libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-08-11

brolin_empeyApparently is no longer held by Compaq/HP.08:58
houkimeok, tried to make an introsuctory video on neo900 inners12:23
houkimekicad doesn't really support virtual GL+vnc unfortunately12:23
houkimeso it is in 1024p instead of 1080p12:23
houkimeand youtube detests 1024p and crops ot to 720p12:24
houkimewhich makes it horrible12:24
houkimebut is totally ok with it12:25
houkimeso uploaded it to both12:25
houkimeand here
houkimecompare quality and blame youtube12:42
houkimebecause the file is identacal12:42

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