libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2018-07-20

sicelopeople on tmo are dying for an update10:34
houkimewhat is the particular reason for  choosing ESDA6V1-5P6 for display connector esd instead of, say, SP7538P that we use on bob?14:07
houkimeSP7538P has 6v6 instead of 6v1 clamp but it fit WAAAY more nicely14:08
houkimeand is a bit less ridiculous from esd standponit since it allows for much shorter (literally nonexistent in the case of our display) traces14:09
houkimeif you look at how metacollin routed parts of display esd because ESDA6V1-5P6 geometry forced him to do so you might wander what will the actual esd voltage reduction be in case of esd event14:13
houkimeSP7538P are only slightly (~10%) more expensive (which is not really a TCO difference because of holes the other part require)14:28
houkimebesides, the UPPER board will be dense as hell so giving extra routing space for esd is not really affordable.14:30
houkime*may note be really affordable14:30
houkimeremember that you don't want any other track or component be near the unprotected part of the track14:31

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