libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-09-01

* enyc meows17:28
Joerg-Neo900dang, I suffered another mains blackut that made the energy provider dig up our street to fix the cable20:06
atkThe wiki is installed21:26
atkYou need to make an account to contribute but so far it's open to all accounts.21:26
atkIf it becomes necessary to restrict this or loosen this then this can be done21:27
atkJoerg-Neo900: if you make an account I'll make it an administrator account21:27
atkI should probably have said21:31
atkit's accessible at the default mediawiki location of
atkThere, I even gave it a logo21:37
atknow nobody can complain21:37
Joerg-Neo900atk: account: joerg21:56
atkJoerg-Neo900: group membership set21:58
Joerg-Neo900what's the meaning of bold links on ?23:02
atkJoerg-Neo900: who knows23:13
Joerg-Neo900ok, easy to ignore when it has no known relevant semantics23:18

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