libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-08-05

houkimeJoerg, if images are ok to publish, mb I can just stream the working process?14:31
houkimeLike on youtube or sth?14:32
houkimeI've already done workstreams in the past14:32
houkimehave a mic and everything14:32
houkimealso it might be a nice discipline thing, cause I recently had a personal drama and struggle a bit with motivation14:33
houkimethe only problem with youtube is that it really struggles with my native screen resolution14:46
houkimeThe las time I did it i was farced to use tigervnc to make myself a virtual 1080p monitor14:46
houkimecause otherwise it was blurry as hell14:47
houkimeand a virtual 1080p is not really fun to use even with virtual GL hardware acceleration14:49

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