bbxm22:02
houkimeso connector should be mirrored for this to happen22:02
houkimeor has its pins reassigned22:02
houkimewhat is better?22:03
houkime*should have pins reassigned22:03
houkimereassigning signals is a sch tweaking and renumbering pins is a fp tweaking (which breaks standard numbering scheme btw)22:06
Joerg-Neo900please no renumbering of pins. pin1 of a connector is same on both side F and M connector half22:23
Joerg-Neo900however we'll follow manuf's numbering even if it breaks the "pin1 == pin1" pragma22:24
Joerg-Neo900if a female connector pin1 goes to anything that's not pin1 on the male connector counterpart, it needs a varbatim note on that nasty fact in schematics22:26
Joerg-Neo900also possible (made up example): "UPPER_J42-F:pin1 (== Murata_X666-20B2B-Male:pin1) == BB-xM_J17:pin28"  (BB_xM not using the Murata component pin numbers and instead inventing their own numbering)22:30
houkimeshouldn't default header numbering mirror that of a female?22:46
houkimethe manuf doesn't really say anything about this in the datacheet22:48
houkimeit's not a chiral mezzanine, just a 2-row stacker22:51
houkimei'm just thinking now where this numbering even came from initially22:51
houkimelooks like one just took a female socket of bb-xm and used it as a header.22:52
houkimehmm... this numbering is from a default-ish "header' fp library. hmm...23:13
houkimeok. rechecking internets.23:19
houkimeyes, females and male should be mirrored.23:20
houkimeand the header pin numbers are correct23:21
houkimeso logically this means that bb-xm indeed uses non-standard pin numbering23:21
houkimeneed to notice though that camera connector is meant to be connected by right-angle connectors so that camera sticks23:30
houkimethereby a conclusion: signals should be reassigned and note should be left in the sch about this.23:43
houkimethis also means that other bb-xm connections also need careful rechecking23:44

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