libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2018-09-12

* enyc meows12:32
Joerg-Neo900houkime: how's life?  BTW don't you want a project cloak?17:57
houkimeJoerg-Neo900: very turbulent and full of fighting. Sorry for silence.17:59
Joerg-Neo900how about cloak houkime!yo@neo900/team/layout/houkime ?18:17
houkimetbh I don't want to stay in the project for too long so it is not really necessary.18:22
houkimeeven now it becomes hard to move forward18:22
houkimeoverstayed it seems18:23
houkimemy common problem with any job.18:23
houkimemonth ok, 3 ok-ish and then focus drifts18:24
houkimepart of the reason why i lean to foss/oshw is that in hive I don't need to do large things end2end.18:25

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