libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-08-12

houkimethe situation with Google Fuchsia is a bit worrying.17:05
houkimecapability-based microkernel basis seems at least theoretically superior to the monolithic linux design17:06
houkimeand the concept has been there for a looong time, just very neglected.17:07
houkimeand now google buys its way into future by adopting a neglected concept17:08
houkimeand is quite likely to succeed because it has the resources to develop it17:09
houkimeand hereby we will obtain another foss kernel which is probable to overperform linux, but not community-lead.17:09
houkimeIt is a bad situation because it will be prone to electron/chromium-like controversial behavior (there was a story when a foss google electron was fetching a binary blob and enabling a mic)17:14
houkimeThe open source by itself is not enough for security, and community will have a trouble catching up its devspeed to provide a community-based alternative.17:16
houkimeeven if you fork fuchsia to secure it, google will still develop it faster17:18
houkimethe only reasonable community reaction i can imagine is to build more comfortable microkernel development toolchain17:29
houkimeso that developing crazy kernels becomes easy as pie17:30
houkimethen community will have a possibility to quickly generate and test new concepts17:31
houkimeand one of the experiments will be more promising than a google kernel17:32
houkimeAmong megacorps Google is really the largest world threat nowadays I think. Apple is self-enclosed, Microsoft is still invasive but became quite weak, facebook is also enclosed more or less. But google, google is everywhere and still pushing.18:06
sicelohoukime: nice video! tyvm22:54
houkimenot really to the level though. My narration and video planning are still low.22:55
houkimeWant to ease the entry barrier as much as possible.22:56
houkimeprobably there will be a full-blown contribution guide22:56
siceloit's a good start :)22:58
houkimeon the layout side esds are currently killing me and i need to overhaul them somehow22:59
houkimejoerg says that one can just leave generic fps there but the thing is they don't fit23:00
houkimeThis is the second time i have esd troubles23:01
houkimealthough last time it was just placement without part overhauls23:01
houkimeupdated issues and planning repos to include this videolink.23:29
houkimealso clarified goals for contribution streamlining in Planning23:30
houkimebasically neo900 should be so easy to contribute to that it can be used as an edu project for novice mobile devs.23:31
houkimeI'm really a bit sick of barriers everywhere.23:32
houkimebarriers make people think they can't do something even if they in fact can23:34
houkimeto give you an outline of my noobness - before i started to poke neo900 i barely used pcb eda once.23:37
sicelobut, have you ever produced a pcb?23:39
houkimenope. neo900 is really in THAT much trouble now23:40
houkimethat even me with my pure physics education is better than nothing23:40
sicelointeresting then :)23:41
houkimeI try to be scientific and rigorous and apply theory and internet wherever can but that's it23:41
houkimeI will probably include some list of most useful internet resources also then23:47
houkimeI think that it's the time when community should save the day even if it is barely competent. Otherwise there's just not enough devpower.23:48
houkimetbh neo900 is already quite a kerbal device by concept.23:50
houkimedavethewave tried to join from outside and probably drowned in data so i think it is a signal for entry to be eased.23:53
houkimeif even when people want to join it is too hard sth needs to be done23:54
houkimeneo900 is intended to be understandable even for end users by design, not to say potential devs23:57

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