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brolin_empey“<Oksana> Yes. Like, ordinary clock+alarm devices have radio-alarm functionality built-in, most of the time. But they all need 240V power supply.”05:24
brolin_empeyor 120V. ;-)05:24
Joerg-Neo900my clock+alarm thingie has washing machine alarm built in, it has a CEE7 jack for connecting the washing machine05:33
Joerg-Neo900sarcasm aside (sorry!), the alarm function is totally unrelated to the radio (or any audio domain) function even in those radioclocks05:34
Joerg-Neo900mind you: as long as the alarm had not expired yet, no amp or radio is powered up neither in a radioclock nor in any smartphone05:36
Joerg-Neo900kust like my washing machine isn't powered up until the alarm thingie goes active05:36
Joerg-Neo900it's totally irrelevant if the FM radio needs CPU or otherwise consumes excess power, for all the hours and days until the alarm actually yells05:37
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: >>... I guess USB PHY is used in Neo900 (unlike N900), because TWL5030B is connected to USB#0...<< sort of correct, yes05:41
Joerg-Neo900the problems Nokia been facing with the TWL5030 USB PHY are supposed to have been fixed and don't apply to the Neo900 USB design anyway05:42
Joerg-Neo900see which I hope I managed to put clear enough05:44
Joerg-Neo900and particularly
Joerg-Neo900Neo900 has a totally different approach to charger-detection05:46
Joerg-Neo900>>Though both the TWL4030 and the 1707 are fully ULPI conform and thus probably highly compatible from a kernel driver POV, yet the early TWL4030 variants missed the charger detection function. So Nokia, to implement the annoying mandatory charging over USB, had to bin the PHY block inside TWL4030 and use 1707 instead.<<05:47
Joerg-Neo900Another equivalent chip seems to be the - see
Joerg-Neo900USB, my fav pet topic06:06
infobotrumour has it, hostmode is, or, or see ~hostmode-powered06:07
infobotmethinks hostmode-powered is
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, hen is hostmode-easy-now, or, or see ~hostmode06:08
Joerg-Neo900it's surprisingly difficult to refer to >>Joerg Reisenweber [for] starting the project and leading it,<<06:10
flingNot much news recently. Any progress?12:20
houkimehere is (almost) current pcb state
flingCan I help? I'm mostly doing photography and using darktable and ffmpeg these days12:26
flingI can do gentoo, zfs, lxd, indepth nginx configs12:27
flingand git!12:27
flinghoukime: russians?12:29
houkimefling: core team is german/austria. Others are mixed.12:30
houkimefling: joerg and chomwitt say we need a wiki12:32
flinghoukime: I know, the accent on the video is similar to mine.12:32
Joerg-Neo900>>No compatible source was found for this media.<< whatever that means12:33
flingthe link plays in mpv12:34
flingJoerg-Neo900: hello.12:35
flingAre not you chatting from neo900?12:35
fling-Neo900 in your nickname12:38
flinghoukime: they say it to whom? To everyone? But noone is capable of installing a wiki?12:39
flingJoerg-Neo900: I run this in a shell -> `torsocks -i mpv `12:41
flingmpv uses youtube-dl for playing internets12:41
flingthis would play without youtube-dl ^12:41
houkimeNew link above is a direct download if you want.12:42
flingI have old experience of installing mediawiki in a gentoo container.12:42
houkimefling: It's a matter of manpower vs maintenance really which the project severely lacks at the moment. Mediawiki seems to be an ok option.12:48
Joerg-Neo900yep, the mp4 works. Tahnks!12:51
houkimeIf i understand correctly the machine which hosts and our git can accommodate sth else as well so it's just the matter of setting it up and maintaining afterwards.12:52
houkimecurrent server admin is atk but he doesn't seem to have much time to add new features and stuff, so i guess help is appreciated.12:56
Joerg-Neo900houkime: you're assuming a lot. atk helps with server administration a bit, yes. But I wouldn't say atk is our server admin13:11
houkimejoerg-neo900: Sorry, It's just any server-related actions which I have seen so far was done by him. Ok13:14
Joerg-Neo900houkime: np, just saying. I wish atk had enough spare time to do full server admin. For the wiki, you're right, it could run on same machine without problems13:21
Joerg-Neo900re wiki, I *guess* I could manage installing mediawiki according to
Joerg-Neo900sorry! :-)13:47
Joerg-Neo900[2018-08-21 13:41:28] <Joerg-Neo900> I'm running a server update with boot!13:47
Joerg-Neo900[2018-08-21 13:42:18] <Joerg-Neo900> just in case you plan to log in next few minutes13:47
Joerg-Neo900UMMM NO!! can't do this since we got nginx, not apache :-S13:51
Joerg-Neo900how I hate these "optimizations"13:51
atkhoukime_: I have time to do server administration and maybe some new features but I really need to plan this sort of stuff ahead of time18:54
atkI can get mediawiki working on nginx if that's what's necessary18:55
atkI only use nginx so I have lots of experience with adapting apache instructions for nginx18:57
atkIn fact, Neo900 using nginx is a blessing :P18:58
atks/Neo900/the & project/19:00
Joerg-Neo900atk: great! :-)19:58

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