libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-07-22

houkimechecking digikey and display in terms of esd prot.00:04
houkimefound btw that 10.5 v display leds were clamped at 6v by esd in sch00:04
houkimetrying to find better variants00:05
hellohello will it be possible to upgrade my N900 to Neo900 or will I have to by the complete board from
helloany help is greatly appreciated16:45
helloin other words can I use my current N900 case16:45
houkimeyes, you can use the case16:45
houkimebut all inner pcbs will be replaced16:45
houkimejoerg-neo900: for display LEDs esds the most ok-ish thing i found so far is this small Transil16:49
houkimeit has a breakdown of 12 v and sive of 1x1mm16:50
houkimeTried to route it - sort of works. Although I would prefer more linear format digikey has nothing linear and small for >10v rating16:53
houkime*breakdown 14 v16:56
hellohoukime: thanks!17:07
galivenHow is it that someone gets all the way to IRC without even reading the short text on might not be designed well enough. However it is actually better for people to ask it on irc because it creates more feedback feeling.21:40
galivenIt's only 147 words.21:40
houkimealthough you never know how many omitted both tect AND irc and remained in the dark21:41
houkimethat's why good website design is extremely important for preorders.21:42
galiven Are they talking about the freerunner v1?  When it was basically prototype Hw?23:04

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