libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-07-21

houkimebesides, i'm not even sure if it is even possible to fit all needed display esds if they are  ESDA6V1-5P6  wihout being ridiculous. They are too many and they need too much routing space because of their inconvenient geometry09:55
DocScrutinizer51what can I say? Could you suggest alternatives, or at least elaborate on details of the problem, e.g by providing a screenshot or whatever? BTW I've seen only  one post starting with ""095542 <houkime> besides, i'm..."" though this suggests there is something before that I missed10:05
houkime<houkime> what is the particular reason for  choosing ESDA6V1-5P6 for display connector esd instead of, say, SP7538P that we use on bob?10:06
houkime<houkime> SP7538P has 6v6 instead of 6v1 clamp but it fit WAAAY more nicely10:06
houkime<houkime> and is a bit less ridiculous from esd standponit since it allows for much shorter (literally nonexistent in the case of our display) traces10:06
houkime<houkime> if you look at how metacollin routed parts of display esd because ESDA6V1-5P6 geometry forced him to do so you might wander what will the actual esd voltage reduction be in case of esd event10:06
houkime<houkime> SP7538P are only slightly (~10%) more expensive (which is not really a TCO difference because of holes the other part require)10:06
DocScrutinizer51go for your fav alternative then10:16
houkimesth of this format-esque should be good (dropped example on the back side)10:20
houkimewill search a bit then10:21
houkimeprobably shorter variants of SP7538P10:21
houkimejoerg-neo900: if Upper flexibility is a problem, why not modify a spacerframe in the keyboard area to heve a horizontal shelve?14:56
Joerg-Neo900nice idea14:57
houkimeas alternative you can have an invagination and a slightly enlarged UPPER just slides into it14:59
Joerg-Neo900a lot to be done with proto_v3, if we somejow sometime actually manage to revivie project from zombie state with a v2 to show off and start a campaign with it15:02
houkimeok, moved reinforcements issue to v3 proto milestone and commented about shelve15:25
atkby the way, I never got a response to my query on the directory, if that was no problem then houkime has a restricted account on now15:35
atkaccessible with the ssh key he uses for git15:36
atkhoukime: in your home directory (username houkime) is symlink
atkthat is where you can put stuff which will appear at

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