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pribibdid someone set up a git server yet04:20
houkimefor what exactly? there's one for sch and layout, also there's a git for the website04:22
houkimealso there's an issue tracking repo and a planning repo04:23
pribibthis says it is highly needed04:23
houkimeoh. you see, there's a thing. with a nice interface.04:24
houkimethe system we use right now is not nice in any way04:25
houkimeand not really easy to contribute to04:25
pribibwhat about this
Joerg-Neo900how about improving it?04:25
Joerg-Neo900pribib: we prefer hosting on our own servers04:25
pribibyou can run that on your servers04:26
pribibwith gitolite04:26
pribibi think04:26
Joerg-Neo900I think we run gitolite04:26
Joerg-Neo900I suffered quite some rant about this particular fact04:27
pribibthis uses cgit04:28
houkimeI probably need to explain a bit what i meant (and actually put details in the planning repo)04:28
Joerg-Neo900sorry I can't follow how that's related04:29
houkimesorry about that04:29
pribibcgit is a web frontend that can be integrated with gitolite04:29
Joerg-Neo900we need to follow an approach of "what function does the user interface need? how can we implement that?". Not "what softare is available, which looks cool? who's going to install it and then we see if it is ok for our requirements"04:32
pribiboh i see04:32
Joerg-Neo900we switched forth and back between iirc 4 different git-esque solutions, since everybody has another pet04:33
houkimeI actually agree on functional approach. A problem which I currently see with the stuff we use now is the obscurity of ways you can submit a PR04:35
houkimeProbably one just needs to write a CONTRIBUTING guide but an actual interface for that would be super nice04:36
Joerg-Neo900yeah, it's a tad obscure since we had no many PRs so far. So we managed that on a per-instance basis and found a workable method for every contributer04:36
Joerg-Neo900let me put it this way: whatever you throw at us for your "PR", we probably will find a way to cope with it04:37
Joerg-Neo900actually I think there's no such thing like pull requests in our system04:38
Joerg-Neo900send a patch per email. Or ask for an account so you can git-push04:39
Joerg-Neo900we could use a ML particularly for such stuff04:39
Joerg-Neo900I mean, it works for kernel, no? wgould be fine for us too04:40
houkimeLinux has more then just a ML. there's a whole system there actually. And it started very long time ago - it would be very strange to think these methods can't be improved on, especially when they have been improved with forking and prs04:43
houkimenow the core problem we have already discussed is not even this04:44
houkimeit is the poor compat of kicad and git04:44
houkimeand bad/unobvious diffsets04:44
Joerg-Neo900err, that's why Neo900 invented eeshow04:45
Joerg-Neo900and the kicad devels (well, several of them at least) were keen to include eeshow concept into kicad genuinely04:46
Joerg-Neo900which to me suggests that it isn't all bad04:47
houkimeoh, that's the great news about kicad devs04:47
houkimeI just remember last time you were upset about them rejecting everything you propose and having other plans04:49
Joerg-Neo900when you're interested in contributing to Neo900 on a technical (EE) level, you should make familiar with
Joerg-Neo900no, you got that wrong04:49
houkimewe still have nothing to actually review diffs for layout though04:51
houkimeand maybe for sch also. Eeshow doesn't really seem to have the ability to highlight diffs, or has it? It is aware of commits, but diffs?04:53
houkimei mean, you can't really afford to recheck EVERYTHING on every patch, right?04:55
houkimethe diff should be located even if it is big formally in file04:55
houkimepribib: I might have been wrong about need for large software changes, but I really think the contribution workflow should be streamlined or at least have some detailed instructions.05:01
pribibi dont know what i have to offer to help with that05:04
houkimeMy first thought about that was to go self-hostet gogs or gitea to support easier fork+PR, but probably there're better ways05:05
houkimeand there's still a fact that the way one reviews prs/patches for kicad stuff should be streamlined05:06
houkimeeven more05:07
Joerg-Neo900did you ever have a complete read of ? Does this look like a decent diff for a schematics , to answer the question "what been done in commit 57eebdc by Werner Almesberger (
houkimeoooh... Yep, I'm blind.05:09
houkimesorry Joerg05:09
Joerg-Neo900asking for streamlinig is pointless without constructive criticism and suggestions where to improve what in which particular way05:09
houkimeso it is down to nice contribution instructions then. ok.05:12
houkimebtw, I haven't found where the website git repo is.05:13
houkimeatk says there is one but i've never seen it05:14
Joerg-Neo900yeah, resources lacks a link to the git repo05:14
Joerg-Neo900>>so it is down to nice contribution instructions then.<< yes, never can get verbose and encouraging and visible enough05:19
Joerg-Neo900however note that it's not exatly impossible to find - and we got zilch response on that one05:20
houkimeobscurity is bad. Actually even long multistep contribution procedures i think are bad that's why I really like fork+pr workflow05:24
houkimemakes it simple05:25
Joerg-Neo900go ahead, nobody stops you05:25
houkimeprobably time for me to actually write guides and do small website changes05:26
houkimeso that even a person as blind as me can find everything05:27
houkimepribib: thanks anyway for initiating discussion05:32
pribibno problem05:33
houkimepribib: feel free to post issues, suggestions and whatever.05:33
houkimepribib:I will update planning repo tomorrow, because it's a sleep time05:33
houkimepribib: aaand probably will try to stream stuff05:34
houkimeok, updated neo900-planning a bit22:04
houkimenow, to publishing a nice layout planning in the tech issues repo22:06
houkimeand finally to work. There was a long hiatus that needs to be ended22:06
houkimenow I think that finding people is equally important because alone I obviously can't do it fast enough due to IRL22:09
houkimeIt would be very bad if the thing becomes obsolete before the birth22:11
houkimeok, some planning in place22:58 cert expired23:26

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