libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2018-08-28

flingWho is installing the wiki and where?13:43
sicelowhat wiki?14:36
Joerg-Neo900atk: you were so euphoric about nginx, could you have a look?19:57
atkyes yes, one moment20:08
Joerg-Neo900doublecheck the repo names against the OS release20:54
Joerg-Neo900or use Yast software management instead of zypper, which has all the repos configured already20:55
Joerg-Neo900or holler and I'll help :-)20:55
Joerg-Neo900atk: are you already busy?21:59
atkI'm working on it21:59
Joerg-Neo900I'd check the packages I can install, if you didn't already22:00
atkI've already installed all the required packages22:02
atkit's just a matter of configuring things22:02
atkthe nginx config is done22:02
atkit's just that mediawiki asks to do something really unsafe22:02
Joerg-Neo900are you still using package management, like zyper? I'd like to "exclusively ock" it for a minute22:03
Joerg-Neo900"asks to do something really unsafe" . please let's discuss it in -dev22:06
Joerg-Neo900I' a tad AFK, if *anything* needed please holler - aka for ( i=0; i<33; sleep 1, i++ ); do ircclient msg #neo900 "DocScrutinizer05: DocScrutinizer51: joerg PING"; done23:11

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